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PC gaming is better than console gaming

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Started: 9/3/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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PC gaming is better than console gaming because on PC you can do mods, mods have increased the amount of people playing a game because they make it infinitely more interesting.


Access to sunlight

Less chance of breaking

Better graphics

Runs smoother

Access to relationships
Debate Round No. 1


Saying access to sunlight makes no sense as it is all up to how to play.

If your console breaks you can search up your problem on the internet but there is a very slim chance of it working. (I know this from experience and we had to send the xBox to microsoft and get them to replace it)

Consoles run 30 frames per second so saying that they have better graphics is a lie because pc's can run at 60 and beyond frames per second, also depending on your build you can run games at infinitely better graphics.

Saying access to girlfriends makes no sense as it is all up to how to play.


Now that my counter arguments are done...

Pc gaming is better than console gaming because the games are cheaper and we have access to websites like "" and humble bundle for getting games extremely cheap... The money that you save from buying an PS4 you will very quickly get back from the money that you save from buying games from "GABEN... THE KING OF 70% OFF"


You say that PC gaming games are cheaper, that is because they suck more balls, console games look better, perform better and look nicer. You don't need a username to play offline on PS4. I personally don't play very many games, so I don't need too many games. The thing with PC games is that you NEED a good PC to run good games, where GTA 5 wont run well on a $500 PC but will run perfectly on a $500 PS4 and a $300 PS3.


All the money you save from games being cheaper, you spend on $1300 mice and $1700 keyboards.
Debate Round No. 2


"You say that PC gaming games are cheaper, that is because they suck more balls" Clearly emotion is getting in the way of your argument, video games are made on a PC... then downgraded to a console because there is a middle man (in this case it is the disc)
- Discs have a storage capacity meaning that it is possible to have a console game that is 'too large' to actually fit onto your console.

"that is because they suck more balls" What does that even mean, to say 'because they suck more balls' means nothing its equivalent to saying 'because it is!' as a counter argument, do you have any facts to support your "facts?"

"The thing with PC games is that you NEED a good PC to run good games" My microwave at home can run Arma 3 at 60 fps, with decent graphics settings, this is made possible because PC's have graphics settings, if your console is too old and cant run newer games without frame skip there is a very slim chance that you will be able to get it to run without it lagging.


True GTA V may not run on a $500 PC, but can you play Dota 2, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Age of empires 1, 2 and 3 on a console? Yes you may be able to run GTA V on a Xbox or a Playstation but is it worth sacrificing all of these good exclusives for a few AAA titles; Also AAA titles aren't even that good, they have become copy pasted 'name games' that sell just because they are call of duty. I'm actually glad people don't really play CoD on PC because from my experience I'm sick of the fanboys. Also the only way to get games on consoles is through Microsoft and Playstation so they decide the price of their games, yes you can head to trade me but their prices are still subliminally directed through the large consoles, but on a PC you can go to G2A and humble bundle to get games cheaper.

For example on I picked up
The Beta for Rainbow Six Siege
And many more

for just 1$, yes 1$ with all of these games on consoles (some of which aren't even on consoles) would easily cost more than 4000% of the humblebundle price, can you see a humblebundle for console games? because there is even one for mobile.


Suicide rates for hardcore PC Gamers is 27 Million annually where there is 0 suicides a year for console gamers.

Console is much more relaxing as you can lie down on a couch and play, although you can connect a controller to your PC i believe it must be plugged in.

Although you say on PC you can mod it, on console it is a better online experience as there is less chance of hackers, therefore a more fair gaming experience.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Luigi_138 1 year ago
PFT wish I could start a debate with this guy. SERIOUSLY? DDOSing is way more common on console. Computer may cost more but they last a lot longer and you don't have to buy a new system to play the new games. OBVIOUSLY PC IS BETTER.
Posted by DrunkWabbit 2 years ago
LouieChapmanGBHS wins hands down, as the console peasant is not even attempting to debate at all :/
Posted by HipsterLunch 2 years ago
Either the console guy is a troll, or just plain retarded, I can't tell.
Posted by Rezamee 2 years ago
I wish I could vote for Pro even though I prefer console, but Con is either a troll or an numnut. Plus Civilization 5.. enough said.
Posted by SpartanG493 2 years ago
brendanvanmoyes is an absolute idiot
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