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PC gaming is superior to console gaming.

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Started: 12/2/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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PC gaming is superior to console gaming.

Thanks to steam the games are more affordable.

My PC rig will still be relevant long after the current consoles have moved on to a new version.

The dexterity of a mouse means no built in autoaim is required to make most games playable.

I can do many other awesome things with my PC outside of gaming.


I would like to attack my opponents case that console is better then pc.The gaming industry in the U.S gets 21.3 millon dollars then the pc industry.The console gaming allows you to be able to more advantage s like you are able to play a way more variety of games just from your own console. Consoles do not damage easily from downloads and software and can be kept for a very long time.Consoles are also more cheaper to buy while a computer can cost about 650 or up.Pc is good but not a superior.In this argument console attack s my opponents case.

"Thanks to steam Pc is more affordable"
Steam is just something that makes it cheaper so thats not really the original price.
"I can do any other awesome thing outside of pc"
This does not show how pc beats console.
"The derexabilty means mouse no autimatic so most games are playable"
On consoles you can do the same with a controler.
Debate Round No. 1


Con appears to be confused about what they are arguing.

I'm going to assume Con's first sentence was a typo and continue the debate as best I can.

The console game industry may make more money but that doesn't effect me as a consumer. As a consumer who doesn't gain anything from the money made by Xbox or Sony, my PC is superior because the average age of PC gamers is 37 years old. This translates to better team mates with lower pitched voices and less crying. I also don't have to pay Microsoft to use their network. I pay for my internet access one time and poof, like magic, I can play my games online. There aren't any variety of games that can't be played on PC. Where are the MMOs on consoles? Oops they don't exist.

Left4dead2 still costs 30 bucks on Xbox. I can get it for 4.99 on PC.

I also get to play games that are still under development on PC through beta invites.

There are thousands of independent developers on PC that make great games that will never be available on consoles. PC paves the path, consoles follow.

PCs are clearly superior to consoles unless you are 5 years old and they are too complicated for you.


I forfit because without telling u all will pick pro cux you all like pc and he has more experience
Debate Round No. 2


Apparently I win due to forfeiture by my opponent.


Please keep debating to polish your skills. I don't think you should have forfeited because you made a few decent points and could easily built upon that foundation.

Thanks for your time.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheGhostOfFreedom 3 years ago
Nah man.

Just stick to your guns and use the speck check.
Posted by Gohan12345 3 years ago
I. Suck at this
Posted by TheGhostOfFreedom 3 years ago
Nobody can vote until you finish the final round.
Posted by Gohan12345 3 years ago
Vote pro
Posted by Gs325jcbd 3 years ago
Console till the day I die!
Posted by Gohan12345 3 years ago
When I say that I mean by rebuttal and counter arguments and you don't have to point anything its the debaters who do that you all just comment
Posted by toamatt26 3 years ago
"I would like to attack my opponents case that console is better then pc." - Gohan12345

Its wrong, your attacking his view that PC is better than Console.
Posted by Gohan12345 3 years ago
Yo pc is good but not supirior I might not win
Posted by Gohan12345 3 years ago
Yo pc is good but not supirior I might not win
Posted by HOBOES 3 years ago
PCs are way better
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Vote Placed by OtakuJordan 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro blew Con's arguments to pieces, so he definitely wins arguments. S&G is a no-brainer. Seriously, man... For the love of all that is good and beautiful, start using the spell-check tool. Con definitely loses conduct not only for forfeiting during the first round, but for the way he did it as well. Rather than saying "I admit defeat" he decided to blame his forfeiture on some alleged bias of the voters towards PC gaming. Not. Cool. Con also got snippy with the commenters, telling them to stop pointing out his errors because that is the job of the debaters. Y'know, because the comments on the debate aren't supposed to be comments on the debate... Would have liked to see some sources from both sides for their stats and facts.