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PC vs Console

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Started: 12/3/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I have to study a lot in the next few weeks, so let's go straight to the point.

I have chosen to be the Pro, which said that PC is better.

PC in this debate is including anything PC-like like a laptop,...

For the first reason that I would like to say is unlimited customization. You can replace your case, your motherboard, your LED strip, your graphics card, whatever. Consoles? Ask a console owner if they can even remove the CPU/APU inside the console. Oh, and about the DVD or Blu-ray drive on the console, go buy a Blu-ray reader bay or a USB one.

What consoles can do, PCs can do better. 900p gaming on PS4? OK, we can play the same game at 4K with a GTX 1080 or 8K with a GTX Titan X 2-way SLI setup. Do consoles even have a discrete graphics card?

PCs are for multiple uses, including home theatre. Don't rush and go out to buy a new shiny console for your home theatre entertainment. Build a $500 PC that can game and have as many features as a console have.

Oh, and what more? Yes, a gaming PC (aka a laptop) can be smaller than a console.
It is still more powerful than a console.

Some more stuff: It is not only limited to hardware but also about software. Except for the PS3 firmware before 3.21, what console can install a full-fat Linux operating system on your console to YOLO with it?

Some extra stuff: Who like to fill up their house with DVDs or Blu-rays after filling up their 500GB or 1TB drive on his or her console. And it is an HDD. WTF. You can even have a 1TB, 2TB or even a 3.84TB SSD on a PC that is spare enough to save let me calculate....74 games with each games being 50GB and reserved 200GB for OS and other programs. Yes, I know that 3.84TB of SSD is possible on a console, but what about RAID? That RAID 0 ultra-fast gaming experience or that also-fast-but-safe RAID 5? Is it possible on consoles? Is it actually possible to do it on consoles?

And next, gaming with a mouse and keyboard is better than a console controller for many reasons. You can move freely with your right hand (yes, mouse) rather than just press on buttons, and chat on a game like LOL will absolutely make you a typist because you need to inform players of your team about this or that before you die in that game. More about mouses, you will need to move everywhere, especially on games that need fast reactions like CS:GO or whatever, you will need to make your right hand move faster to turn around quicker and shoot that guy who is aiming at you.

And to gaming laptop once again, what if you need to game but you have a blackout? Don't panic, the laptop is ready (in the case you let it charge) and the console is dead.
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