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PCs are better than consoles.

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Started: 9/26/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In my opinion PC games are much better then consoles because it has got a much bigger library of games, also PCs are a lot more powerful than consoles, though I admit that it feels more comfortable to play with a controller than a keyboard and mouse.


I would like to accept your debate and, although I believe that there are strong pros and cons to both sides, think that it would be enjoyable to discuss it.

I believe that consoles are better than PCs in certain areas. These areas are:

Ease of set-up:
Today's consoles are basically plug-in and play. You can buy a console today and be playing on it within an hour of returning home. They require nothing extra (at least initially) to play, just your own TV and that's it. They guide you through a set-up and then allow you to enter into any games that you have bought. If you have to install the game, this will be a hands of process where you choose the install option, then the console does everything up to completion. Consoles are very friendly to beginners but still allow professional gamers the ability to utilise the console.

The Xbox One and PS4 currently cost around "350/$400. This will leave you with a console that will play any game developed for its platform without any issues (and if there are, they will be fixed by the developers). The games are often more expensive on consoles but this is usually because the manufacturers have to make up the costs that the developers incur when selling the console for less than it is worth. Usually on release, though, the games will cost the same amount. Having said this, to play a PC game at least at the level of console graphics, a much higher price ("600+) is incurred. If you wish to benefit from a PC, a higher price has to be spent ("800 minimum) in order to be in with a chance.

A next-gen console will be "up to date" at least in the console world for the next 5-10 years. A PC that you buy today that can just manage ultra-high settings will be out of date very soon, within 6 months most likely and will need to be replaced. The advantage of a PC here is that you can upgrade your PC as you move along however in order to stay with the times a huge cost is incurred, one which a console owner will never have to face until the next console is released. It means that whatever game you buy, you know that it won't lag like it could if you buy a PC game that is a little too high spec for your PC.

One Standard:
When developing for consoles, a developer knows exactly what hardware and software it is working with. Therefore development is much simpler and a lot of the time the finished product is much more uniform in a satisfactory approach. When developing for PCs they have to look after numerous audio and video drivers as well as processors and operating systems. When trying to install games a lot of people find that they can't install a certain game and have no idea why. This isn't a problem that console users have. The fact that only one device is being developed for can, in some cases mean that consoles games are more smoothly ironed out.

Although the controller on consoles allows for less range of uses, it is much simpler and much easier for people, especially younger children to learn and understand. It's much harder to remember key-bindings on PCs especially when playing more than one game. There are also a multitude of settings and variables that a PC will allow you to change, but a console won't (like graphic settings etc.). A console removes the need for these settings, as the developer knows what they are working with (as mentioned above).

I do believe that you will have some excellent points to bring to the table, the modding community for starters. I eagerly await your response.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello George!

You bring up quite good points, thought I would like to argue about the price of computers. You can buy a pretty decent PC for under $500 dollars, for instance the HP Chromebook 11 (Priced at $279) which you can find here:

PCs have more customization such as changing how much RAM and other computer parts.
I admit that PCs can take some time to set up, but I think the wait is well worth it.

I think PCs are a really good development tool for Indie developers who don't have enough money to get the game on the Xbox market or the Playstation store. Also the PC game library contains a lot of free games made by great developers such as Team Fortress 2 (, Warframe ( and Path of Exile ( Also there is quite a bit of good pc-exclusive paid games such as Gone Home (, Garry's Mod ( and Sid Meier's Civilization V (

You also bring up another good point of PCs at the end of you comment, mods. There are multiple great mods there spruce up the gameplay of games that are on PC and consoles like the mod Falskaar for Skyrim ( or the mod Midas Magic Spells of Aurum for Oblivion (

Thanks for taking the time to write a reply.


Thank you for getting back to me, some fantastic points made there.

It is very true that you can get very affordable computers at a fraction of the price of a console, however something like a Chromebook does not have the graphics processor or RAM capable of playing games to console standards - I suppose what I was getting at was comparing consoles and PCs for video games only. In the case of a sub $500 laptop, you wouldn't be able to play anything like the console graphics. However if you built your own tower PC I suppose you might be able to source parts cheap enough.

It's definitely worth it if you have the time, money and know-how to set up a PC but for a lot of people they aren't able to go to the lengths of choosing and setting up a PC, especially when they may not know completely how. There are services that can create one for you but this comes at a price.

I would like to point out that for $400 for a console + $300 for a low end laptop capable of word processing and web browsing but not high end gaming, you are able to play video games and still benefit from the ease of use and power that a console can offer without spending over $700 as a start-up cost.

It is true that there are many, many PC only games however there are also a fair few console only games. Examples such as Titanfall (, Infamous ( and Killzone ( spring to mind. Due to the difficulty in developing PC games, a lot of video games are release post the console release. This means that currently you can only get GTA V on a console, although it is coming out in January 2015 (

Mods are fantastic and add a whole new dimension to video games however they do generally make games less stable and often require a slightly better processing power. This means that a lot of people can't access the mods that they'd like to access and a lot of mods can create problems within user's games. This said, they are a fantastic, community based concept that I strongly support.

I believe that the future in consoles and PCs will be very interesting. With the rise of cloud-hosted gaming, more people with worse computers can get access to high-end games, however this will open up consoles to the power that only a PC can offer.

Looking forward to your reply.
Debate Round No. 2


Thanks for the reply George!

I have really enjoyed this friendly debate with you.

As you mentioned there are multiple games like GTA V and Titanfall which are console exclusive (Until Jan 2015) but I think how much PC exclusive games far out-weight the amount of console exclusive games.

There is also something I forgot to bring up in my previous comments, programs. There are multiple programs that make PCs more enjoyable such as Steam, Skype or Flash.

If there is one thing that consoles need it is Flash support. There are multiple great flash games on the internet such as Super House of Dead Ninjas ( or Mario 63 (

That's about it for my argument, thanks for debating me. I really enjoyed it
Looking forward to your reply.


GeorgeRoberts forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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