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PE courses should be mandatory for NC State students to complete in order to graduate

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Started: 11/15/2009 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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PE is a mandatory way for students to be healthy. We live in an obese country and having physical education in state school such as N.C. State is one step in progressing in the right direction. For example, the PE courses offered at N.C. State teach you exercise skills that you can use for outside the classroom. These courses also take the time to offer nutritional information that students do not learn in their normal academic schedule. From this students can gain a great understanding in what to do to lead healthy lives.

Having PE courses benefits the student body as a whole, because then they are given benefits such as the Carmichael Gym for extra-curricular work out activities. Without students taking these gym courses and contributing money towards the physical education sector of the college, they would not be provided with exercise perks that are currently in place. Students can not only work out in a full exercise gym with free weights, machine weights, and cardio machines, tvs, and radio, but also they can enjoy the more specialized exercise courses offered daily for different target areas of the body.

Furthermore, exercise has been proven to make people both happier, and more focused when it comes to academic studies. Exercise provides stress relief for students who would typically be strained with school, work and deadlines. Therefore, the incorporation of physical activity allows for students to re-focus in order to perform in a better state of mind elsewhere. From my experience, I have seen drastic improvement in the organization of a particular day when I have worked out. I have been more alert and attentive in classes and organized throughout the day with what tasks I plan to accomplish. Exercise does not always have to be associated with long-term commitments in order to achieve results. The effects of the mind are immediate and relevant to the day at hand with a required PE/health course.


Though America is dealing with overweight issues, not all of these issues are directly apparent with the entire N.C. State student body. Furthermore, Students enter college between the general ages of 17-19 and are defined by society as adults. Therefore as adults, if obesity is a problem for any students they should be able to seek help that is necessary or take a PE course at their will. And other students are welcomed also to take PE courses, but should be at the same time trusted as adults to make rational decisions pertaining to their health needs and desires. If necessary, information can be easily obtained through other resources as well, such as online or books if necessary.

With response to the PE course requirements benefiting students as a whole, how is this relevant if N.C. State has never not required PE courses. How does the administration know that students would not seek out Physical Education courses without requirement, knowing that it benefits students as a whole. Students who are taking advantage of the Carmichael Gym and other perks that are offered would enroll themselves in a PE course, knowing that it helps to provide them a place to work out. Therefore, students who really care for the workout area and programs would partake enrollment, and those students who do not care for the facility and its benefits can put their time into another course.

Physical Activity may have these effects, but the problem here is a time constraint. People who want to work out daily are going to work out with or without the course requirement, therefore PE courses are taking away from time they could allot for a more brain stimulating course. For other students who may not care as much about working out, they may not be able to find a PE course that works with their schedule; therefore, they are forced to sacrifice more important courses to fit PE into their day. My roommate had to take a PE course, which did not interest her because of the inconvenient time and graduation plans. She would seem aggravated both before and after class because she believed it was not the most efficient way to spend her day. So, clearly although exercise helps relieve stress, if you are not willing to fully engage in activity to relieve your stress there will be nothing to gain, and therefore, the PE course will render itself unnecessary.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, just because society deems people an "adult" at a certain age, that has no bearing on the decisions students make. Just because you graduate from high school does not mean that you transition immediately from a adolescent to an adult and can make "good" decisions. College is still a period for people to progress into adulthood and learn from school courses and the positive and negative experiences associated in and around it to later make rational adult decisions. What is to say that certain students graduating from high school definitely know or are concerned about their health issues. A required course is a definite way that all students will gain some sort of knowledge from the resources offered about health and physical education. And what is so terrible about requiring a course that will only benefit students with knowledge they can use for the rest of their lives?

You may say how do you know that students are not going to seek out PE courses without the requirement, but how do you know that they are. Students who workout daily and want to keep benefits of the facility and all it has to offer also see all the other students partaking in these same activities. How do you know that they will not put off the responsibility onto all the other students to enroll in courses to keep the facility paid for. They could conceivably think that they are just one student and if they do not enroll everyone else probably will, so there is no need. Furthermore, students who workout there could just as easily be working out there merely because it is offered and not because it is a necessity. Students can work out outside or may have apartment complexes or other workout centers in other places that they attend. Therefore, having a free facility does not really effect them. Money from gym classes could be much better suited for academic courses that will never be scratched off the requirement list.

PE is not a time constraint but rather a time of relief. People who are usually overwhelmed with school and work do not have time to incorporate physical activity in their schedule. With PE being a course required, they not only receive credit towards graduate, but can put in place time for them to engage in healthy activity each day. Also, PE courses take a mere hour out of your day. With the time people spend watching tv, socializing, "facebooking," or playing video games, they could take an hour out of their day to engage in a simple activity that will stimulate both their mind and their body.


Although students may gain some sort of knowledge from having a required PE course, students can also gain nothing. First of all, in most PE courses that are required there is a very broad variance of physical abilities between the students enrolled. Some may have never worked out in their lives and others could be on a sports team for the school. Therefore, it is really difficult to say that a course is definitely providing some knowledge for all people enrolled, because the course is targeting such a range of athleticism. For example, academically classes have a very level system which indicates the courses expectations and difficulty. A freshman would not want to take a high level course with a senior whose almost completed her college career, because the difference in the education background on that subject would be so far astray.

What is the reasoning behind the building of the Carmichael facility. Was it to benefit students who are taking PE courses or was it to benefit the reputation of the school. The Carmichael facility and the perks offered with it are just for any N.C. State student. This student must be enrolled in a certain number of hours at a particular time. For example, N.C. State students who are not enrolled in a certain amount of on campus courses cannot partake in the gym facility. So, partaking in PE courses does not completely pertain to getting the benefits of a workout facility, because under certain conditions you will not reap the benefits of the facility.

Is the point of going to a university to make sure you get a beginner's knowledge of health issues or is it to all the possible time allotted to mastering in your chosen major. If the PE department is so concerned with spreading a basic understanding of how to work out and be healthy, then a more extensive, structured program should be enacted. For example, more classes should focus on how to workout in an actual gym including cardio machines, free weights and weight machines, not how to play badmitton or beginner soccer. If people want to engage in a sport they will, and until physical education structures itself around offerings the people would conceivably engage in throughout their lives, then required courses offering how too's on sports should not be required for students.
Debate Round No. 2


The PE courses that are offered at N.C. State can provide for students of all athletic levels and abilities because of the PE requirement. Courses are offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level for different sports and therefore a student can enroll based on their known capabilities. Furthermore there are so many different sports offered due to the requirement, making it so that students most likely have interest in at least a couple of the options available and be comfortable will the difficulty level of a specified course. Therefore, a freshman could take a course with a senior because they athletic levels may be the same.

To be able to engage in the activities offered at Carmichael Gym you have to be enrolled in 6 hours at N.C. State. Rarely are students enrolled in less than 6 hours during the a school semester, which enables them 9 months of a free place to workout. Furthermore, students usually go home for the summer and therefore it would not matter either way, but those who do stay are normally enrolled in at least 6 hours. By taking only 6 hours during the summer they are allowed to use the gym facility. Therefore, the students that actually stay for the summer are likely taking full advantage of summer school and are in turn admitted to working out in the Carmichael facility.

How is six hours of your college career really taking away from course objectives in your major. The point of college is to get a broad understanding of a lot of different subjects, which is why all of your required courses are not in your major curriculum. That is why you are required to take general education courses such as English, math, or science. Taking a physical education course will give you a basic knowledge on health issues and only provide you benefit as I have previously stated.


The PE courses that even offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are only a select few of the sports. Some are offered at just the beginner level while others are offered at a level that is more strenuous. For example, I feel I am an athletic person and work out on a daily basis. I enrolled in a 100 level aerobics course at N.C. State and though it was not difficult for me by any means it did challenge me. Some other students in my course who were not as athletic could not keep up and by the time they realized they were in over their heads they could not drop the course without penalty. So if courses are being offered at different levels to help students then the courses need to be explicitly outlined, which they are not at this current time. Different levels should be offered for all the sports and students should be warned about the levels of intensity in more detail then just beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Well if N.C. State is requiring students to take physical education courses to understand why they should exercise and stay healthy, why if they had the means would they not provide nice facilities for students to work out without any requirements aside from being a student? There should be no hour requirements for a student to be able to use the workout facility, because that would go against what N.C. State is trying to impress upon students by requiring them to take PE and understand physical health. Furthermore, you cannot assume weather students in the summer courses are taking 6 hours of summer school or not, therefore you statement cannot be deemed as true or fact.

Although you're supposed to gain understanding of general education PE courses, you have already covered that in most high school curriculums. Since college is supposed to broaden your education as you said, then why would you be required to be re-taught something you have been taught since elementary school? Naturally for those who have not been taught Physical Education they can enroll in the courses. But for those who have already taken and passed the courses, shouldn't they be allotted more hours for other subjects they have not yet had the chance to take. Therefore, it seems quite redundant and a complete waste of time to require PE courses that most students have a solid history with.
Debate Round No. 3
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