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PE should be removed from schools, or at least reformed.

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Started: 9/21/2013 Category: Education
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PE (as we know it) doesn't really have a place in schools as a graded, sports-based program.

Problems with PE:

- It's not really about getting fit as much as it is about sports. Sports and PE promote the Alpha-Omega social structure that we are trying to get away from. Not all people understand sports, and it makes no sense to punish those people.

- It's graded. There are problems with having a graded PE course. It is wrong to expect every kid to run a twelve-minute mile and then penalize them for not doing so.

I am speaking as a student with a naturally lower muscle tone due to sensory processing disorder. It's not that I am lazy. As much as I try, my genes simply don't allow it, and there are thousands (perhaps millions) of other "nerds" in this world who would agree with me.

Sure, physical fitness is important, but what profession (other than a professional sports player) depends on one's ability to throw a ball?


In my debate I will outline why PE is necessary for the benefit of not only health, but also education.
Children nowadays are spending too much time on the computer nowadays. They do not get out enough and do sports and if PE were to be removed from school, this problem would only get worse. Children learn about exercise, how keeping a good health is important and also learn how to play sports. PE is a step for the less-athletic children to get an insight into the world of sport and often turns them towards the athletic path. A benefit of it being graded is to encourage children to get fit, and they learn to set goals in order to run a specific amount of laps or something of the sort. America is known to be "fat and lazy" if we were to remove PE from the school system this would only further prove this and would show that America is turning to a society run in favour of obesity. Child obesity is an issue that needs to be dealt with and in order to do this PE needs to remain part of the curriculum, and should be made more strenuous.
In saying that we do not need to know about sports and their history is completely out of the world. Sports have affected every part of life ; entertainment, politics and economics and are crucial. If we were to remove the education of sports and healthy living from our students; what culture remains?
PE is not just a benefit for children's mental and physical health state, it is a crucial part of education and should not be removed.
Debate Round No. 1


Exercise =/= sports. Other forms of excercise include:

- Swimming
- Diving
- Running
- Skiing
- Biking
- Walking a dog
- Dancing
- Skating
- Doing pushups often

I do some of these things myself, and find that I actually get more exercise doing them than I ever would have at PE. The school can simply encourage kids to do such things on their own time, and without PE, they can shorten the school day and give kids more time to do so.

How does sport help mental state, exactly? Albert Einstein was bad at sports, yet he excelled in math and science. (despite popular belief, he did not repeat a year). [1] You know what he did instead? Music! Music is a huger part of our culture than sports, and it has been proven to help people be smarter, happier, and more successful. [2]

Any "nerd" can tell you that HS gym class is the cruellest thing they have ever experienced. I have even heard that from (successful!) adults who were weak in PE, so you can't tell me I will end up a hobo on the street because I was no basketball hero.

PE shames those who are not athletic, sometimes causing them to overwork themselves on their own time, develop bulimia, become depressed, bullied, or strive to be with the "popular crowd." And yet schools are wondering why kids are being bullied. School sports and PE basically put the most primal kids up on the pedestal, promoting the "jock-nerd" separation in American high schools. [3]

As long as they take breaks to exercise (and as I stated, exercise doesn't have to be a sport), there is nothing wrong with people using a computer just because you didn't have one. It isn't a loss of culture; it's just a different culture. And if you really want to preserve culture, we could always bring back the Gladiators, who mutilated each other for the sake of "entertainment".

Physical health is important, but it is impossible to expect all people to perform the same (and just RUDE to fail a person for being just a little "behind"). It's like saying, "You're a fat gay *#& nerd dweeb!! We don't need you, haha!!" Every person has their own potential and exercise needs, but we can't write a product description that says, "all kids must be able to chase after an oblong brown ball and throw it in a complex ritual."

In conclusion, kids should exercise more, but PE causes more harm than good.

"Physical education is an oxymoron" -Anonymous



vapenhandel forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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