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PS3 is all around better then the X-box 360.

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Started: 3/6/2009 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is just a fun debate to compare the two. Because I am con you will go first. Good luck.


Thank you for posting this debate and good luck

1. system features
Now the looks come into affect first. The ps3 doesn't look like a grill and whoever thinks it does is a moron.

Even critics agree that the ps3 is sexy. I think they say that because the 360 fan boys are jealous because their 360 looks like a old dell PC.

Now also ps3 can be customized like the 360.
Except it's now just plastic, it's actually a paint job so it's for real.

Now let's talk about the controllers. Before we go I have to admit, I love the 360 controller. Now the 360 fan boys say that the ps3 copied the home button. Actually the psp and the psx had a home button long before the 360 did. Also the ps3 controller didn't copy motion control from the wii.(oh by the, the 360 controller has no motion control or Siaxis) motion control has been in arcades for years. Also the ps3 was announced before the Wii so it stole nothing. By the way the ps1 had a motion control controller in 1999. also the ps3 controller has rumble just like the 360 controller, it's called Dualshock 3 and it still has Siaxis. Also the 360 controllers need battery packs. And some are even wired. The elite controller needs aa batteries. Ps3 has Bluetooth controller and headsets. Also the ps3 can support up to 7 controllers because of Bluetooth, but the 360 can only support up to 360 fan boys say who needs blu ray? Well every major company has announced that blu ray is better yet 360 supports HD DVD. And they make it bought for $200.the ps3 has a blu ray player built in and blu ray discs have a space of 50gb but the 360 supports disc that actually only support 8gb. Also blu ray discs run faster than the ones that 360 supports which makes your game is a lot more intense and fun. 360 uses old DVD drives which date back to 1997. hell the ps1 was out then. Also the blu ray disc has expanded to 400gb while xbox 360 supports 8gb. That's like 65 times better games you'll get on the ps3. more longer, detailed, better graphics, better online, and pretty much everything that you want.

2. features
Can store music
Can store videos, movies
Store photos, images, wallpapers
Game demos, full games,
Custom ps3 themes and wallpapers
Ps online store
Video, voice chat
Backwards compatibility
Remote play
An internet browser

Even the psp and wii have a web browser.

Now we will look at the reliability.

Due to constant
Error messages
Crashing and scratched discs
Public humiliation at stores and video game events. ( they found 360's on display at stores that have the red right of death)
The 360 has a failure rate of 33%. That's 1 out of every 3 360 ‘s breaking! The ps3 has a failure rate of .02%. that's about 4 million 360's that are broken.

Now we talk about prices. Read carefully!
Built in blu ray drive
HDMI port
Built in Ethernet port and wifi
A controller with a charger
Memory and flash slots
Region- free games
Backward compatibility
Free online service and home

Xbox 360 elite
Headset, big, old, cheap, and wired.
Old dvd drive
Third rate HDMI port which is not true 1080p gaming
Limited and region restricted games.
$450 doesn't include wifi which is $100 bucks if you want xbox live. So that makes it $550 dollars plus $20 bucks for a charger. That's $570 plus HD DVD $200. total $770 and its hd not blu ray which is better. Also you have to pay $60 bucks a year for online.
So overall $500 bucks vs $770 or 570% if you don't want HD DVD.

3. graphics
360's cpu has 3 cores while the ps3 has 8 cores. Which is twice as powerful. Now lets compare the gpu
360 ps3
Overall 1 tflop 1.8 tflop
Gpu speed 500mhz 550mhz
Polygons 1 billion 1.2 billion
Max resoulution 1080i x 1 channel 1080p x 2 channels

360 fans say that ps3 can't handle gears of war. Yet the ps3 can handle mgs4. I don't see a version of mgs4 coming for the 360. the xbox 360 gpu which is 48 billion shader ops per second while the ps3 has 100 billion shader ops per second.

Every gaming website has said that uncharted for ps3 is the best looking game on any console.

The 360 maxed out with mass effect.

Unfortunately the engine can't keep up and slowdown is rampant. –IGN
That, glitches and other graphical issues such as pop in textures, tearing, frame drops, long loading times, etc.

Also 360 could barley handle gta4. and rockstar was pissed.

Now the big one.
3. games

360 fan boys say the ps3 doesn't have any good games. Honestly, what are some good games besides halo 3 and gears of war. There aren't any and Microsoft is running really low on games and most critics say that they have reach the limit.

Sony hasn't even touch its catalog of games.
Good games that are out now.

Heavenly sword
Ridge racer 7
Ratchet and clank
Unreal tournament 3

Upcoming games
Eight days
The agency
God of war 3
Gran turismo 5
Killzone 2
Jak and daxter 4
La noire
Socom confrontation
Syphon filter for ps3
Motorstorm 2
Tekken 6
Resistance 2
Uncharted 2
And more

4. psn vs live

People say that playstation online sucks?

Psn has
Video/voice chat
User profile and friends list
Playstation online store
Demo and full game downloads
Classic and arcade downloads
Video downloads
Game add ons and downloadable content
Ps3 theme downloads

Plus psn has dedicated online servers. Which have been proven to have better quality then live. All for free. I mean come on how many times have live gone down already. Why is live so laggy and interruptive. Live is not worth 60 bucks a year. Home is almost here and live wont be able to touch it.

5. sales
The 360 has been in the market twice as long as the ps3 has and its expected to have double the sales. But it doesn't!
Ps3's sales are 70% of the 360's which is more than half. So if the ps3 would of come out at the same time as the 360, the ps3 would have sold more then the 360. its not about sales #s but its rates. And the ps3 are selling better than the 360. 4 to1for 3 months straight. Selling over a million systems a year worldwide!
So does yourself a favor and get a ps3.
Debate Round No. 1


Zodiac-Killa forfeited this round.


Extend all.
Debate Round No. 2


Zodiac-Killa forfeited this round.


CHS forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by heyitsjay 8 years ago
zodiac killa should have been more professional and put more enthusiasm into this argument then he would have had a better chance at being victorious. Hands down...CHS was more into detail with this argument and seemed to put more effort in support of his position...obviously.
Posted by heyitsjay 8 years ago
Both systems have there ups and downs. I personally am an xbox fan. The only thing that concerns me is the red ring of death which occured not too long ago. Good thing they extended the warranty to about 3 years. On the other hand, the PS3 has more of a problem with over heating than the xbox. I must say hands down, xbox has better online.....I do not like debating topics such as this because it is straight out bias and opinion, then again there are somethings you could compare....
Posted by Zodiac-Killa 8 years ago
Do any of yall play on x-box live?
Posted by TheSexicanMexican 8 years ago
I agree lol
Posted by Zodiac-Killa 8 years ago
Posted by Wonder_boy 8 years ago
Why is Xbox live better than PS3 network?

Cause Microsoft knows what there doing when it comes to online interaction
Posted by Zodiac-Killa 8 years ago
to: deadleaves93

Don't hate, appriciate.
Posted by DeadLeaves93 8 years ago
"Because they put more love into is and because xbox/microsoft rules. woot woot."

Posted by Zodiac-Killa 8 years ago
Because they put more love into is and because xbox/microsoft rules. woot woot.
Posted by crackofdawn_Jr 8 years ago
Why is Xbox live better than PS3 network?
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