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Paintball Vs Airsoft Part 2

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Started: 12/21/2014 Category: Sports
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I believe that paintball is alot better than Airsoft


Over the course of the next of this debate, I will not only assert, but demonstrate that airsoft is the superior hobby. I look forward to a rousing debate.
Debate Round No. 1


As a PSP member, and respected paintballer, I believe that Paintball is superior to Airsoft in not only gear (guns, ammunition, protection) but, also a superior community and demands more physical play.
Now, there is different types of paintball and I am going to use speedball, since thats what i am experienced in.
For those of you that don't know Speedball consists of 1 to 5 players per team whose objective is to tactically take out the opponents for points and capture a flag. Speedball requires not only sprinting to cover, long periods of sitting in physically demanding positions, or extremely fast reflexives, but also requires a strong knit tactical team, strong communication, knowledge of the field, knowledge of ones weapons and surroundings, and overall a knowledge of the game.
Other than the literal game itself, the gear required to play speedball is, yes, over priced, but if you're invested in the game such as i am, its a small price to pay for the love of the game. Most players have electric run guns, varying from Tippmans to Luxes, and thus the price ranges too. Most of the top of the line guns vary from 1k to 2k, BUT a top of the line gun such as a luxe or a geo is a luxury and is not a must. using a small tippman can be just affective. An electric hopper, is a must, a mask is a must and experienced players prefer 4 to 6 pods and a belt to hold them (for extra ammo).
With all this said, I believe that Paintball is more demanding than Airsoft


When it comes to airsoft v paintball, there really is only one clear option. Speaking from a customization, price, and role stand point, paintball simply does no offer the same versatility that can be found at any airsoft field. Because of the varying aspects of play style, airsoft guns (which look every part of the role needed of them) can be easily tooled to better match a player's innate desires and abilities. Further more, the starting 'introduction' cost is MUCH easier on the hobbyist, as well as continued upkeep for gear and ammo.

Starting from the basics, a 'good' reliable out of the box airsoft carbine can run a few hundred dollars, with high end out of the box machines (like a KWA or Tokyo Marui) hitting maybe 4 hundred, depending on the variety of battery pack purchased with the rifle. Like paintball, airsoft gun manufacturers range in quality and price point, as well as 'upgrade-ability'. This factor, it should be noted, is key to how a player can proceed in the experience. An airsoft gun is highly customizable for utility and role in-field. For a minimum outlay of cash, even starting players can have a versatile, modular weapon to execute and comply with field rules and roles.

Appropriate gear while in field is just as varying, as it helps other players to identify a play style. Bolt action snipers, box fed magazines with high rate of fire outputs, designated marksmen rifles, even grenade and RPG launcher troopers can be assigned a mission or patrol based on what they bring to the table for the team. Its more than just slinging plastic or paint now, its a concerted effort of many troopers to make for a cohesive and diverse force. For an even more immersive play set, medic bags, satchel charges, and prop bombs all bring an element to the game that is more than just simple capture the flag, or speed ball.

Cost wise, airsoft is CLEARLY superior, on going. Gaskets and batteries and BBs are all incredibly affordable, with a few thousand rounds of quality ammo only costing 20 bucks. Wear and tear on guns for forming air seals are easy and affordable to replace, and don't require extensive knowledge to fix common problems.

Safety, I think, airsoft still has an edge. Between the two projectiles, a BB from an airsoft gun on the high end weighs less than a gram. Paintballs, in addition to having more mass, do not always break as intended, and I have never heard of airsoft players freezing BBs... it would do no good. Because the rounds are less invasive, they don't require as much to shield vital areas against. Even common shooting glasses can provide enough protection in a simple low player skirmish, though different facemasks and goggles are available for more intense engagements.

Lastly, the self evident: clean up. Minus a few stray BBs in a pocket or lodged some place odd, after a game of airsoft, the player is ready to go out again, there is no wiping down of anything.

Debate Round No. 2


The thing that overall stuck out in your arguement was the price of starting. My first paintball gun was a Tippman Carbine, it cost 50 bucks. Granted, now the gun i own is significantly more expensive, but, paintball is my source of living so thats expected. So, you do not have to have a 2 thousand dollar gun to compete, you can use a 50 or a 100 or a 500 hundred dollar gun and do the same damage. If you look at all the beginner custimization stuff for paintball it actually equals less than that of airsoft.
Now, another thing ive noticed is that many many airsofters say "airsoft guns match a person paintball guns dont" but, every gun is different for every person, some people prefer woodsball over speed, and many other variations. There is also custimizations for the players but many just choose not to.
Also, there is objective paintball aka woodsball, which varies game modes, has medics, has special weapons or many different game types, i myself just stick to speed because thats what im trained in.
Now yes, airsoft is alot less dangerous than paintball and thus many people prefer to get shot over a high speed plastic projectile than a high speed quarter sized ball filled with sticky crap. But in my opinion, that just makes the game more exciting. It doesnt hurt to bad either, just leaves a minor bruise.
Lastly, Clean up. yes, you have to wipe off paint to avoid confusion after a match, BUT, its the equivalent of picking up tiny little BBs after a airsoft game.

Can you please pick an area we can focus on debating per round so that we dont spread out the rounds?s


Traditionally, first round is for acceptance and terms (of which debate structure is included).

I am operating under the assumption for this debate:
2-build your case
5-closing arguments (no new material may be presented).

In looking for 'Tippman Carbine' on the web, I found lots of used guns, qualified with the tag 'Tippman Pro-Lite", in 80+ dollar range. In searching for a specific gun by the name of Tippman Carbine, going to their home site, the cheapest out of the box gun I could find was a MilSim marker, no tank, no rounds, 80 dollars.

Counter to that, I went searching at my preferred site, airsoftextreme, and checked the low price for a generic M4 carbine. The JG M4 is highly upgradeable 'clone', meaning its internal parts are widely available. It comes with 200 BBs, magazine, and battery. The airsoft L96 sniper rifle (bolt action), is 80 dollars, mag included, BBs included, by AGM. While not a superior quality gun, it too has parts widely available.

More to the point of price, through Amazon, I found the following ammo deals for paintballs: 500 for 15$, 1000 for give or take 28.

Again, airsoft extreme: biodegradable standard rounds (.25 gram) 4000 rounds... for 15 dollars. Going up the chain in quality and weight, Javelin has .43 gram rounds, 2000 count for 21 dollars.

I would like to call to attention something my opposition said: 'there is also customizations for the players, but many just choose not too'. This is VERY true. The choice not to gain various customizations is because they aren't needed. Beyond gun grip, the role and ammo is the same: put rounds down range as fast as possible when needed. Airsoft is much more nuanced. A sniper or designated marksmen has no need for fully automatic guns, instead he will be relying on barrel ability, scopes, and varying weight of ammunition to strike their targets with precision rather than probability, this effective distance carries out easily to 300 meters with reliable punch and accuracy. Even in close quarters battles, the same variety of gun can be cut down quickly, new optics added, lighter weight ammo added to the mags, and the gun now serves a much different purpose. Further more, close quarters shot guns exist for airsoft, capable of putting an actual BB pattern, rather than 1 BB into a target area.

A word on cleanup: odds are if you are playing in a location in which paint can be willy-nilly be applied at high velocity to people and things, BB's being scattered about are the least of the player's concerns. Admittedly, when a bag of BBs breaks in my car, its a royal hassle, but I don't need soap and water to right the wrong.

For the upcoming round, I will seek to demonstrate more exact price, including admission costs for high and low end players, better qualify the need for gear and roles, as well as promo some of the more interesting aspects of airsoft, and lay to rest what further hurdles might come ahead.
Debate Round No. 3


When I originally posted this argument I did not anticipate an opponent who knew so much about both games. Kudos to you.

Exact Price, I pay 65 dollars for Marbalizer paint, 2000 thousand rounds which lasts me atleast 5 hours. I dont pay an admission fee, but, the normal admission fee is 80 bucks, including a box of paint, a standard tippman rifle, a co2 tank, and a gravity fed hopper. The spread of paint depends on the course and the player and the weapon, someone who advances with a speedball gun on a rec course will use more paint than someone sitting back and sniping on a rec course, its vice versa with speedball and the same with woodsball. It also depends on the game mode, in capture the flag or domination you use less paint than kill the pres or TDM, so the flow of paint has many different ways. My gun (DM15, Spire Rotor, Speed CO2 Tank, quick feed, custom barrel, custom trigger) total cost 2k. Now, that seems like alot, and in turn it is for one purchase, BUT, i go 5 times a week, so by having my own gun and more than half a box of paint left every time i go and not paying admission, i in turn will save money verse renting a gun and paint and mask and gear every time i go.
I do not know how Airsoft works on those terms, so in my sake if you could explain that to me in your next argument id be rather grateful.
As for the quality of the weapon, you can buy a stock weapon, ill use my own DM as an example (before upgrade). It shoots straight for awhile but after taking it apart and cleaning it, eventually there gets riffs in the barrel causing the ball to curve off course. So unless you dont want to hit your mark, a custom barrel is a must. As for electric hoppers, thats a must for electric guns, and as for tanks, smaller the tank better the hiding. All these things are a MUST for the competitive players, but for the average player they are not.
As for roles, in speedball theres a leadman, a quarterback, and a pinner, so there is designated roles and each role is vital for the outcome of the game. also each role has different weapon preferences.
Gear in paintball is another luxury and not required tho most players will buy a pod belt for extra shots

The gun i was referencing either is a Tippman 98, standard hopper and co2 tank total of 80 dollars. Sorry for not using the specific name of the weapon


For the fresh off the street player, a safe bet for admission into an airsoft field can be guestimated to be 15 dollars. Some smaller fields charge ten, some larger fields charge 20, but extend that price across the weekend. Some involved fields (indoor and CQB specific) command 20 for one day, however have better facilities, air conditioning, plumbed restrooms, and in general more ammenities. When such a person pays the price of admission, its generally assumed that a rented battery, or a personal battery can be charged or swapped out on site as part of admission.

Airsoft wise, a specialized role will cost either in upgraded gun or ammo, possibly both. Keeping with our fresh off the street player, after paying admission, at many airsoft fields, a rental charge will get you a standard carbine, a high capacity magazine (capacity of 500 rounds, give or take), a battery for the gun which can last about 3 cycles of the mag worth, and occasionally an increment of BBs, depending on the field. Bringing your own gear, obviously you just pay field fees. The 'major' airsoft field in my section of the states rents for 25 bucks, which includes field mandated saftey gear. For 15 bucks, the player can get a bottle of standard quality BBs, 5K worth. From my observance of 'green' players, they will go through a mag in a game, which runs about 20 minutes. This puts us for the fresh off the street player at 45 dollars, renting gear and buying additional ammo. Again, this is for the local airsoft venue in my town, some competition may run more or less depending on field fees and upkeep. Turn over time between games is about ten minutes to give players time to reload, re arm, check batteries, and of course hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

So, rounded up, 50 bucks for a green horn wanting to sling plastic with some pals for a day in the Florida sun, or perhaps duking it out in an urban indoor arena. Not a bad day's worth of entertainment if one is eager to get in on games, and still having some BBs left over if you wanted to come back.

Now, because my opponent has been gracious enough to give a break down and costs for his gear, I will do the same for my primary team role:
Gear- MarPat chest rig and dump bag - 30
Magazines - x4 mid cap 80
Weapon - KWA SR12 - FPS: 515 with a .2 gram BB, upgraded gear set, upgraded barrel, upgraded spring, MosFet - 650.
Scope equipped-20
Battery - 2 lithium polymer (LiPo) bricks- 80
Total: 860
I am going to assume that certain gear such as water, radios, boots, and specific clothing is something we both need use of at various events, as such have not included it, but any army/navy surplus warehouse can be checked for prices. Ammo wise, personally, I have not spent more than 120 dollars for the high end ammo needed, and as of yet, have not exhausted the supply I purchased for this gun, though I do not go out more than once a month. The mid cap magazines hold 80 BBs, and the full auto feature on the rifle has been disabled, and I am good for exhausting maybe 2 magazines per game. When my field role is that of 'Sniper' rather than marksman, the ammo consumption falls off even more, the magazines hold 35 rounds, and I carry 3, usually not exhausting all 3 mags.

A note on that: a traditional airsoft carbine magazine looks and takes up the same space as a real-steel counterpart. This means a trooper in field can stay active off many easily portable magazines.

Out of the box durability for airsoft rifles depends on the nature of the role. A 'support' electric box feed style gun will need tweaking to ensure its longevity. Yes, a support weapon in aisrsoft is pricey. A standard carbine will need a about 2K rounds to 'season' the parts, and a bolt action will need about 200 to wear in the internals, too. Just like in paintball, wear and tear will degrade accuracy, however the replacement rubber pieces (buckings) to correct this run 15 dollars and are an easy fix. Airsoft magazines are either spring or wind-wheel fed (no batteries) or box fed (battery) but contain increments of multiple thousands of rounds limiting the player to worry more about battery power more than ammo consumption.

Now, with all that sillyness of load outs and prices out of the way... lets get to the meat of what makes airsoft cool. Sadly, at my current location, I can't insert a picture, but intend to post some of the 'eye candy' of airsoft, that being some Tanks, miniguns, landmine and grenade launchers, and would invite my opponent to share or link the same, along with some troopers doing what they do best in the next round. Of course a summary will also follow, but would prefer to mention what I wanted to do -here-, given what loose structure of debate we are following.

Debate Round No. 4


So, yes, paintball does cost more, that is pretty obvious, but it is also a more popular sport, no offense to airsofters but paintball has pro leagues and is in much higher demand by the average player. Also the technology is more sophisticated than that of airsoft, once again probably do to the demands of the game.
also paintball arenas, inside and out, are everywhere. i live in suburbs of kansas city and there are three within a 2 hours drive. airsoft, there is none, according to google. granted both sports and be played by random groups of people in a non arena or official business place and it be just as fun, players tend to want to play in an arena. so obviously with this data paintball is more convenient than airsoft. other than a wide difference between cost for equipment, both sports are pretty similiar. I love paintball and playing for a proffesional team, id say i know all the tricks and things, and i can say that there are positions, there are different guns needed per position, hell, some people even use different paint per position. in speedball theres many positions and many different preferances and courses and such.
Ive enjoyed this argument with you, and i do hope we can entertain each other on a different subject. Youve intrigued me to try Airsoft tho, i may just have to find a spot while on vacation and try it out.

Happy holidays my friend


Thanks to my opponent for creating such a cut and dry forum in which to display our hobbies' various similarities and differences.

In summation, we have hit on a few 'truisms' between airsoft and paintball, the likes of which I think should be obvious to the readers:
1) Cost - airsoft won on this regard. The cost was demonstratably lower.
2) Action - this point was ignored widely by both debaters, Its a draw, both games involve runnin' and gunnin', so to say one is better than the other here would be bias only.
3) Player role- here is where I think airsoft shines, airsoft offers MUCH more to players utility wise than can be found in paintball
4) Safety - in this regard, airsoft offers a slight edge, the 'impact' that each of our chosen weapons causes can be felt, but airsoft's .4 gram BBs is nothing when compared to the misuse or accident of a marble sized frozen paintball.

Now, as promised... some fun.

This is a airsoft claymore land mine...

Traditionally, these are put down by EOD units specializing in heavy weapons such as...

The airsoft undermount grenade launcher. Such troopers are supported by....

The box fed airsoft M60.

Sadly, these troopers, due to weapon size fall victim to...

Airsoft snipers! Which, really, isn't hard to manage. Whats hard to combat is....

Airsoft tanks.

Anyhoo, that is my run down of what makes airsoft less generic than paintball, and thereby the superior hobby. For those that are interested in airsoft in the central Florida area, please feel free to PM me, or ask about my Team page to hit us up on FB and give us the ole 'thumbs up'.

Thanks for read, and please.. tanks. Vote airsoft.

Debate Round No. 5
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Reasons for voting decision: Voting based on request. Con won the point on price, so much so that Pro conceded it. The point on availability and popularity was made at the end and seemed to be a good point. I am convinced that the roles are far deeper in Airsoft, based on Con's arguments. Con's final argument on safety is minor, but a relevant argument. So, I have more convincing arguments in favour of Con, hence why I am voting Con.
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Reasons for voting decision: Price, Pro admits airsoft is cheaper. Variety, because Airsoft is modeled after real guns there is ton or variety. Also I didn't know an airsoft tank existed, so that's pretty crazy. In regards to team composition they both sound pretty similar. What lost me on pro argument was in round one he said "paintball is more demanding than airsoft" that may be the case but demanding =/= better. Airsoft seems like more fun because it can actually mirror real life combat with all the variety of equipment.