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Parallel Universe

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Started: 8/26/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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This will not take the traditional debate format, in that we are not actually arguing a point. Using the format has provided, I would like to try doing a limited turn-based story-telling.

  • The story must be about/contain at least one parallel universe, as the topic/title dictates.

  • I will start off the story with the opening scene, to which will be continued by my "opponent"

  • After my "opponent" is pleased and submits his/her continuation of the story, I will further it even more. Each round must be based on what the previous rounds established.

  • In the end, the voters should vote on who they preferred between the the 2 story-tellers.

  • Have fun!


More and more people were refusing to obey the laws of the land after "he" arrived.


He had arrived unexpectedly, nearly two years ago. Where he came from was as unknown to the majority of the population, as was his purpose for coming, but the fact of the matter was that he was here now and he had a firm grip on the region. The police were at his command and the politicians that were still alive and out of prison were in his pocket.

Upon his arrival, there was an aura of mystery about him. His skin was an odd color. He seemed to be of caucasian decent, but there was a very subtle, unnatural green hue that could only be seen under the proper lighting. He spoke English, but there was a slight hint of an accent that no local could link to any familiar origin. When he arrived with no luggage, no money, no vehicle and no possessions - aside from the clothes on his back (which seemed more like something from the 1970's than today's style) - all that the people had were questions about him. Now, nearly two years later, very few answers have been found and the only real difference is that the amount of questions had increased. How had he climbed the political ladder so rapidly? What were his ultimate goals, now that he had achieved so much power? All that the people really knew at this time is that he sought power, he obtained power and they likely had not seen the worst yet.
Debate Round No. 1


After he, whom we now call the Master, obtained rule over the police force, he began instituting a new system of laws that he called Indulgence. In his eyes, it was a sin to ignore one's impulses. Many stood against this new law at first and pretended to obey; however, it was no use. The Master seemed to have god-like powers. Every thought seemed to be known to him and within 5 minutes of not acting on an impulse, an entire squad of enforcers would be at your location, arresting you. Nobody knew what happened after that; no one ever came back. There were some who still stood against the Master and Indulgence, fighting back in an attempt to retrieve the old forms of justice, but so far it had appeared to be hopeless. That is, until what the locals call the Invasion.

Some crafty fellow who went by the name of Slither somehow got into the Master's fortress, which is almost as difficult as disobeying Indulgence. It is rumored Slither got in because it was his impulse to do so, but that is only rumor. Regardless of how he did it; he did it. While in the fortress, he made off with some treasures and for some reason a gallon of milk. Among all the rumors, the milk detail is completely true. No one know why he took the milk. A week later, we had more visitors like the Master.



Huddled around the small flame-lit lamp, providing warmth and light for the rebel forces hiding deep in the catacombs that run beneath the city, the small group was begging Slither to tell the story of the invasion.

"How did you get in to his fortress?" begged Marcie, an intelligent girl with a dark complexion and bright green eyes, who was the youngest of the rebel fighters.

"How were you able to overcome the Indulgence?" asked Greyson, a tall, lanky scientist with sandy brown hair and thick, dark-rimmed glasses.

"Why milk?" wondered Lex, a husky man of oriental decent, with incredible strength and questionable intelligence.

It had been two weeks since Slither successfully completed the Invasion, but he had been on the run ever since. In the time that he was running, his story had become something of a legend. Some stories claim he scaled the 50' walls of the fortress, others claim he fought of 30 guards without a weapon and others say Slither filled the jug of milk by milking the Master's prized cow with one hand while fending off guards with the other. But the truth was nothing of the sort.

Also in this time came more people like the Master, though they seemed to lack the same mental abilities. Still, this brought more destruction, more oppression and more death to the locals. With the chaos and confusion of the rebellion that ensued, following the Invasion, the Master was losing control. Many police officers and soldiers were fleeing to join the rebels. Groups of rebels had survived and avoided capture, but were hiding out in various locations, trying to get organized and to better understand their enemy. Slither had stumbled across this small group of rebels while searching for a new place to hide, and was now considering where to start to tell his story.

"Alright, alright." groaned Slither, "The day that you are all calling 'the Invasion', I was looking in my closet for an extra blanket, when I came across an old bottle of scotch. Now the Master was very thorough in banning and clearing out all alcohol upon taking control of the city, but he must have missed this one because even I had completely forgotten about it... I had hid it in my closet, so my parents wouldn't see it, years ago. I picked it up and wanted nothing more than to have a drink, so I took a swig. After a few more sips, I got a little tipsy and then proceeded to get downright drunk. The rest is a little hazy, but I stumbled down the street, to the Master's fortress and walked right in."

"What about the guards?" inquired Marcie, sounding very skeptical of Slither's story.

"There were none," explained Slither. "People are so afraid of the Master and what we believe is an ability to read our minds, that no one ever attempted to storm the fortress. I think that the Master was so confident that he had us all so afraid of him that he did not need to guard his home; he just kept his forces roaming the streets and acting on his command. So I stumbled into his home, thinking I would give him a piece of my mind. I walked into the main lobby and heard a conversation in the other room. At this point, things were getting pretty cloudy, as I hadn't drank anything in a long time and my tolerance was low, but I apparently was alert enough to get out my phone and take a video." Slither got out his phone and showed what he had recorded.

- The quality was poor, but what the group saw was the Master standing there talking to some people who were there, but they weren't 'THERE'. It almost looked like the people were standing on the other side of a door way in the middle of the room, but there was no door. These others had a similar look to the Master, and a similar accent. The Master looked tired and weak, like he was straining to hold something up, but did not have the strength to continue doing it for much longer. Then there was the sound of dry heaving coming from Slither. The doorway flickered then disappeared and the Master looked over at the camera... The camera went black. -

"That's when the alcohol really started to hit me," explained Slither. "The master was so weak that he collapsed on the floor before he could get to me. I finished throwing up, got up and made my way out of there. With some of the alcohol out of my system, I was able to think a little more clearly and grabbed some things from the fridge and counter on my way out... Including several bottles of alcohol, a package of bacon, some bread and a gallon of milk. I've been on the run ever since. For the first week, I found that if I kept up a little bit of a buzz, he couldn't get inside my mind... but since the others showed up it seems like he has stopped trying."

"It looked like the Master was speaking, through a portal, to people like him from another world," noted Greyson. "And clearly using his abilities was exhausting for him..."

"So we know his weaknesses are his pride and overusing his ability!" gleamed Marcie.

"Ya got any more of that booze?" inquired Lex.
Debate Round No. 2


"Sadly, no. I'm fresh out of alcohol." said Slither as he looked down.

"Well, what are we to do, then?" asked Lex.

They all looked at Slither, who continued looking down, avoiding all eye contact. It never occurred to Slither that he might need alcohol for others as well; he was not even sure he grabbed enough for himself. It was odd to Slither, for he did not know one of the people sitting in front of him before this day, but somehow he cared about them now. He now had genuine concern for their well-being and was determined to figure out how.

Slither looked up, smiling for the others. "We'll figure out another way. I got in once, so what's another go? Oh and by the way, my real name is Luke"

"I had a feeling 'Slither' was not your birth name" laughed Greyson, "If we follow this re-entry plan of your's, then do we just walk in and hope for the best?" inquired Greyson with a hint of doubt.

Everyone looked at Luke as he replied, "I'm afraid it will not be that easy. You see, now that the Master has seen my face, he will know if I am there. I do not know how, for his powers are still confusing, but I believe that we could create a diversion that distracts him. Normally, he would send his enforcement squads, but I believe there is way to get him to respond to 'distractions'".

"How?" they asked together.


*montage of the group looking at maps, discussing things in great detail with heated exchanges, meeting up with more rebel crews and then ultimately coming to an agreement on a final plan*

... Three days later the rebel group has amassed in full and is moving in on the Master's fortress. They have nearly 250 people, consisting of multiple ex-policemen, a few politicians who defected from the Master, and many more who are tired of living under someone else's complete control.

There are others who have coordinated with them, who are sparking riots throughout the city, spreading the Master's ever-dwindling forces as thin as possible. This was not difficult to orchestrate, as rebel riots were becoming more and more common in the past couple weeks, and the fact that it was so common made it all the less suspicious that so many were happening on this day.

Luke, with his fame and his knowledge of the Master from their brief encounter, had taken on the role of leader of the group. Greyson and Marcie had quickly become good friends and worthy, trusted advisers. Lex, who was a mall security guard by day and spent most of his free time in the gym working out and training to someday be an MMA fighter (though he was getting beyond the age where that dream could become a reality), was more than happy to stick with the other three and be their bodyguard/muscle.

The four of them lead the rest of the rebels who were advancing through the almost empty streets towards the fortress. Each person walking was pushing something in front of them. Some had shopping carts, some had wheelchairs and others had beds on wheels. Each one contained a person who appeared to be dead. No, not dead... just sleeping heavily.

Luke had seen the Master in person and understood how draining it was for him to use his power. Given the decline of his powers over the past few weeks, the group also knew that overloading him with too many distractions caused him to weaken. The final piece of the puzzle came when Marcie brought up the curfew that the Master had instilled and vigorously enforced. More police officers were out at night than at any other time. Greyson had then pointed out that the human brain is capable of so much more while the person is asleep. We are capable of dreaming things that have not yet happened and we are able to fully convince ourselves that these events are real.

So the group had gone around and purchased or stole all the sleeping medication that they could find. Now, each alert member was wheeling around a sleeping rebel to shield them from the Master.

The group closed in on the fortress; now more heavily guarded, since Luke's legendary invasion. The rebel police officers and other capable fighters were able to quickly disarm and disable the guards using the element of surprise; which was in itself a surprise to the guards, given that the Master had kept them alert to the dangers around them for more than a year now.

A small group of rebels entered the house. Within that group was Luke, Greyson, Marcie, Lex, a former politician named Kendra - who used to work quite closely with the Master- and four former police officers (Bryce, Tag, Big Joe and Little Joe). At Kendra's direction, they moved through the house, searching for the Master. A few guards were stationed around the house, but the group of over 100 sleeping minds surrounding the house seemed to have the Master distracted and the guards were little more than statues.

All nine of the rebels entered the Master's room and saw him laying on the bed, looking more than a little bit distressed. They started to move towards him when he turned and looked at them, then made a gesture in the shape of a rectangle. It appeared as though he put every ounce of his being into that gesture, and all of a sudden a doorway began open up in front of them... the doorway got larger, enveloped them and then winked out of existence. The Master fell limp and the life flowed out of his body...

*Next Chapter*

Luke was advancing on the Master when the portal started to open. Luke, along with the other eight rebels, froze as the portal advanced towards them. They could see a large room on the other side of it, more or less empty, aside from a small bed, a dresser and two adults that looked similar to the Master, just older. All of a sudden there was no portal, they were all just in the room standing face to face with the elderly couple.

"*Gasp* Who are you?!" cried the lady. "Did HE send you here?"

"Who is HE?" inquired Kendra.

"Harrison, our son," informed the man. "He was powerful, more powerful than anyone else that we know. He had the power to see into our minds and to move people from one place to another. He disappeared nearly two years ago and all we had heard were rumors of him contacting his friends. He never reached out to us. He's far too old for this room now, but we still come in here sometimes when we are really missing him..."

"Where are we?" asked Greyson.
Debate Round No. 3


"Who cares? How do we get back?" cried Marcie, scratching the air behind her in an attempt to find the portal.

"Stop it! You are being a child!" barked Luke.

Marcie stopped and almost tripping, ran from Luke to hide behind Lex. There seemed to something happening to Luke that the others were couldn't put into words. He began pacing and looked up at Harrison's parents.

"Is there anyone else like your son, woman? Tell me now!" growled Luke.

"Luke, stop! What are you doing? They did not do anything to us!" exclaimed Greyson, who was growing increasingly disturbed by this unforeseen situation.

"Shut up, scientist! I am the leader here and I cannot show kindness to the semi-human monsters that spawned the Master".

The way Luke said that last word gave everyone, including Harrison's parents, a chill that affected Marcie so badly she started crying. After that, Luke just left the room without a word to the others. As he left, the others looked at each other with a sense of panic and confusion. Then, unexpectedly Lex broke the silence.

"I reckon I know what's goin' on. Poor fool is suffering the same as Harrison. I could be wrong, but it sure seems that we ain't even remotely close to home. I don't know how we'll get back, but something about this 'place' is givin' the poor fool an uncontrollable temper." explained Lex, who shocked even himself with his observations.

"You know what, I think you're right, Lex." said Greyson with a hint of excitement no one else in the room understood. "It appears that we are in fact in another, well let's call 'world', and it is affecting only Luke. Now we only need to know what."

"I want to go home." said Marcie, tears still falling as she spoke. "I guess we should get Luke back first, though". She said that last part with a hint of a sigh.

"Don't worry, lass" said Lex smiling down at her. He gave her a hug and said, "No matter what has got him actin' that way, I won't let him harm you. I promise!"

She beamed up at him, giving him a hug that he still says knocked the wind out of him. After that they began talking with Harrison's parents, who were still confused, but willing to help. They explained that there were others like their son, but they are hard to find. Harrison's parents instructed them to visit old Dr. Benaeo, for he was the one who discovered Harrison's abilities.

"He's a silly old man, but brilliant. When Harrison visited him, he told Harrison that he was unique and that was his source of power. We did not much understand what he told Harrison, but we do remember one other detail very vividly: uniqueness was a trait for those whose life isn't split. No idea what it means, but we remember it all the same."

After that, they sat and talked and Harrison's parents reminisced about Harrison. Eventually, Greyson got up and thanked them for their help and beckoned the group to follow.

"Thank you for your hospitality and for excusing us for not calling first. We should be off, though."

"Come back anytime after you call first, then" said Harrison's dad with a smile.

And the left, heading for Dr. Benaeo's.


Wandering through the city, the group noticed how eerily similar it was to their home. Many shops were the same, or almost the same. All of the people had a similar look to Harrison (the Master), with the very subtle greenness in their complexion. The air smelled different as well; more organic than home. Almost like being in a forest. The air was far more humid than home as well.

Dr. Benaeo's was not a long walk, but it was exhausting for the group. Greyson, Marcie and Kendra were fascinated with the new world. Lex, Big and Little Joe were on edge, ready for anything to jump out at them at any time. Tag and Bryce seemed lost, like they had left a part of themselves on the other side of the portal. Luke just seemed distracted... like he couldn't focus his mind on anything in particular.

When they arrived at the office and met Dr. Benaeo, no one could have predicted the what they saw. Dr. Benaeo was a short man, about 75 years old, with skin as pale as Greyson. Dr. Benaeo saw the group walking towards him and his jaw dropped. "W-w-who are you?" stuttered the doctor. "You guyth are thertainly not from around here, are you?" Dr. Benaeo had a lisp, but his dialect was that of their home town, and nothing like Harrison's.

"You are like us!?" exclaimed Greyson. "Are you from our world, Dr. Benaeo?"

"There are theveral different worldth that egthitht (exist) to our knowledge... and I am not from thith one. It ith pothible that I originate from your world. Pleathe, call me Doc," explained the doctor.

Luke proceeded to explain their story to Doc. "Harrithon Hunter..." mused Doc. "I haven't thpoken to him in yearth. He ith the reathon that I am here. When he wath younger, he appeared in my home one day and then convinthed me to come with him, through a portal. I thpent yearth working with him to better underthtand hith abilitieth. He wath not the only one, and after being here for a while, I thtarted to notith changeth in my own body. Thith world ith thtrange, and cautheth people to develop abilitieth. Harrithon brought otherth here ath well. Motht powerth are thmall, like moving tiny objecth with their mind or increathed vithion or hearing. However, thome powerth were much greater and thome did not thurvive the tranthition."

Many in the group nodded understanding, as they looked at their own hands and at each other, finally starting to understand why they each felt so strange. They went with Doc into his lab to do some tests. After several days of testing, the effects of the new world had set in.

Greyson threw away his glasses, as he could now see without them. Not only 20/20, but infrared and through walls, if he desired. Marcie was able to read minds. She had no ability to control others thoughts, but she could read them. Lex was getting stronger. Kendra could move objects with her mind, but it required all the strength that it would take her to lift it normally. Big and Little Joe could both fly, Bryce and Tag were both dying.

The only one that no one understood was Luke. His moods were changing and he randomly showed hints of other abilities. At one point, he woke up from a nightmare, got freaked out and threw his entire bed across the room. Another day, he saw a snake in the grass and jumped all the way up onto the roof. Marcie claimed that she could hear everyone else's thoughts, but Luke's mind was blocked.

"Thith ith very thimilar to what happened with Harrithon, from what hith parenth tell me," stated Doc. "When hith powerth thtarted acting up, he began lothing control of himthelf."

"Do you know why Harrison came to our world and took over like he did?" asked Greyson.

"The government here doeth not like people they can't control. Harrithon wath out of control tho the government locked him up and wath tethting him. They thought they could punith him when he would uthe hith powerth. He would tell them that he couldn't control it and that it wath merely an impulth. He became very bitter, and that ith when he dithcovered that he could create portalth. That ith when he found me. Of courthe he could be kept locked up anymore by then, but I worked with him to help him, and I kept the government informed of hith progreth. But one day, a few yearth ago he had an acthident and hith powerth took over. Theveral people died and the government wanted to kill him... it wath the only way to keep the retht of uth thafe from him, in their mind. That ith when he dithappeared."

An alarm sounded in the background and a nurse came running in. "Dr. Benaeo.. Bryce and Tag are both dead. Their bodies couldn't handle the transistion."

"Oh no!" screamed Marcie.

The Joe's bowed their heads for their fallen brothers.

"Is that alarm meant to signal a patient dying?" enquired Kendra.

"No," said Doc, "that alarm meanth that Luke hath ethcaped."

"You were holding him hostage?" shouted Greyson.

"Jutht keeping him thafe," said Doc.

"Keeping him safe from what? Or were you keeping us safe from him?" asked Greyson.
Debate Round No. 4


They ran outside, but Doc did not follow.

"Where do you suppose he went?" wondered Marcie who was looking around for any sign of direction.

"I don't know" said Geryson with a hint of paranoia.

The door opened behind them and they saw Doc walk outside. Greyson approached him with a anger he was having a hard time controlling.

"Doc, you tell us right now where he would go. What is going on?"

"Thettle down. No one hath a reathon to panic. He went home, well not really hith home, but the location of where hith home would be if thith wath where he originated." said the Doc cryptically. "I gueth I thould explain a bit more. You thee I mentioned different worldth. I mythelf am from elthwhere. It'th ith a difficult conthept to grathp, but he ith going to the location-eqivalent of hith home in your world, here."

They all gave him a puzzled look and Marcie said in an attempt to better understand, "So this is kind of a mirror? And everything is different, yet the same?"

"Ethentially, mith. My athithtent informed him of hith uniqueneth, which I have no really explained. You thee, Luke only exithtth in your world, not this one. All of you exithtth here in thome form, so thith world can 'reconfigure' you properly. That'th why you have theady powerth. Not all thurvive the reconfiguration, though. Your friendth are an example of thith, to which I am terribly thorry I could not help. I do not know why thome thurvive while otherth do not. Luke ith different, however. Thith world cannot reconfigure him becauth he ith a new occurenth. When thomeone ith like Harrithon or Luke, they undergo what I am calling the Madneth."

The Doc paused to wait for interruptions, but none came. No one knew how to respond, so they continued to listen.

"Madneth causeth the individual to act in thtrange wayth. It altho causeth uncontrollable moodth and powerth. Your friend mutht not have believed uth. Harrithon didn't."

"So if we go to the location of where he lived, or would live, or never's so hard to get your mind around" said Lex holding his head.

"Yeth. I can get you to hith location, but after that, I am afraid I thtill do not know much about portalth. I have been thudying them for ageth, but no luck. I am still unsure how I got here. Reproduthing the portal ith difficult."

"Well ,let's just get Luke back first."


The group knew little about Luke from before they had met him, but they did know that he grew up in an orphanage until he was 14 when he finally found a foster family, and Big Joe had remembered wherer the only orphanage in town was located. Both Joes flew ahead to see what was there in this world, bringing Greyson and Lex with them. Greyson, so that he could see everything going on inside and outside the buildings and Lex, because it doesn't hurt to have someone really strong at your side.

They did not need Greyson's superior vision in order to see where Luke was. From several miles away a building was glowing. It wasn't a solid glow; it was slowly shifting colours while randomly fading and brightening as if someone was struggling to keep the light going.

"Put us down here!" shouted Greyson, about 200m away from the glowing building. "Then fly back and bring Kendra and Marcie. Who knows what powers might turn up to be useful here." The Joe's set down Greyson and Lex and took of to grab the others.

Greyson and Lex advanced on the building. Looking inside using his infrared vision, Greyson could see one heat signature huddled in the center of the room. Surrounding him were many cold, lifeless bodies. Something was odd about them though; they were arranged far too neatly. That's when Lex shouted, "This ain't no orphanage, this is one of them places where they keep dead people!"

"A mortuary," responded Greyson, with a sigh of relief. "So Luke didn't kill these people... they were already dead."

The others landed right behind them. "Wow, I could get used to that!" exclaimed Kendra, giving a wink to Big Joe, who was setting her down. She turned her gaze to Greyson, "Any idea what's going on in there?"

"Luke is huddled on the floor. It looks like he is doing everything in his power to control what is happening to him, but he isn't succeeding all that much."

"We have to get in there and save him!" cried Marcie. She was 17, about 12 years younger than Luke, and she looked up to him like the older brother she never had. She ran towards the door.

"Marcie stop!" the group screamed in unison, but she wasn't listening. They all went after her. They were in this together and did not want to see another member die.

The glow had a bit of heat to it, but it was pleasant. The front door was locked, but Lex had no trouble bypassing that small roadblock. Greyson led the way to Luke and when they found him, they all stopped and stared.

Surrounding Luke were nine doorways, like the one Harrison had created to send them here. Each doorway led to a different world. Some worlds looked very similar to this one, while one was a dense forest and another was a barren wasteland. One led to an orphanage where several small children were peering through the doorway at the man on the floor. Luke was in the middle of the room, crying and shaking as if he was carrying an object far too heavy for him to carry.

Marcie stepped up to him and touched his shoulder. "I understand, Luke," she whispered. "You've been alone your entire life. You spent years in an orphanage, your foster parents never really seemed to care for you, you could never fit in at school or at work, and now you are in a new world where you are unique and alone again." Luke looked at her as she kept talking, his crying subsided. "But you aren't alone, Luke. I am here with you, and I care about you so much! Before I met you, I was lost and afraid. My family was killed by Harrison's men and I felt that I had no hope. But then you showed up, shrouded in legend, like a knight in shining armor, and led us into battle to stop Harrison. You saved me."

Luke stopped shaking and stared at Marcie. The portals all disappeared. "Really? That is how you see me?"

"You saved all of us," cried Marcie. "Kendra and the Joes had all fled their jobs and their lives in order to get away from Harrison. Lex was depressed and was considering suicide before he met our group. Greyson has a wife and three children, hiding away while he was out looking for a way to put an end to Harrison's reign. Sorry for reading your thoughts guys, I didn't mean to..."

Luke stood up and made the shape of a rectangle with his hand and a portal appeared with the orphanage on the other side. "Let's go home and finish things then."

They all stepped through the portal, back into their own world...

...There was no fighting going on outside, only confusion. Kendra stepped up in front of the group and asked what was happening.

"The Master is dead. The police are no longer under his control." explained a tall man at the front of the group. "We are discussing what to do now..."

In the following days, they established a new government where Kendra took over as the new leader, with Big Joe at her side. Greyson went back to his family. The other four agreed to travel to the other worlds, as a team, and learn more about the world(s) that seem to hold so many mysteries.
Debate Round No. 5
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