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Parenting Techniques: Abuse or Authority?

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Started: 1/25/2017 Category: People
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If one has an abusive personality or anger issues that cannot be controlled, it is in the best interest of them and the child that they do not give birth in the first place. No matter the circumstance, no child deserves to be beaten, whether it is a slap or leaving bruises. A child is going to grow and learn and make mistakes, but it leaves a negative impact on a child's life if their parents treat them poorly. It may lead to an irresponsible and reckless lifestyle in the future and could leave a person questioning their worth. Kids look up to their parents the most and if they set an example that violence is okay, then they will go forward and use violence to attempt to solve other situations.


When it comes to parenting a child or children, abuse verses authority is one of your main focuses. One who has experienced a reckless or abusive background will tend to stick to traditions they were given or taught; or maybe not. Abuse of a child, physically, is obviously an awful trade to take forth into a family. But, mental or emotional reverse physiology is another level in so called, abuse. Reverse physiology is not statistically considered a type abuse, since it is used in rehab, business persuasion, and everyday conversations explanations. People use all different types of mental machine or social controls towards their child/ children. It does not necessarily mean you abuse your child. People miss use the word abuse when it comes to talking about childcare. Violence is not always a triggering action that abused children grow up with. Many abused children have learned that what their parent or parents have done to them was mistaken or misunderstood for a different way of teaching a lesson or showing authority. As young children or teens, their minds are still developing and an action that is mentally sculpted to help them grow into a controlled human or a physical reminder of right or wrong is good for their character.
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Physical child abuse is looked down upon by mostly everyone but some fail to realize what emotional abuse can do to a child. Outbursts of anger and shouting degrading and upsetting things to a child can strike them in ways that are not imaginable. When a parent manipulates a child, or lies to them in ways other than protecting them, it gives them an issue with trust. The child will then never open up to the parent and make a point in distancing themselves, which can be very harmful. Also, just because reverse psychology and manipulation may be used in media and other forms of life, it does not mean it should be used on family members, especially ones that are emotionally vulnerable and will be impacted as they grow up.
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Posted by Edubes 1 year ago
Abuse is never the answer whether or not you're having a bad or they're making you upset. abuse breaks down a persons confidence and makes them very submissive and won't put themselves out there as much as other who weren't abused would.
Posted by Ebucket 1 year ago
I would agree with maddie in the sense that no child should be beaten no matter what. being beaten doesn't usually result in change.
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