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Parents hovering V's. kids never grow up

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Started: 12/19/2012 Category: Society
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So my argument is Parents Hovering V's kids never grow up I am arguing a pro because I believe that kids should be hover to make sure that they do the right thing in life and there parents will help them they get older and it is time for them to do there own thing and be able to grow up and be strong but according to Lecher Henry she said " Yes my baby s spoiled wrong or spoiled right, but I will always hover because I feel like I cant let my kid down For not being successful in life and I am going to make sure of it.' so yes I do believe that they should be offering for the sac of the kids life and future.


orphans mature far quicker, mentally, than normal children because they have to look out for themselves.
Debate Round No. 1


ok but oprpahns have to be also always hover because they are not yet old enough to take care of them selfs and have to be aable to be 18 before they can go on there own and become a young adult and grow up too be a strong young adult. New York Times said that "More kids may be learning Mandarin, but fewer know how to look an adult in the eye, write a thank-you note, empty the dishwasher, handle a snow shovel " or cope with disappointment and grow stronger after failure." this was said by Denises Schipani she was saying that kids are learning how too be more dependent and grow up like they should, and become young adults.


Did you seriously just say "kids are learning how too be more dependent and grow up like they should" I think that you must firstly understand what dependence is.

Dependence: the state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else.

However, what do you actually gain from being dependent? THE FORTUNE OF BEING A CHILD FOR LONGER IN A STATE of immaturity! If anything, this is the opposite of growing up, growing up is a burden, it's not a choice orphans get.

Have overbearing parents builds a mentality in a child that "It's okay, I don't have to think, I'll just trust in authority" but an adult is supposed to have opinions of THEIR OWN and to manage with THEIR OWN ability to structure their lives, I agree that having overbearing parents is a privilege if they're rich and dish out tutors to you but it is not going to ever teach that spoilt brat to grow up.

In essence, an overbearing parents is a child's getaway ticket from having to ever really grow up in the first place.
Debate Round No. 2


"The Tethered Generation." This term, first used in HR Magazine, refers to young people who have to be in constant contact with their parents and each other via cellphones and Instant Message. A teen"s life becomes a continuous voice recording to Mom and Dad. The conversations are completely trivial and never-ending: "I"m getting out of class now and I"m on my way to the cafeteria." "Dad, can you do this job application?" "Mom, what should I do about my crappy roommate? Today she wouldn"t empty the garbage."
so yes i would have to say that you do need to hover and become and ore and better parent and have your kid be a young adult.


If you don't hover and instead let them have to be forced to look after themselves there is no way whatsoever they will never grow up. I have done well as con and you have failed to meet your BOP.

Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Con won it with this statment. Have overbearing parents builds a mentality in a child that "It's okay, I don't have to think. Tough love is the key.