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Parents should be allowed to access their children's social media

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Started: 3/28/2013 Category: Technology
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that, for the safety of our children, Parents should have an account to access or see what their children have posted or received. Too many people are being cyber-bullied today and 4400 people a year commits suicide from cyber-bullying on average. allowing parents to access their childs social media will greatly decrease the deaths of children and teens. If you are a parent, you should understand. If you are a teen, guess what? So am I! I have been cyber-bullied and suffered from depression before. I was treated by a psychologist. PARENTS! PROTECT YOU CHILDREN! Dont be stupid and go against please!


Depends how old the child is and how mature. You cannot generalize things and say that every parent should look at what there child does on the internet. I would say for some cases, where the child seems to have social issues and psychological problems then you might want to have a look.
But remember, a young teenager want's his privacy to. It won't help a parents-child relationship if they constantly spy on what there child does on the internet. There is something that parents need to learn. That there child is getting older, more independent and at a certain point he/she must be responsible for what he writes or does on the internet.
It's a dangerous world out there, so you might want to prepare your child and then let him go.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by TheSlenderMan 4 years ago
Pro, if you don't want someone to go against the position don't post it on a debate site haha.

Con, I don't think he was saying parents should be 'forced' to look at their kids social media. I think he was more saying that they should be 'allowed' to view it.

What Con, said does have some validity. My parents used to have some software on my computer that would record every site, every thing I posted, EVERYTHING. And you know what? I was constatnly angered at them. I couldn't have a conversation with anyone, friend, girlfriend etc without it being recorded. Needless to say, this was one reason it hurt the parent-child relationship very badly. I ended up hacking the software. To this day I hardly talk to them because they were such control freaks (many people use that term liberally...I don't) that I was so angry at them all the time that now they try to talk to me and I can't bring my self to want to talk to them.
Posted by machv5 4 years ago
I think that regarding the Cyber-bullying issue that it would provide a unique opportunity as to whether or not their child is being bullied or not. I myself would like to know if my kid was being bullied or harassed. But for that reason and that reason only. Finding out my daughter is sexually active, or got drunk etc... on such a day is something that I can live without. I remember when I was a teenager and even though my instincts tell me that I should intervene her life is just that hers not mine. I have been living on my own since I was 15yrs old and making my own choices. Who am I to say that she should not be afforded the same level of freedom and privacy. I was bullied throughout my teens in school and in the neighborhood where I grew up. And for that reason I would like to know if she is being bullied I know from my own experience that telling someone is usually the last thing a victim would do if at all. Therefore keyword flagging could be used to monitor for those types of instances. So that privacy of the child is respected but at the same time monitored to give some peace of mind to the parent. Also it would effectively show if the child themselves were the bully too. Which I would want to know if they were bullying someone else.
Posted by Ashunti 4 years ago
For round 1 it would have been nice to see statistics from studies that show either opinnion. I vote Pro because until the age of 18 students are held physically responsible for truancy in the school system, for alcoholism of a minor, for children conceived before their own child is out of the home etc... When signing up for social media sites, there should be a disclosure that pops up to infome the 18 and under young adult that all social media sites by law are accessible by parents and /or guardians. A young adult must be required, and social media sites must be required, by law to find a way to verify said person's age and gender. As of today lying about age and gender has hurt many people and deceived them as well.
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