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Parents should be as involved in a child's school education as possible.

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Started: 11/21/2017 Category: Education
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It cannot be denied that parents play an important role in the school education of their children, encouraging, helping to make important decisions, fighting to keep the children on the right track. On the other hand, there are numerous examples of parents who seem to take their involvement a bit too far. They control every academic step of their children, check their homework (in extreme cases - force the children to do that homework/ do it for them), scold them for anything short of excellence, run to the school to talk to teachers at the first sign of a smallest problem the child may be facing, enroll them in all kinds of extracurricular activities...
While it is healthy and proper for parents to be interested in their children's school life, and they should do their best to explain the importance of education, and be there to offer reasonable help, school and home life should be separate institutions. Furthermore, it's important to provide a child with some freedom and independence, as well as take into account their inclination, personality and abilities.


As students we don't have much idea about what is wrong and right. So at this stage we go through many things which can only be sorted by our parents. Parents no matter what will always be there for us whether we are right are wrong and they
have been through what we are undergoing now, so they have more experience and can sort out things easily.
So i think parents should be involved as possible so that if he/she is doing something wrong , they can guide them through
the right path.
Debate Round No. 1


The issues of wrong and right are applicable mostly to moral behaviour, and supposedly everybody is taught that from childhood. As far as life decisions go, there's not so much right or wrong but there are mistakes. The way to a responsible and independent personality lies through past mistakes. There isn't a mistake to make by a developing personality that can't be remedied, but only a mistake can help a young person understand fully what is right and what is wrong for themselves personally. On the other hand, while parents might have been going through the same periods in their early years, it does not guarantee that they know exactly what needs to be done, what needs to be done in the contemporary circumstances, and what is right for their child in particular. It often happens that parents' expectations of a child are influenced by their own unrealised childhood dreams, and have nothing to do with what the child has an inclination for. And, considering school, there is still a lot of control and guidance over a student there, so it is not like they would be left completely to their own designs anyway.
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