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Parents should be banned from smacking their children.

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Started: 7/10/2016 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hi all, I am rather new to debating on, but am eager to improve and have experience in formal debating competitions. I am happy to debate with anyone on this topic, provided they are willing. The first round is stating all arguments, and the second is for rebutting the opposing debater's arguments. Hopefully you are ready to participate. These are my arguments below:

The topic of this debate is that parents should be banned from smacking their children, and my opinion on that statement is that it's correct, for the reasons following. It can easily become abuse, it is close to violating the United Nation's Convention On The Rights Of The Child, kids will follow their parent's actions, it causes desensitization, and builds a fearful rather than trusting relationship. Clearly, it must be banned.

The first argument for this debate is, that smacking children can easily be considered, or become a form of abuse, not only physically, but psychologically as well. Smacking children, when it is too hard, can easily be a violent act. Especially considering that parent would already be wound up by their children's bad behavior, warranting that smack. It is far too easy for parent to cross that line, resulting in a hurt child. As well as the physical damage, there is also psychological abuse. Not only is the child being smacked, but they are being smacked by someone whose opinion they value, someone they care about. Not only does it hurt them on the outside, but also on the inside.

My second argument for this debate is that parents smacking their kids is far too close to violating part of the United Nation's Convention On The Rights Of The Child. In article 19 in this policy, it clearly states that all parties should take appropriate measures to prevent, among other things, all injury or abuse children are exposed to, as the result of parent's, as well as the rest of the world. Parents smacking their children is uncomfortably close to violating, or at least scraping the edge of that statement. This just adds to the evidence that we should ban parents from smacking their children.

My next point is hat kids will follow their parent's actions. From the very moment children are born, they look up to their parents, copying their movements and speech, for example. It's completely natural. That is why it is natural for kids to copy their parents if they smack them. If their parents are doing it, children will immediately view it as acceptable. Children who are smacked at home may take it out on others; fellow classmates or other people, resulting in severe consequences. On top of this, because children don't have the understanding that adults possess, they can easily hurt and damage someone by smacking them too roughly. This promotion of violence must be stopped, so parents should be banned from smacking children.

Another point in this case is that parents smacking their children causes desensitization. This will have negative affects on the child lifestyle for years to come, having them accept violent acts as "the norm," as they have grown up with it. In their childhood, kids who lack understanding could be roughly handled, or even attacked on the street, and fail to realize it, as they are used to things like it in a comfortable environment. Obviously, we must ban smacking.

The final argument of this case is that smacking children encourages a relationship based ultimately on fear, rather than trust and love. It is no doubt that the bond you share with your parents is usually a strong one. They are a major inspiration for your life. However for children whose parents smacked them often, they would have a fearful relationship with their parents, rather than a strong, trusting one. Obviously, smacking children destroys healthy relationships, and must be banned.

Overall, it is clear that the statement of this debate, parents should be banned from smacking their children, is completely correct.
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