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Participation Trophy.

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Started: 2/7/2017 Category: Politics
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So i took my son to a baseball game, he lost but he still got a trophy saying" if you win or lost, you are still a winner #1!" he didn't win so we gave the trophy back, it was appalling seeing how they are telling every one that they are winners, tell the losers that they made it further than most other teams but they lost once, so go practice some more.


I will agree with my opponent that these trophies do seem to "give children the wrong message" about winning and losing, but we have to put into perspective how these are just children receiving these trophies. They shouldn't be pressured to care about whether they win or lose. Additionally, I find that participation trophies can benefit children.

I personally believe that, as long as these children are given the opportunity to socialize, enjoy playing, and to get physical exercise, I see no problem with rewarding participants with a little participation trophy or certificate. Writer of the New York Times, Parker Abat, says "Self-esteem is a big part of one’s childhood. Watching a peer receive a trophy and not receiving one yourself can be degrading. Any kind of honor can make a young kid feel as if he or she meant something to the team, and that could boost the child’s self-confidence," (S1). Participation Trophies also teach children about the importance of commitment and acts as compensation for their devotion to both the sport and their efforts in trying as best as they can to win. Allison Slater Tate, mother of four and editor of "Club Mid at Scary Mommy," feels participation trophies teach a worthwhile lesson: “There is something to teaching kids that it is worth keeping a commitment, that we value this. Winning and losing is not a lesson that kids need to search out to find. It’s everywhere. But they also need to learn how important it is that everyone shows up,” (S2).


Debate Round No. 1


A certificate for both, a trophy for the victor is how i see it, back when i was in grade school, they looked at the grades of all the students, i had the 3rd best grades, i got a "diploma" which was basically saying "hey, you passed, here is your certificate"
the 2nd place got the diploma and a silver medal, the 1st place got a trophy, gold medal and diploma, so i studied harder, the next year i was 1st place, the fact i didn't win made me work harder to be the best there is, and i want my kids to be even better than me, the lowest grade among the 3 is b+ and with my son Johnathon and me loving baseball, we decided to do it, and when he lost, he showed me the trophy and told me "Dad, i didn't earn it, let us take it back" i knew it was his team that made him lose but his team didn't earn it so neither did he, so of course we got some ice cream, so, tomorrow we are going to practice extra hard for next year, his loss makes him want to try harder, to put another trophy on the shelf.


I do not doubt that the lessons you're teaching your children are any less than exceptional. In fact, hearing your son be as mature as not accepting a medal because he felt he didn't earn it is astonishing.

However, I do strongly feel that children should be allowed to have participation awards. I believe that participation trophies are just as comparable to how you reward your son with ice cream for his devotion.
Debate Round No. 2


The reason i got the ice cream was because his team did not earn the trophies, i wouldn't be surprised if my son gets in the MLB when he is older, the ice ream always boosts his spirits, and in a hour, we are going to the park so we can practice, a smaller reward seems more logical as a participation reward, like the certificate, or as i give him some 32 flavor ice cream.


Honestly, I won't question your parenting style. It's a great philosophy for all parents in fact. I personally feel that children should be allowed to have participation rewards, but I find that your ideas are also acceptable.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CosmoJarvis 1 year ago
Good debate.
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