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Pc Gaming Vs. Console

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Started: 5/9/2012 Category: Technology
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Pc is a better System For Gaming
-> Pc Games are generally Cheaper
-> You also have a lot more customizing options.


Consoles are better system for gaming.

1) Console games have better and more accessible controls

2)Consoles have a wider variety of available games to play than pcs
Debate Round No. 1


1) Price ranges of New Games According to Research Group NPD July 2010
Ps3 $15.00-$99.99
Wii $9.99-$99.99
Xbox 360 $29.99-$79.99
Pc $7.99-$75.00

2) PC's also are More Reliable then Consoles


I'll start by defending the points I brought up in round 1.

1) Generally Pc games are designed to accommodate keyboard and mouse controls unlike their console counterparts. Although it possible to attach controllers to a pc for some games, that is an added accessory one does not normally start with. As such, the controls can tend to be a bit stiff in the case of the key board or too loose in terms of the mouse. Controls can make or break a game and when it comes to consoles the controls are more often than not easier to deal with than those found on a pc. This is because they are designed to fit an actual controller created for the game system.

2) Main console systems have a lot more variety of games than pcs. Consoles are what main stream gamers generally ply on and as such the main gaming market is geared towards them. As a result a greater production of games is put out for console systems than for pcs. Furthermore there are multiple game consoles available on the market, such as the Ps3, Xbox 360 and the Wii, and each one has its own strengths and/or gimmicks. Thus, game designers are give a greater outlet to produce their games for on consoles than they are for pcs.
Debate Round No. 2


While I will agree with you on those points Some games Work way better for a Mouse and Keyboard
Most people will agree that First person shooter's are better also RTS games are also Part of that group

Pc's have a Bigger Variety of games then each Individual System all together they have more but you would need to
buy all the system's to accommodate that.

Pc's can be more powerful then any system Reaching a GPU of 1Ghz While the most powerful console the PS3 only gets 550 Mhz thats almost twice the amount.

Pc's are more reliable they won't break as often and when they do break you can fix the part that is broken while if the console break's you have to pay to get the whole thing fixed or buy a new one.


Perhaps some games, like RTS (real time strategy), do control better on pcs, however a lot of other game genres do not. Action RPGs like Oblivion or Skyrim feel much more natural to control using the console based controlers than they do on pc controls. Furthermore, games from the sports genre are almost impossible to control on a pc. On average the controls on a console are much more fluid and enjoyable on a console.

Additionally when it comes to pricing the most expensive system at the moment, the PS3, will cost about $250 with the average game costing $60. Now in comparison a good quality gaming pc, built to last a good number of years, will roughly cost you $1000-$1200. That price is well beyond what one would pay for a console and quite a number of games just to obtain the pc itself sans any games to play on it.

I would also like to point out that though the PC may have more variety of games available than one particular console, the consoles themselves have a greater variety of game genres which the pc can not play at all. All three main console systems (PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii) have accessibility to motion sensor controlled games which the pc has no access too. As such consoles can provide games which involve dancing, fitness or swordplay.
Debate Round No. 3


While a Gaming PC would start at a high price it would last though a gaming generation or 2 with minimum upgrades while to upgrade though console you buy the next one. Eventually they phase out a system while PC's don't.

Also PC's have the ability to buy almost any game as they come out online so that all you have to do is download it and play you never have to leave your house. While systems have this ability it is only for older games that were for older systems.

In Comparison for the best selling games for consoles and PC's in 2010 the best selling console only game was
NCAA Football '11 Selling 692,000. While the PC's best selling game was
Starcraft II Selling 721,000 Copies

The 2011 Games Market Revenue Report by Newzoo Show's a rapid decline for Consoles while PC's is Climbing
Consoles 2009-$13,626 2010-$9,932 2011-$8,009
Pc's 2009-$8,910 2010-$10,807 2011-$11,575


First I would like to state that it is always advised that one backs up their arguments with data like my opponent has been doing. However, his most resent citation does not exactly prove the point of this debate. The fact that there have been decline in sails o console games but a rise in sales of pc games doesn't prove that pcs are better for playing games. What the data shows can reflect many things, such as a rise in popularity in pc gaming which, on its own, does not prove pc gaming superior to console gaming. Furthermore what is this data actually taking the revenue of? Is it showing the sales of console games versus pc games, the sales of consoles and pcs themselves, or does it take into account both. Also does this data take into account the sales of used games and consoles which has become a popular practice or the sales of downloadable content and games? Data is important but this information is quite vague and isn't entirely relevant to the debate itself anyway.
Debate Round No. 4


Showing an Increase shows that the fans are stating to move to PC's over consoles Which typically means they like It more then the other which would show superiority and the sale are total profits earned for any sales console r PC based not just new games i should've been more specific

In conclusion i Believe that Pc Gaming is not only superior to console gaming not only that fans are starting to agree.
Pc's are more reliable, more powerful, easily upgraded, Games are cheaper on average, plus their is always so much more you can do on a PC then a console


The Pc may have more powerful capabilities that is no doubt true but as we stated before the cost to purchase a gaming focused pc is quite expensive compared to investing in a console game. Furthermore even if it is more powerful what does that achieve? Perhaps faster load times and graphics? I will admit shorted load times may be a nice perk, but are graphics really all that important. A game can look beautiful but if you cant play it properly what does it matter? Controls are essential when it comes to a video game and in terms of controls consoles almost always provide a better medium. Even if this flaw can be amended in some cases with accessories for the pc, its still one must go out of their way to acquire. When it comes to a console your given a controller right from the start and is mush more reliable than any keyboard or mouse. Furthermore, even if the average gamer does not own every console, there is still a greater variety of games available over all the main generation consoles; some of which pc users could not get access to playing (motion sensor controlled games). The Pc may be a viable medium to play games upon, however consoles are more easily controlled and affordable to the general public. As such, at this point in time, I insist that consoles are still superior mediums to ply games upon.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by SuperiorArsenal 6 years ago
"2010 the best selling console only game was
NCAA Football '11 Selling 692,000."
Halo: Reach, a console only game for the Xbox 360 that came out in 2010 sold 200 million dollars worth. Even if EVERY copy sold was the most expensive Legendary Edition at $150 (I bought it), that is STILL 1.33 million copies. More realistically, the $200 million would be comprised from the $60 copies of the game. This is 3.33 million copies. That is 4.4x the copies sold for Starcraft II.

Y no1 bother wit m@th?
Posted by bossyburrito 6 years ago
A good PC is objectively better than a console in every way except price.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con made some better arguments here. This was more about gaming, and I feel Pro focused a bit too much on the price.