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Peaceful rise of Korean Peninsula is interest of China and its implications for USA...

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Started: 3/7/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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As US is allied with Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. If Korea is unified, they will be stronger. And US deploys anti-ballistic missile defense system to South Korea that can be clear threat to China and its allies.


I accept your debate but i don't fully understand it because your statement isn't clear, please re write your initial statement and explain yourself, your title says the rise of the Korean peninsula would be of China's interest, but later in your argument you say it would mean a threat to China.
I need you to fully explain what your point of view on the topic is.
Debate Round No. 1


Thing is this that America is influencing South Korea and other rivals of China, but the history tells that US is the main reason behind the fragile Korean Peninsula i think the game here is of status quo or may be domination. The status quo is such for a reason; options to remedy the situation require taking on undesirable risks. It may be possible to foment internal regime change or governmental collapse in North Korea, but the consequences are unpredictable and the risks high. The same can be said of preventive strikes on known and suspected nuclear facilities; how can we ever have sufficient confidence that we can successfully destroy 100 percent of North Korea"s stockpile?
The United States and South Korea have shown interest in engaging in credible negotiations with North Korea if there were even a remote hope of it leading to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, but North Korea has shown no interest in doing so. If these are our options, then it"s understandable that the status quo is what it is.
Another thing is when South Korea and Its allies are against use of Nuclear weapons than why US has launched its submarines in sea?
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by maver1ck911 1 year ago
This whole topic seems like an open ended statement with a hidden question.

A unified Korea can not exist so long as the North is run by a dynastic cult of personality intent on destroying the west for imperialist crimes of the cold war.
A unified Korea is a massive resource problem; the citizens of the North have very little by way of possessions, property, education, formal training, technical training, proper nutrition... the list goes on.
A unified Korea is furthermore an assault on culture and the people of both countries; the South probably isn't too keen on accommodation and the North has been programmed to hate all outsiders including the "complicit" South. This too has been the issue in war games on the issue of whether or not the population would welcome liberators or fight a guerilla war tooth and nail against "western imperialists" until a genocide has played itself out (if you consider North Koreans a distinct ethnicity at this point in time).

As for China, the use of North Korea as a buffer has all but been defeated by technology. Sure the North can't be used as a staging ground for a US allied assault on China's southern boarders but that would never happen the way the ChiComs thought it would in 2017 anyhow. China has lost most but not all strategic consideration for the DPRK as a buffer and is much more concerned about a refugee crisis to the tune of hundreds of millions should the Kim regime fall which would have a destabilizing effect on its own "peasants" creating a huge headache for the communist party leadership. China is now only getting agitated at the deployment of THAAD due to the fact it's targeting radar gives the US a further advanced warning of any offensive or retaliatory missile launches from mainland China. Of course, this is a "threat" to China's security because they lose the security of having missiles launch with a higher degree of success of breaching an anti missile umbrella. You can't deter with a defeated deterrenc
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