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People Can't See Genius

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Started: 8/20/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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People can see ignorance; people can see intelligence; people cannot see genius.

Geniuses that live without tangibility go through more pain than geniuses that live with tangibility (e.g inventions).

I am a genius. Here's the main ways to understand that I am indeed a genius:

People treat me differently from actual stupid people.

People do not think about the real reasons why my win ratio is this low.

People accuse geniuses for being "specially stupid", which is how I am being treated right now. Children have been sent to Special ED for being geniuses because nobody in the entire school, nor the families could tell the child was a genius.

People accuse genius for arrogance because people's egos are under fire when they are faced with something beyond this self-appointed reality it's created.

When people address a genius, they are immediately turned onto a defensive mode; they condescend endlessly while constantly goading the genius - implying how the genius is just stupid and valueless - even though the people seem to have this undying need to keep poking them with a stick.

People treat special people like bullies treat special kids. It's all about attention - people will do anything to amuse themselves, which is why many families contain that one sibling that makes fun of another sibling every chance they get during every family get together.

Geniuses come in many different forms, so people assume you're not a genius because you don't do anything like the geniuses that are already known and historically remembered today.

If I placed a genius next to an idiot and asked a crowd of people to pick out the genius from the idiot, they would pick the idiot instead of the genius - why? The human brain is relational, in that it cannot connect with somebody that's beyond their current frequency. The states of humanity consist of frequencies based on microscopic electromagnetic waves. The genius is on Gamma; the average person is on Theta.

I can break everything down. I read people like books. I can solve Riemann's Hypothesis in 10 minutes. I can adapt to anything. I knew everything my mother learned in college by simply thinking on my own time. Nobody I spoke to could do this. Common sense is not so common, nor is simplicity is as simple as it should be.

I write. I compose music. I fight. I think. But people still consider they know more than me just for the sake of bluffing.

People simply cannot see genius.

It requires a genius to see a genius.

I have genius friends who have tangibility in their lives; they are successful - I am a genius without tangibility; that will change when I connect with other geniuses that can transfer my thoughts into demonstrable experiments.


"People can't see genius." I suppose you actually mean non-geniuses can't see genius, right? Because you did go on to say that geniuses see the genius within each other. I'd like to ask you a question: Who, other than yourself and friends, do you consider a genius? Particularly, any celebrities? Was Da Vinci a genius? Newton? Einstein? Anyone?

Also, I'd just like to say, and perhaps in another debate I'll support my claims with evidence, but for now I'm just going to state my beliefs, I believe that there is no point in intelligence if it doesn't lead to wisdom. Furthermore, I believe that the wise recognize the importance of kindness, humility, and also self-restraint. So, I'd appreciate it if you could contain yourself, keep this debate focused on answering the question: can people see genius? No name calling, nothing not related to your argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, they were geniuses. All three of them turned their imagination into a reality. They did not treat it as a toy - they took their imagination, sat in the dark, and created a future from it - a future nobody else could see.

I'm beyond self-humility (I have it, but others don't, so I use what I know to bring out people's true nature). When I say "I am a genius", I feel nothing; but seeing others react to it like flies really amuses me because I know exactly why they react to it the way they do.

There's a reason why in the entire history of mankind one person or a small group of people come out of the wood works to clean up the mess made by the rest of the world.


I think there's many different types of geniuses in the world. I'd like to think that everyone's a genius in some way, like Einstein said "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.", but I guess I'm not so sure I agree with all that.

So you may be a genius in some way but if you don't know why I asked you to name people, particularly celebrities, more particularly famous scientists and mathematicians, then you are not very capable of deductive reasoning (a common trait of geniuses). The only way you can possibly have any sound argument at this point is by rephrasing your original claim, for the second time (for in round 1 I already had to clear up your argument for you in my first few sentences).

You said Einstein, Newton, and Da Vinci were geniuses. Almost everyone in the world recognizes them as geniuses. Therefore, even moderately intelligent people can see genius.
Debate Round No. 2


Everyone has a seed inside them that can be a genius, but frankly not even 1% try - the 99% are too busy getting high off of life. So many waste their time learning how to make money; learning how to get people's attention, rather than refining their mental capacity.

Deductive reasoning is not a strong suit for geniuses because geniuses already broke everything down to the core. Deductive reasoning is required to reach those who have yet to break it all down. Which is busy work and frustrating because it does not equal their concession even though they are the ones who take life granted.

The thing is, they are not geniuses in the sense that people see them as geniuses (hence people misinterpret their wisdom, a lot of the times), but rather people close to these geniuses took their death and propagated in a way which allowed them to be historically remembered. A genius that is alive, is not a genius - but a misunderstood genius. A genius that is dead, is a genius because intellects close to them took it upon themselves to prove they were a genius and simply got the word out. Otherwise, those same people are competing or serving the genius instead. It's a cycle. A genius alive is always disturbed - a genius dead is a tombstone left in peace.


DeJesus.Lisette forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I don't know what to say. First person to FF a personal debate with me. You are an honest man, friend. I respect you.


DeJesus.Lisette forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Aerogant forfeited this round.


DeJesus.Lisette forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
14 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
Go climb up a mountain with Jacob's Ladder, then jump off of it - there you go, the one thing you did right in your entire conformist life.
Posted by JacobDoe 3 years ago
You said that everyone has the "seed" to be a genius, you're wrong. That's contradictory to the definition of genius. You would know this if you were one, which if so, wouldn't have included that remark. Therefore, you must not be a genius or maybe you made a mistake... not many geniuses make mistakes in such regard though... hmm... maybe you're such a genius, I'm interpreting your genius for stupidity like you supplemented in your life story.
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
Do you really want to know the reasons why I address people the way I do? Fine. The cause of my choice of behavior is due to people's hypocrisy and the sole fact that people would take an opinion over the truth any day, because the truth hurts whereas the opinion doesn't matter. Every day, I live in a world of animals wearing human costumes that treat their heroes like slaves - even in the comics, the events go something like this: Hero does a thousand things good, the people call them a hero because the hero cleans up their mess; Hero does one thing bad, the people form a witch hunt against the hero because people were selfish before the hero, and are selfish after the hero, so they chose fear over their hero. I give people no room to apply their hypocrisy and their make-believe humanity, because I see the monster inside them beforehand, therefore I rather them be my enemy in truth, rather than my enemy underneath the surface.
Posted by crazedAtheist 3 years ago
why faze others? what is your purpose for provoking others. (provoking may or may not be the best word but it serves the purpose) what do you gain from this kind of conversation with others?

i view genius as a vacuous term. as you said, people can recognize intelligence and foolishness, and (like in the case of einstein) they can recognize inventiveness, but what is a genius that has not done anything? isn't that just unapplied intelligence? you said it yourself, people can recognize "tangible genius", but what is unapplied genius in the first place? i think this debate cannot be won on either side due to genius being ill defined.
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
I am at peace. The peace people wear on their shoulders is delusion in disguise - real peace is the eye of a tornado, to say that he who accept true peace, is he who masters chaos.

The Universe is built on contrasts and tension.

Again, genius does not faze me. It fazes others, so I use it.
Posted by PhilosophicalPensiveness 3 years ago
Unfortunately, Aerogant, content has a far deeper meaning than you believe I have employed. It means to be absolutely at peace and happy regardless of your shortcomings or achievements; free of remorse or hubris. How can you be content when you conflict yourself by provoking contentious behavior. You have become ostracized by labeling yourself a genius. Forcing solitude upon your daily life. Something Einstein would have avoided with every fiber of his being. He disliked the word genius because he didn't consider himself one. Rather, he enjoyed his sciences and wanted to share his new findings with the world, because he thought it would benefit humanity as a whole. You are only a genius when you see genius in everyone.
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
That makes no sense, Aly.
Posted by alyfish126 3 years ago
People can see an absence of genius though.
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
Based on what you said about QM, you should be able to solve Riemann's Hypothesis. Can you?

I am as you say, Pensiveness. I have no hatred. I am not fazed by regret and I tell everyone that I am content.
Posted by FMAlchemist 3 years ago
By the way,i'm not doubting about your intelligence,i just said i couldn't recognize you.
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