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People have the ability to exercise "Free Will".

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Started: 5/7/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I am against the notion that Humans possess "Free Will", and in this debate I will focus predominantly on the Philosophical standpoint of the possession of Free Will but will, when necessary, use neuroscientific evidence.

My first point is the definition of "Free Will"; I take it as 'the ability to have done differently' - in that if I am able to go back in time, I would be able to make a different choice to the one I had originally made.

Now that's cleared up, here are my main arguments:

1) You cannot control your desires. Imagine something you want and then try to not want it. Impossible. If at some stage you want a dog, it is not possible to at that point change your mind without external factors (that you cannot control) affecting your decision.

2) You will only ever do anything because of the following:
- you are forced too
- you want too
Now since being forced to do anything is not Free Will in any sense of the word, we can disregard it. But since you cannot control your desires without uncontrollable external factors affecting your decision we can conclude that any decision you make cannot be down to "Free Will".

I rest my case.


um first of all what your saying it insane.
let me ask you this if humans could not have free will then who will

are we just going to be slaves forever is that what you want
and even so if no one will have free will then what will we do

you wont live in a house you want eat whatever you want and who is going to make all the choices we cant all just be slaves
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Posted by debatemoez 3 months ago
Wow, I am definitely sad for the those that don't believe they have power over their own thoughts and desires.
That is all
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