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People make me sick FOR THE PITBULL LAW

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Started: 4/10/2015 Category: People
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People make me sick with their negative comments on pit bulls. Yes they have been made to kill. BUT they aren't that way without the humans who breed them that way. People don't understand that pit bulls are nice, kind, and loving animals without you pricks deciding that they want to train them to fight. IF IT WASN'T FOR THE PEOPLE TRAINING THEM THIS WAY THEY WOULD NOT BE AGGRESSIVE. That's what people honestly don't understand about this sooooooooo misunderstood dog. You people obviously need to do some homework and learn about this animal before you judge it. Pit bulls are so misunderstood. They attack when they are scared. They attack when threatened. If trained to fight everything threatens or frightens them. People just dont understand.
EX: "We need to stop looking at the breed of dog, and we need to start looking at what responsible ownership looks like," Nancy Tranzow,
Groups like ColoRADogs say pit bull breeds are not inherently dangerous and refer to numerous other national organizations that oppose breed specific legislation, such as the American Bar Association, the American Kennel Club and American Veterinary Medical Association.
Same article as before


Let's begin by clearing up some things you may be confused about in your argument:

A. Humans created, & bred pit bulls too be dangerous animals. They are dangerous because the English mixed bulldogs with Terriers to create the ultimate fighting dog. These dogs were used to bring down and kill 2,000 lb bulls, kill rats in a pit, and too fight and kill other dogs. Why would anyone think that an animal created and bred for these purposes would make a good family pet?

Selective breeding for hundreds of years has made the pit bull breed the most capable fighting breed. They are dangerous before they are abused. They have instincts that make them very game, unpredictable, and they have a very high prey drive. The pit bulls that would not fight, or were not vicious were culled. Many pits that were never abused or fought have attacked for no reason. There are thousands of family owned pit bulls that have turned on their owners and the children in the family. That's the problem. Pretending that only the pits that were abused and trained to fight are dangerous is naive, reckless, and is a big part of the problem.

RAY BROWN, former pit bull owner, breeder, dog fighter

"Pit bulls didn't become dangerous because we fight them; we fight them because the English specifically bred them to be dangerous."

MARK PAULHUS, HSUS southeast regional coordinator

"If it chooses to attack, it's the most ferocious of all dogs. I've never known of a pit bull that could be called off (during a fight). They lose themselves in the fight. "

These quotes from pit bull experts capture the true danger of the breed. Owners of pit bulls and their supporters are often so emotional that they create a fairy tale world where pit bulls are "sweet" and the most "loyal" dog in the world.

People make you sick with their negative comments about pit bulls?

But you seem to be OK with pit bull mauling, disfiguring, and killing children.
Debate Round No. 1


My friend currently owns a pitbull and the only time he attacked anyone was when a guy broke into her house and raped her. Now the quotes from people that you used are from peiple who beat and abuse and fight their animals. Chaos (a red nose pit in my care) has been called off in fights multiple times. So your statement on them not being able to be called off is invalid, because Chaos is not the only one ive taken care of like this. Many more peiple com to me to retrain their pitbulls from fighting dogs to protection dogs. Its humans like Michael vike who screwed up the pitbull breed and made them fight. They were not bred to kill they were bred as gaurd dogs. Yes aggressive nature is in all dogs, but the only reason pitbulls are categorized as dangerous is because they are huge muscular animals that have an aggressive instinct to protect themselves or others. Now.i you want to tell me im doing my job wrong tell meplease. I work with these animals all day everyday and yes they are dangerous. Some cant be retrained. It takes a little longer to ubdertand this breed, but what ive found with research is most people who want pitbulls banned are people whose had bad experiences with pitbulls not the ones who have had a good eclxperience. Why are you so against pitbulls? Why is everyone looking down on.these animals for something they dont have control of?


Why am I so against pit bulls?
Because we allow pit bulls to be kept as pets in many parts of North America and the world, children, elderly, pets, and people are being mauled, disfigured and killed.

Children being disfigured and killed upsets me. Elderly people being disfigured and killed upsets me. People and their family pets being mauled and killed upsets me. The mountain of evidence shows us that pit bulls are the worlds most dangerous dog. If pit bulls were banned, these horrific attacks would not happen. Having pit bulls in our society is like letting our children swim in shark infested waters.

You claim that pit bulls were bred as guard dogs? How can you own and support a breed that you know so little about?

Pit bulls were created for blood sports, not to be guard dogs. Pit bulls come form the bull dog lineage that were used for bull baiting. They brought down 2,000 lb bulls. They bred these bull dogs with Terriers to increase aggression, gameness, prey drive, agility, and stamina. They used these animals to rat, they put the "pit bulls" in a pit with dozens of rats and the dog that could kill the most rats was the winner. Later these dogs were used for dog fighting. Pit bulls were the breed of choice for dog men because they are the most deadly breed.

So now you know the history of the breed you are defending.

You admit that pit bulls are dangerous and that some can not be trained. So why would we keep breeding these dogs and lobbying to have them placed in family homes?

Over 50% of pits that go too family homes fail due to aggression issues. So they go back to the shelter. Thousands of pit bulls are killed every week in shelters because there is no one willing to take them. Why do you and other pit supporters ignore the fact that you are responsible for the deaths of these pits, and the attacks on people?
Debate Round No. 2


But what you don't take in consideration is that pit bulls are like lions, sharks, and many other wild animals. Unpredictable. No one knows what this breed goes through to survive. I'm not going to try and change your mind on pit bulls. The subject is clear about my feelings. They shouldn't ban the breed because pricks like you don't like the breed and use what has happened to people as an excuse. You are just as worthless as Michael Vick in my eyes but I don't say I hate humanity because of the things they do. I don't much like you or your comments on pit bulls just as you don't like my point of view on pit bulls. Banning pit bulls is just like abortion in my eyes. Dogs members too.


Pit bulls should not be banned because of people like me. Pit bulls should be banned because they disfigure and kill children. Pit bulls should be banned because they disfigure and kill elderly. Pit bulls should be banned because they disfigure and kill people. Pit bulls should be banned because they kill our other pets.

You fail to make any points as to why pit bulls should not be banned.

You ignore the statistics and proof of how dangerous these animals are.

This breed was created too kill. We can stop breeding pit bulls and stop the killing.

There are over 400 other breeds that you can choose to be a part of your family.

I agree with you that pit bulls are very unpredictable. This is why they need too be banned.
Debate Round No. 3


Should we ban humanity as well?? We kill and disfigure people as well. He'll there are people who eat other people. Do we ban them? No we throw them in jail for 10 freaking years and then let them back out to do it again. Your argument on them killing us is invalid. We kills ourselves and each other. We also kill babies and elderly. We also kill animals. I don't see where you are trying to go with your argument darling because all of it is invalid.


I disagree with all of your rambling logic. I am glad that you agree that pit bulls are dangerous and they are severely injuring people.

Comparing the damage that pit bulls do to the damage people do does not make sense.

Our pets should not put our children in danger. This is common sense.

We can not own a Tiger for a pet because they are too dangerous. This is common sense.

We should not be able too own pit bulls as pets, because they are too dangerous.

How can you ignore the children that have been killed or have had their faces torn apart?

People who value an animal over little kids are mentally ill.
Debate Round No. 4


People do the same things. You can't keep saying the fact for children and elderly. It doesn't phase me what the hell happens to get kids or elderly. What does phase me is the fact that you, incompetent person, seriously keep using elderly and children as an excuse. I don't care for your views. It's honestly like hate crimes only against dogs. DO YOU JUDGE AFRICAN AMERICANS THE SAME WAY AS THE PIT BULL??? Seriously dude Wtf is wrong with you.


Are you comparing African Americans to dogs? I believe that you are ignorant. Your views on this subject show that you have very little education.

It does not phase you when pit bulls maul or kill children or elderly? This shows me what type of person you are.

I have shown that pit bulls are dangerous. I have shown how their history, breeding, and genetics makes them dangerous.

I have posted links that show pit owners who loved and trained their pits properly, only to have their pits attack them.

We have a responsibility as a society to protect the weak. Our children and elderly are put at risk by those who choose to own pit bulls.

The bottom line is pits are to dangerous to be pets.

People like you who care more about dogs than people have a sickness.

Ignorant people like you should be ashamed of yourself.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by lenadees 2 years ago
Yes they are not proportional but because of that reason is makes them even better! They are gorgeous animals. Seriously why not like them for looks? do you judge the people the same.
Posted by Bolas 2 years ago
The only reason I don't like Pits is that they have un-proportional body-to-head size and they are not smart like Dobermans, or German Shepards.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con wins conduct because of Pro saying " I believe that you are ignorant. Your views on this subject show that you have very little education." That being said, Pro wins by proving pitbulls are too dandgerous to be kept as pets