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People must be taught how to speak their native language first before foreign languages.

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Started: 8/24/2010 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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People must first learn (in school) to speak one of their country's languages before foreign languages. I speak about people who live in their own country. I speak about how advantageous or right it is to learn a native language first before a foreign language, not how advantageous it is to learn a native language than a foreign language.

Native language-the primary language of a community(
Foreign language-any languages from another country


Your resolution includes the word "must" since there is no necessity nor a force from which what you are advocating to derive from, i see no reason at all that people "must" learn how to speak their own native language first.

Good game.
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juantutri forfeited this round.
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juantutri forfeited this round.
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Posted by Alex 7 years ago
Haha don't be like that. I was grumpy the other night. You just gotta be careful how you word the resolution.
Posted by juantutri 7 years ago
alex_hanson911 is right. Unlike him, I am not a good debater and thus am not going to post anymore. I lost. Good game.
Posted by Alex 7 years ago
Can you post something please
Posted by Alex 7 years ago
"It is advantageous for people to learn their native language first" is that so hard?
Posted by Alex 7 years ago
Atheism it's not merely semantics, it's people wording their resolution in an incredibly stupid way. They should lrn2debate. Or at least make a proper resolution from what they are trying to debate.
Posted by Alex 7 years ago
Like this?
Posted by Atheism 7 years ago
I can easily defeat this argument with semantics in about five minutes, give or take.
Posted by InsertNameHere 7 years ago
Change the voting period from indefinite and I'll accept.
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Vote Placed by Alex 7 years ago
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