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People should donate 10% of their money and/or time to charity

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Started: 4/17/2015 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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There is currently a lot of unmet need out there in the world.
There is a lot more money that people could give to charity and some groups volunteer significantly more than other groups that could be doing more. So I am arguing that most people with employment and in good health {especially the religious because helping people and tithing are featured in the Bible} should be giving and volunteering at least 10% of their money or time each year to charity. {If they are not already doing it}.


Ultimately, this would be impossible for the whole world to do that.

If everyone followed what the Bible said then the world would be in chaos.

If people you mean everyone and their salary is lets say 50,000.

That's 10,000 lost. 10,000 dollars of their hard earned cash that the person who is losing it will never get back.

Take Bill Gates $11.5 billion is his yearly salary (as of 2014)

One billion one hundred fifty million is what is taken thats 10%, And I quote "at least 10% of their money"

Taking money that he has earned and just giving it to people who dont neccesarily "deserve" it is just morally wrong

Hey, I mean I never donate because I know that their lives do not matter at all to me

I do not care about the parents in Africa who starve to barely feed their children

I care about people who I know and love

It is also violating peoples freedom of will.

No one would abide to this.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting the debate.

There are people that do not view helping people as a lose. There are Mormons that view giving as something spiritual. There are people that feel happy giving. They might also be gaining something directly if they give. For example, if they are into the arts then supporting the local theatre would give them something back. One can also get some of the money back on tax so you are not losing all of it.

I would disagree that it is immoral to give to charity because they might not deserve it. For one that comment about deserving is usually based on a fallacy that the bulk of people are lazy and they brought on their own poverty. Charity is also not just about helping the poor and homeless. It can also include medical charities that are trying to find cures which by the way would also help the people not giving. You wrote that you only care about people you know and love then giving to charity is a way for you to help them because it can improve the society in which they live.

I find your comment about violating someone's freedom of will interesting. Can you explain that?

It is not correct to say no one would abide by this. There are people that already do but of course many do not.


But, why?

Why help others, when you have yourself to worry about?

You have your own property, your own family, your own life.

Society will never improve because there are too many idiots

The weak die, and the strong survive.

It doesnt matter.

When you start giving all you have, you lose yourself

At least I have, my grandpa had prostate cancer, we donated and donated.


We lost him in 2004.
Debate Round No. 2


I am sorry to hear about your grandpa. It is a very nasty disease.

The amount of charity and volunteering would still enable people to look after themselves. {One is not being asked to give all their money and time to charity}. They also have a choice how and where to contribute {donations or volunteer and which charities}. Society has improved despite idiots. There are idiots that drive on the roads which contribute to the high death toll from crashes but there are places that have managed to reduce the death toll and the number of idiots or despite them. So if I could argue anything it would be things are not as bad as they seem. That we can make things better. That helping people in need should be seen as a good thing for the people being helped, the community overall and the person doing the helping.


TheSymbiote forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheSymbiote 3 years ago
Why? How is being concerned for one self so bad?
Burning yourself isn't a good idea
Posted by Zarroette 3 years ago
Altruism is self-immolation.
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