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Perilla on the Rhye Fence

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Started: 9/16/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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I believe that the Orilarians were the reason Ghorfan decided to take the harborexal cube to the Kurken of Alibarta. I hear countless times that it had been Lormah's anger towards his success in the Circadior Pandigm during his fourth fall that pushed his hand in breaking the Pact of Ferellia. I know that Perilla was glancing at Perilla during the harborexal myst, but Ghorfan didn't seem phased by her presence.

Though his time with the Orilarians was short lived, we know that their leader, Jyk, was ready to cast him out once they found out he'd been lying about the cube and his fourth fall. (Saying he was on his first fall, declaring himself the Harbor of Light) I think that during his time a year later in the Allakan Desert that he was visited at his camp by a few Orilarians that in was in fact Jyk that had ordered the breaking of the pact to vanquish the curse that Lormah had ridden him with.

It was Jyk not Lormah that made him break the pact using the harborexal cube on Perilla.


I can see where you're coming from with the Orilarians, but I think it's impossible to truly decide on whether or not he was visited by Jyk. While Jyk did have something to gain from breaking the pact, I don't think that his personality would call for an intervention with Ghorfan later on, especially since we could see how angry he was when he was cast out. The Orilarians are a very passionate race full of hate and grudges against the other worlds and I don't think that Jyk had enough time to forgive Jyk, and I don't think his pride would have let him be so candid with Ghorfan in asking for the favor of his fourth fall to be used on breaking the pact.
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