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Persons Convicted of Pedophilic Crimes Should be Treated and Not Incarcerated in All Instances

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Started: 12/26/2014 Category: Society
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1. Treating selective offenders for pedophilic acts instead of incarcerating them in all instances allows more offenders the opportunity to reduce or prevent the expression of pedophilic behavior.
2. Giving pedophiles a greater opportunity to reduce or prevent their behavior decreases the likelihood of re-offending.
3. Persons convicted of pedophilic crimes should be sent to involuntary civil commitment hospitals rather than being incarcerated.
4. Civil commitment hospitals can provide incessant treatment to pedophiles while simultaneously keeping them out of society where they can potentially harm more victims.
5. If all persons convicted of pedophilic crimes are incarcerated, there is potential for devastating impacts on the correctional system.
6. A rise in the prison population causes an increase in costs, resources to become limited, and less treatment and prevention programs for those incarcerated.
7. Confinement hospitals can also prevent violent attacks toward pedophiles, which can occur both inside and outside of prison.
8. It is true that incarceration sends a clear message of punishment to those convicted of a crime.
9. Other negative consequences of choosing to treat and not incarcerate all persons convicted of pedophilic crimes are acceptable, such as evading a degree of punishment or causing emotional distraught to victims and their families.
10. Persons convicted of pedophilic crimes should be treated and not incarcerated in all instances.


1. If pedophilia was curable, then there would be more treatment centers treating pedophiles instead of incarcerating them.
2. Treatment centers would be good.
3. The treatment centers would be less costly than incarcerating pedophiles in prisons.
4. If pedophiles were incarcerated, then children would be protected from malicious acts committed by pedophiles.
5. Incarcerating pedophiles would be costly but good.
6. Incarcerating pedophiles would protect both the child and the offender.
7. If only incarcerating a pedophile, then we are no longer punishing them for their wrong doing.
8. Not punishing the pedophile would be bad.
9. Punishing the convicted offender would acknowledge the fact they had committed a crime. Teach them not to commit this crime again.
10. Pedophiles should be incarcerated and not treated but incarcerated with punishments to prevent them from recommitting and understanding that committing acts of pedophilia is wrong.
Debate Round No. 1


You state that if pedophilia was curable, then there would be more treatment centers treating pedophiles instead of incarcerating them. However, the way pedophiles are currently handled in society doesn"t necessarily reflect the appropriate way they should be handled once convicted.

You also state that if only incarcerating a pedophile, then we are no longer punishing them for their wrongdoing. I disagree with this because they are, in fact, being punished in a number of ways if incarcerated. The mere act of taking away their autonomy and freedom is a message of punishment in itself. Furthermore, while in prison, convicted pedophiles are considered the lowest on the totem pole and are often subject to harassment and victims of violent crimes. This is also a form of punishment they face while incarcerated.

Convicted pedophiles sentenced to civil commitment centers receive a clear message of punishment, and removing them from the community is beneficial to children, the victim"s families, and the rest of society.


Yes, I stated that if pedophilia was curable, then there would be more treatment centers treating instead of incarcerating them. I stand behind my statement because even if there were more treatment centers they would cost just as much to run, as running a program to treat pedophilia while incarcerated.

Convicted pedophiles are in fact isolated from general population when incarcerated, and yes they may have their autonomy and freedom taken away from them as a message of punishment but that"s not as bad as a child suffering the rest of their lives for the actions a pedophile has committed against them. Therefore pedophiles like many others should in fact have many more privileges taken away from them as punishment for them to actually understand they are being punished as much as a child is suffering for the rest of their lives.

Removing convicted pedophiles from society is not just beneficial to the children or the victim"s families and the rest of the society, most of all its actually beneficial to the actual convicted pedophile." It protects the convicted pedophile from people of the society such as victim"s, family members and just community members from taking action against the convicted pedophile for just being a convicted pedophile."
Debate Round No. 2


Regarding your first point, I still disagree with you because the ability to treat sex offenders does not necessarily depend on the amount of treatment centers that currently exist. Housing sex offenders in jail cost more than the average prisoner because of their "target" status and need for constant protection. Any treatment they receive in prison also adds to the cost.

Housing these type of offenders in commitment centers can be costly too, but there are benefits to handling these type of offenders in this way. Simply opening up this kind of facility increases job opportunities for people in the area. Sex offenders will not only get the protection they need, but the treatment they receive will be more beneficial to them because the therapists were specifically hired to deal with these type of offenders.


Housing these specific offenders in commitment centers may benefit the offender by providing them with more beneficial treatments and therapists. But it still does not change the fact that these are offenders that have committed a crime that we are placing in treatment centers to treat them from a "so called" illness when in fact they should be punished for their actions. Incarcerating these offenders with the availability of treatment for this "illness" will benefit not only the offender but the the people of the society." The offender is being punished for their actions and the children are safe from the malicious actions the offender has caused." Rather than getting more treatment centers for the offender we should invest in treatment centers for victims by the offender.
Debate Round No. 3


I do agree with you in the sense that NOT being officially incarcerated in the correctional system does not contain the same message of punishment, but being sentenced to commitment centers for indefinite amounts of time definitely involves some message of punishment.

Being locked up in these facilities does separate them from society, victims and their families. Thus, both parties are safe from either acts of revenge or re-offending on the part of the sex offender.

I do agree with you that an investment should be made in treatment centers for victims, but the more "at risk" group is ultimately sex offenders, and we should allocate our resources on making sure potential victims are ultimately safe.


Being sentenced indefinitely to treatment centers still does not justify as punishment. Yes they are protected and locked up in these centers but does not justify they are being punished. They should be punished for their immoral wrong doings and serve their punishments in prisons with the availability for treatment.

I completely agree with your last statement regarding allocating our resources on making sure potential victims are ultimately safe while treating the victims that unfortunately have been victimized already.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TRUE-ISRAELITE 2 years ago
Pedophiles should be locked behind bars for the rest of their lives, just as they damaged a child's life for the rest of his/her life. There is no cure for Chester's. Their only cure maybe turning their life over to YAHUAH, THE ELOHIM, and finding salvation in THE MESSIAH, YAHUSHUA, yet it depend's on their blood line. In brief, pedophiles should not be free, they are a danger to children. I've been in that position, and that sick punk ruined my life. Even though I recently recovered, I still have to live with fact that it happened. All I can do is forgive and move on, but I will never forget. So if you really that pedophiles should get a second chance, I really think that the whites should let the blacks rule the world again!
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