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Persons convicted of a pedophilic crime ought to be treated and not incarcerated in all instances.

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Started: 12/21/2014 Category: Education
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(1) Pedophilia is a condition in which adults, or older teenagers are sexually attracted to preteen children.
(2) If pedophiles where treated for their crimes, it could lead to a reduction in pedophilic based crimes.
(3)Treatment means that the convicted pedophiles would receive a mandatory psych evaluation, and their needs to be attempts to rehabilitate them.
(4) There may not be a cure for their condition, but treatment can help them control their urges.
(5) A reduction in pedophilia would be good for the community.
(6) Treating them would cost the state a lot of money because they would need certified therapists, and constant surveillance.
(7)Therefore pedophiles should be treated for their condition.


(1) Pedophilia is a condition in which adults, or older teenagers are sexually attracted to preteen children.
(2) I agree with this point but we cannot afford to treat all pedophiles.
(3) I disagree with the "Mandatory" aspect of this statement as some pedophiles will be put away for life thus there being no reason for rehabilitation.
(4) I disagree as a pedophile can play sane.
(5) I agree as there will be less victims
(6) I agree with this point as the cost of incarceration is already pretty steep for taxpayers.
(7) Therefore not all pedophile should be treated for their condition.
Debate Round No. 1


Money shouldn"t even be an issue when discussing the safety of children, and society. According to an article by the NY Times titled City"s Annual Cost Per Inmate Is $168,000, Study Finds, "The city paid $167,731 to feed, house and guard each inmate last year." It is already incredibly expensive to house an inmate as is. They need food, shelter, security, health care, and direction. Treatment would mean that they are given the proper medicine that they need in order to live a normal life. Some people say that pedophilia is a condition that you are born with. They need support. Also I mean that they need a mandatory stay in a treatment facility. You can"t just put people away for life. We have to come to an understanding. Money will always be a problem, and I"m sure that they families and friends of the victims will feel better if they knew that people were trying to fix the problem. This would be a good investment as we could take better steps at trying to prevent the problem before it happens. Jail just seems to be a waste of money for some people. Also some pedophiliac acts are nonviolent, yet they are still deemed just as dangerous as the more serious offenders. And some are pedophiles because of weird laws. Like a 17 year old guy could go to jail for having sex with a 15 year old girl. A nonviolent, consensual act has now just been deemed wrong. This guy shouldn't be deemed a pedophile for this. Some laws are so transparent that sometimes innocent people can suffer.


Yes 17, and 15 year olds going out with each other shouldn"t be a problem, and some people would be okay with it. But it is still deemed as a crime in some states. There is no universal age of consent. Also, It is expensive to house an inmate, but providing people medicine would cost tax payers more money. According to "Treating Pedophiles: Therapy Can Work, But It"s a Challenge" by live, "critics of the treatment point out that psychotherapy doesn't work if someone drops out of therapy, or is kicked out. And treatment centers can cost tens of thousands of dollars per person each year. A 2011 government audit showed Minnesota spent $120,000 annually per person in civil commitment."
This argument is about criminals voluntarily going to treatment facilities, but your argument is saying that they would have to be forcefully restrained at the facilities. So now you have to take into account that they would need housing, security, medicine, and some good doctors and therapists. So there is no telling how much more money it would take to house these people. How would the family feel knowing that these people are sitting comfortably in a treatment facility? How would the families feel knowing that their tax dollars are funding convicted sexual offenders, allowing them to be cozy in a treatment center?
Debate Round No. 2


First of all they wouldn't be sitting comfortably in a treatment facility. They will be removed from society. So just the simple fact that they had their freedoms taken away, should be the purpose of treatment. Absence of freedom to do what you want, is not being cozy. But this goes further than that as treatment attempts to rehabilitate them. Also there are some cozy jails. There are several cases where they hold violent prisoners in protective custody so that the other inmates don"t bother them. No one is saying that they are living lavish, but there is extra money put aside to ensure that they are comfortable. There are a lot of people with these thoughts, and all prison does is put people away and hope that they suffer enough to learn what not to do. The families would understand treating people if it was just explained to them the purpose of the treatment. The treatment is so that they learn to not harm children, and in the process they can inspire other people to control their urges. Some pedophiles can get away with their crimes


You should be afraid to go to jail. Prison represents the idea that if you commit a violent crime, then you should be separated, and put in a place with people like you. Some people say that they can"t help themselves. That they can"t control their urges. Well maybe if they see what their urges might lead them to, then they"ll change. I believe that some people change through fear.
People have to understand that their actions have consequences, and jail is the perfect place for people to understand that. People should not commit crimes in the first place, but you can"t expect people to always follow the rules. Jail is good because the families have peace of mind knowing that people who committed a heinous crime are locked away. The sacrifices is that people may not learn from being in prison that what they did was wrong. But prison enforces the idea help people get that shouldn"t harm other people. People know what they are doing is wrong, that"s why they take steps in order to ensure that they do not get caught. Well what do you do with people who are just genuinely evil? How do you deal with somebody who will constantly keep committing the same crimes?
Debate Round No. 3


(1) Prison doesn't teach you that you are wrong.
(2) People go to court, and they waste months trying to lie and convince people that they are sorry.
(3)Treatment is here to show these convicted pedophiles why what they did was wrong.
(3)Some people need to be taught that their actions not only affects the victims, but also the victims" families and friends.
(4) Treatment would be good because it would help people that are deemed to be helpless. Some people just may need a helping hand.
(5)You have to stop asking people to say that they are sorry. First people needs to admit that they have a problem, instead of just demonizing them.
(6)People have urges, and they need to be allowed to talk about them.
(7)If there are adults attracted to adults, then there will be adults attracted to children. Adults attracted to children need a place where they can talk about it, without fear of disgust.
(8)All they learn is that they did something wrong, and now they are wrong. You can"t change how they internally feel. Treatment will be good because its specific purpose is to rehabilitate. It has the same sacrifices as jail.
(9) You put people in a place, some learn and grow on to be better people. While others will continue to do what they do.
(10) It is easy to just tell the pedophile to not like children, but we have a chance to honestly explore why they have these feelings. It would be good if they can talk, not act on their urges.
(11)Therefore, persons convicted of pedophilic crime ought to be treated, and not incarcerated in all instances.


1.In the case of United States v. Comstock, the courts ruled that "the federal government may order the civil commitment of a mentally ill, sexually dangerous person beyond the conclusion of his federal sentence." Meaning that even upon the completion of your sentence, if they still feel you may be a treat, they continue to hold you.

2.There will always be good, and evil. But there has to be a place to indefinitely hold people who are deemed too dangerous to be a part of a society.

3.There is no real way to determine if the treatment was 100% successful as it seems that anybody can just fake treatment, leave, and then commit recidivism. Not only is the issue of recidivism a real one, but in most instances these offenders will only continue to escalate.

4.Some of these offenders who are sent to prison rather than treated, do come out a changed person. Some people need to actually get a taste of our justice system to actually change.

5.At the times, some of those treated are not actually cured but somehow start to believe that they actually are.

6.In many instances, the medications given to them can have really bad side effects. What if they have a bad reaction to the medicine and end up worse off?

7.We can give them medicine to help better them, but there is no guarantee that they will stick to them whether it be at freewill, or that they simply just forget to take them here and there.

8.Some people need to be completely removed from society. A rape, and murdered can"t be allowed to be in society.

9.If you can"t control your urges, then you need to be removed. Someone who violated a helpless child should be removed from society and punished for their actions as they should have known right from wrong even if not morally at the very least, legally.

10.Repeat offenders repeat because they are immoral, emotionless, and can"t grow a conscience.

11.We have to sometimes give up on people, and understand that they can"t be helped.

12.Sure we sacrifice their freedom, but the greater good of our society has to always come first.

13.You want to give people medicine, but what if they don"t take their medication? The sacrifices of prison are that it can make people worse, but it also makes some people better, while providing some sort of justice for the victim.

14.Some people exit prison to become motivational speakers, community leaders, and good role models.

15.Prison is good because it helps some people. It represents an idea of cause, and effect. If people represents being stuck for a couple of years with murderers, and people still re-commit crimes, then what will happen if we starting putting them in a place where is no violence.

16.The problem with a lot of pedophiles is that they don"t think it is wrong. NAMBLA for instance always tries to convince society that they are right. The only way to deal with these types of delusional people is to incarcerate them, and let them be surrounded with others just like them.

17.Therefore, persons convicted of pedophilic crimes ought to be incarcerated, and not treated.
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: Good job both of you, but i have to agree with Con. If someone sexually abused your child would you be fine with it if they got away with just 2-3 years of mild psychotherapy. Of coarse not!! Overall I have to agree with con.