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Peyton Manning will not win more than 9 games or take the Broncos to the playoffs

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Started: 3/26/2012 Category: Sports
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance. My opponents job is to state ad give the best information showing Peyton Manning will win more tn 9 games and will make it to the playoffs and win their division.

I will be showing that i believe Peyton Manning will not win more than 9 games or make it to the playoffs.

No argument is to be posted in first round just acceptance.

I wish my opponent best of luck.


I accept, but let's make things clearer for the judges, When you ut OR it means Con has to prove he will achieve 1 or the other, or both. So, Pro's job is essentially to disprove Con's, So let's say i only advocate The Broncos winning 9 games, I still have kept my BOP. Good luck Pro, and these rules are laid out because of the wording of the resolution and the use of the word OR. OR and AND are two different connectors, i view or as 1 v 1 and AND and 1 + 1.
Debate Round No. 1


Since i did put or and we are starting the debate i choose this argument to be viewed as Pro and Con arguing both since i chose to use "or" as both. I believe Peyton Manning wont win more than 9 games for the following reasons.

1. Manning is 36 years old coming off 4 neck surgeries.
It has taken Manning so long to get cleared to play. Just about over a year since his injury he has struggled.
The schedule for the Broncos this year is a very tough schedule. Broncos also have a low rated O-line. Many saw Tim tebow scramble but instances show that the O-line has broken down around him forcing him to run. Peyton is 36 with a healing neck injury. Can you expect Manning to sit still and take hit after hit. I believe his neck will be re-injured.

2. Manning was with the Colts offense for over 10 years. He has built that offense and focused only on that system. Putting Peyton with the Broncos means Peyton has to change a lot of what hes learned. If the coaches decide to go by wait he learned then they would be forcing the offense to learn a different system. It will take a while for Peyton to develop the system and become successful. How can you expect Peyton to win within 4 years or 5 years before he retires.

3. Peytons division is also tough. Peyton Manning when playing for the colts had there perfect season ended by the Chargers. The Chargers also knocked the Colts out of the playoffs back to back years. The Chargers have experience playing against Peyton Manning. Eric Weddle is coming off a 7 interception season. Peyton Manning threw 3 interceptions to chargers Antonio cromartie in one game. The Chargers know how to play football. The Cheifs have a promising offense and a good defense as well as the Raiders who will also have some extra draft picks to get and even better team.

4. The Broncos have a very tough schedule and will face at least 8 of the playoff teams this year. Falcons, Saints, Packers, Bengals, Texans, Steelers, Lions. These are just some of the toughest teams on schedule

Through this i believe Peyton will not win more than 9 games due to his injuries, new offense, face a tough division where offensive mistakes are made. The chances of Peyton getting injured are higher than the chances of him winning 9 games or more. The Broncos also don't have eddie royal or Reggie wayne who was thought to come with Peyton Manning. Peyton has had an offense filled with Pro bowlers and now he dosent.



Hello everyone, I thank my opponent for such a wonderful debate, as Peyton Manning is my favorite player of all time next to Kurt Warner, i must negate, as I as con strongly believe Peyton Manning will win over 9 games, and will make it to the playoffs in a new division.

Con's argumentation will be as follows



1. From 9/6/98 to 1/2/11, Peyton Manning has never missed a game as the Starting Quarterback for the Indeanapolis Colts. Peyton Manning is currently in second place for the most consecutive starts in the National Footall League. [1] This evidence shows Peyton Manning stamina, prowess, and ability to maintain himself throughout over 12 years, without a single game-ending injury. Manning's Doctor who performed the surgeries, Dr. Robert Watkins, has already cleared Peyton Manning to play, after weeks of deliberaton and hard thinking, he finally sent the OK to all of the NFL, because he was 100% sure Peyton Manning was ready to play once again. [2] Also, many quarterbacks have had surgery in the past few seasons and have come back healthy in a matter of weeks, whereas Manning has had months to recuperate. Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles had broken Ribs twice last year, recieved surgery, and was back on the field. Many other quartbacks have recovered from injuries in such a short time, in comparison to Peyton Mannings long rest, easily allowing him to recover and play good as new

2. I agree upon one thing, feel free to quote me, Peyton Manning did build the Indeanapolis Colts offense. But simply using this as an argument is not logical. Quarterbacks learn to adapt to the players that may come in, from those that leave. Even in Indeanapolis, When Marvin Harrison retired, who was the man to replace him, his main reciever alongside Reggie Wayne? A common misconception is Reggie Wayne is a Pro-Bowl Reciever. This is untrue. Looking at statistics, the only time Reggie Wayne has ever made the pro bowl has been when Manning has thrown for a certain number of yards, and how well Peyton Manning was doing. Pro is trying to argue that Manning relied on the team he created, but this is entirely untrue. In fact, it's quite the opposite, as we can all see through the Colts 2-14 Record and 0-8 Home record last year without Peyton Manning. [3] My opponents argument was Peyton Manning cannot adapt, however, looking at the team Manning had before him when he joined the league in 1998, he had immediate success. Also, Peyton Manning has always idolized John Elway, who is now his General Manager, and right by his side, further boosting his morale and creating a better environment. Also, the Broncos record 8-8 last year was amazing in that they were able to utilize a quarterback by the name of Tim Tebow, who had one of the lowest Quarterback Ratings in the National Football League, and still make the playoffs, and win and advance past the first round. Tebow only completed 45% of his passes, whereas Manning AVERAGES 70% or more. Simply look at the difference between Manning and Tebow, and you can see Manning easily trumps Tebow. This means, Manning will better utilize his wide recievers, better his entire team, because as stated before, Manning doesn't just make the team, he owns it. He can adapts to any and every situation, he can make an average wide reciever a Pro Bowler (This is seen through Reggie Wayne). There are many other factors as well, but they will all be cited in the Underview. [4]

3. I don't understand where my opponent clearly shows through statistical information that Mannings NEW divison is "Tough". If we look at statistics, and look at the Broncos Last Season, they won their division without going over .500 even. 8-8 was enough to win a seemingly "Tough" division? Judges and Football fans alike, we can all see the problem with calling a division where an 8-8 team makes it to the playoffs (not the Wildcard spot) "Tought". Also, my opponent states the Chargers know how to play football. The problem is, every team in the National Football League knows how to play football. Secondly, no evidence is shown from the Chiefs or the Chargers that either are good teams. A good team finishes with a winning record or makes the playoffs, we can see neither of these two teams fit this category. [3] (Look at the records for San Diego and KC) Not a Single team from the AFC West finished with a winning record, which proves the division isn't good. We can all see this will change with the introduction of Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos, a team that turned a bad quarterback into a playoff quarterback, and Manning, a player that turns any reciever to a Pro-Bowler.

4. Schedules from this season and last season have no correlation. Certain teams may be good, this is an assumption. Looking at the Broncos then and now, we look at the clear differences between Peyton Manning and all of the National Football League's Quarterbacks. Peyton Manning currently Ranks #1 of all starting quarterbacks projected next season. Manning is a step well above that of Tim Tebow, and these assumptions are once again made using Tim Tebow, which you cannot compare to Peyton Manning.


- Many Quarterbacks prefer one type of weather over the other, Manning is no different. His homegames are now in Denver, Colorado, which has over 300 sunny days. Why is this important? Well, Manning does worse in Domes and closed areas than in sunny areas. Sunny Areas increase his win percentage by 60%, a major weather factor. [4]

Chance to win another Superbowl-
Manning is hardly in a good division, as stated earlier. Not a single team was able to brush past the Broncos to make the playoffs in the AFC West, and not a single team could even get past .500. Mannings division, in lamence terms is an easy one. One that will always give him a playoff spot, as he WILL achieve over 9 games, and it would appear as if 8-8 is enough to make the playoffs in this division. [4]

New offense+ Old Defense= Super Bowl Contenders- Tim Tebow in 15 starts only scored over 20 point in 4 games, yet somehow made the playoffs. Why is this? The Defense of the Denver Broncos, already a top 10 defense in the league. Combine that with an average of 70% completions by Manning and a 60% boost to Passes and yardage on one of the 300 sunny days, and you have a superbowl contender, and currently, Manning and the Broncos went from a 1-60 chance (With Tebow) to a 1-8 Chance to win the superbowl according to ESPN Projections on Sportcenter. [5]

[5] http//

Concluson- Cons BOP was to refute Pro. By refuting all of Pro's arguments, Con has proven
1) Peyton Manning will lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs
2) The Denver Broncos will finish at least 9-7

The Underview is added information used to better refute Pro's case and strengthen Cons argumentation. The Underview is used to assess facts involved in the debate.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this debate and i now turn it to my opponent. Just a quick reminder also- Rebuttals are not rounds for writing new argumentation.
Debate Round No. 2


1. you stated From 9/6/98 to 1/2/11, Peyton Manning has never missed a game as the Starting Quarterback for the Indeanapolis Colts

then you stated

many quarterbacks have had surgery in the past few seasons and have come back healthy in a matter of weeks, whereas Manning has had months to recuperate. Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles had broken Ribs twice last year, recieved surgery, and was back on the field. Many other quartbacks have recovered from injuries in such a short time, in comparison to Peyton Mannings long rest, easily allowing him to recover and play good as new

Peyton didnt miss a game from 98 to 11
Then you said heshad months to recover.
The problem it took Peyton a year to recover. Remember he wasnt placed ont he injury reserve meaning he was out becasue he couldint play. My opponent is saying hes had time to recover as in he has rested with a healthy arm.Wrong he rested with a unhealthy arm that still needed time to heal. Peyton has not had months to practice throwing and get better.

2. you stated " Peyton Manning did build the Indeanapolis Colts offense. But simply using this as an argument is not logical" This wasnt my full argument. I had overall said he built the offense and ran with that specific offens for over 10 seasons. This is perfect logic as to how peyton can jump from being 10 years with a team to starting over. Yes he did acheive quick success; however, he rebuilt the offense to his liking.

My opponent stated " A common misconception is Reggie Wayne is a Pro-Bowl Reciever."

Reggie Wayne was a pro bolwer in 06, 07, 08, and 09. heres my source

Tebow only averaged 45% complete because he didnt play a whole season. He started late. Who knows if he couldve had a higher rating. This was also Tebows first season. Peytons first season 1999 he went 3-13

He adapted for 2 years then wen 6-10 in 2001

Is that fully adapted?

By saying the division is tough, im saying its tough for Peyton.
Chargers are in the division, heres the statistics for when Peyton was with the Colts. T

1) 2007 LOSS @ San Diego: 34-of-56, 328 passing yards, 2 TDs, 6 INTs.

2) 2007 LOSS @ Indianapolis: 33-of-48, 402 passing yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs.

3) 2008 WIN @ Indianapolis: 32-of-44, 255 passing yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT.

4) 2008 LOSS @ San Diego: 25-of-42, 310 passing yards, 1 TDs, 0 INTs.

5) 2010 LOSS @ Indianapolis: 31-of-48, 285 passing yards, 2 TDs, 4 INTs.

5 games Peyton threw- 13 interceptions and only 10 Td

My opponent said "Tim Tebow in 15 starts" Tebow DID NOT start the first few games. He was backup behind Kye Orton and started LATE in the season.

My opponent still wants to claim the Broncos division is tough.

1. Broncos have a 22nd rush defense

The Kansas City Chiefs' rushing attack was ranked 15th in the league—all while not even having Jamaal Charles last season

Last season, the Chargers' rushing attack was ranked 16th in the NFL.

Ryan Mathews is ranked 10th in the league in rushing yards and he only played 14 games last season.

This clearly shows Broncos will struggle in the running game possibly forcing Peyton to outscore teams like he did with the colts.

Peytons receivers are eric decker, and demaryius thomas. Broncos hav a low draft pick and becasue they waited to sign Manning htey are behind in free agency.

My opponent said no team was close enough to get past Broncos and that chargers and cheifs show know evidence of being tough. Again my statistics of how Manning plays against the chargers proves that the Chagers will be tough for Manning. Also Stated that
"The Defense of the Denver Broncos, already a top 10 defense in the league"
They were 22nd ranked defense.

The chargers and Raiders were both 8-8 as well as the Broncos.The more intersting part is that They were all tied in division wins with 3-3. The Broncos barely made it by. They had a tough division and it will be tough for manning.

Lets look at the scheudule again for Broncos Six of the scheduled teams won at least 10 games, 2 won 12, and 2 more won 13. The Broncos may actually have to improve this year just to finish 8-8 again.

Look at all the old Qbs that failed it didn't work for Johnny Unitas, who was 39 when he left the Colts for the Chargers in 1972, it didn't work for Joe Montana, who switched teams at age 36 when he went to Kansas City in 1993; it didn't work for Brett Favre when he went to the Jets in 2009 when he was 39. History says Peyton Manning can't do it, and history has a mean pass rush, which eventually gets all old quarterbacks.

My opponent never rebuttled the schedule and i have shown how the Division is tou and how Peyton is not surrounded by what he used to be.

Peyton also didnt have one neck surgurie, he had three neck surgeries in a 19-month span,and then later a fourth one. This is alot to fix and it could be one hit to end Manning for another season


Con tried to defend his argument without statistics on how close the teams were to winning against the Broncos, and did not refute the fact Peyton chokes against the chargers

I have simply proved peytons health, division, history of Interceptions against the chargers as well as the Broncos being a 22nd ranked defense and not 10 as MY opponent stated clearly shows peyton will probably end up like Unitas, Farve especially due to the rough scheudule and lack of receivers. Thankyou

Vote Pro


Hello everyone! If you've made it this far your almost there, as this is the last speech! As stated earlier, no new arguments are to be brought up in this round. Con will go ahead and address all issues and arguments, however judges, if any new arguments were brought up by pro or con in round 3, please do not weigh them. Con will also look at any new argumentation and still refute it. The order will be as follows:

1) Refutations
2) Extensions
3) Voters/Conclusion

Without further adeu let us begin!


1. Judges look towards sources on this issue. Pro fails to give sources showing the long-recovery method given by pro against cons argumentation, whereas con clearly shows in round 2,
A) 2nd longest streak in NFL history (Consecutive Starts- Source 1)
B) Doctors give the OK, meaning FULL recovery, time length is not a factor in this, because now we know for certain it did not take over 1 year, and that his arm and neck are fully recovered according to Source 2, Dr Robert Watkins, and ESPN Analysts who are trained, and skilled in sports analysis.

2. PROBLEM- Scroll up to round 2, read the refutations by con, Con states, quote "A common misconception is Reggie Wayne is a Pro-Bowl Reciever." Clearly, Reggie Wayne has made the pro bowl, but upon further investigation into Cons argument 2, you find that he has ONLY MADE THE PRO BOWL WHEN PEYTON MANNING HAS THROWN FOR A CERTAIN NUMBER OF YARDS. The point Con got across from that argument is Reggie Wayne would not make the pro bowl WITHOUT Peyton Manning, whereas pro tried to say Players like Reggie Wayne were what Manning relied on. Pro failed to refute this argument, and with a source that has no relevance due to a misinterpreted argument, Pro has lost this argument.

Nextly, Tim Tebow. First- Peyton Manning still averages 70% or more completed Passes, copare this to Tim Tebow's 1 season 45 Pass completions. Who do you go with? The Veteran or the inexperienced QB who throws and completed only 45% of his passes?

Second- My Opponent is actually using an argument that clashes with another one of his arguments. This is true for two reasons.
1) Peyton Manning built his team. My opponent concedes this as i do. However, he did not build his team in a day, also my whole adaptation argument goes untouched.
2) Compare a Broncos Team, with a great offense even with a Quartback by the name of Tim Tebow who currently has one of the lowest Quarterback Ratings in the game, and somehow come out with an 8-8 record and make the playoffs, to a veteran NFL quarterback who has been given nothing, and able to make something. That Veteran quarterback, Peyton Manning, turned his team around. As stated, Manning boosts the morale of all of his teammates, he makes any wide reciever a pro bowler (Reggie Wayne), he also adapts. Quite Frankly, the Broncos are a gifted team with untapped potential. Peyton Manning is still a step above Tim Tebow (My opponent hasn't stated once Tebow is better) and therefore we can see, if Tebow can go 8-8 with a low QBR and 45% Completions, Manning can easily go past 9-7 with 70% Completions and a top 5 QBR. Thus this argument falls.

3. Schedule- Once again- cross apply all argumentation from round 2 by con and put it into round 3, it goes completely untouched. First- Sources are a MUST in this debate, my opponent fails to cite sources on much of his argumentation. Second- 8-8 still hasn't been proven to be "Tough". 3 Teams in the Division went 8-8, and all 3 according to my opponent went 3-3 within their division. My opponent then states, it will be hard for Manning because of the Chargers. Theres two major problems here
1) Untapped Potential from the second refutation in round 3- I've stated the Broncos, with Tebow can go 8-8, imagine Manning, a step well above Tim Tebow (Still not refuted therefore it stands and my opponent concedes Manning>Tebow).
2)Chargers vs Colts. The Colts were a different team from the Broncos, My adaptation argument stands, and I've proven through the Underview Manning will have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER adapting, which went untouched.

4. Argument 4 from Round 2 still stands, Manning> Tebow, enough said. My opponent completely concedes this, therefore he agrees 8-8 will be no more, 9-7 will be the MINIMUM and the playoffs are 100% guaranteed, because once again, Manning is far above Tebow.


Extend the Underview immediately, this proves 3 things
1)Adaptation- Any argument against Mannings ability to Adapt are gone, because the Underview was not addressed.
2)Super Bowl Contenders- Enough Said, re-read round two.
3) Weather- 300 Sunny days in Denver, with a 60% higher win percentage in sunny stadiums, hmm put those two together and what do you get? An unstoppable Peyton Manning.


Vote off of the 4 Major points, and the concession that Manning is clearly better than Tebow. Next, Extend all adaptation arguments, clearly Manning can adapt. Sources go to Con because pro fails to cite sources in unwarrented claims and evidence. Next, Vote off of the entire underview, this a huge part of the debate that my opponent fails to touch. From all this, you vote con.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I thank my opponent for an intellectually stimulating debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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