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Pharah has the best skin in the overwatch Christmas update

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Started: 12/15/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Pharah has the best skin in the new overwatch update and there is no doubt about it. Mei has the worst skin and that's that. But then again MeI is the worst hero. This Winter event would have been the best moment for Mei to finally get a decent legendary but all she got was a recolor with a hat. Like please hang you stupid Asian piece of trash. Down with mei. Let's lynch that dumb jap


Your argument is completely based on opinion and on no particular fact or stat. In your eyes Pharah might have the best skin might others might see other heroes have better ones. Choosing the "best" look is impossible as this is something not everyone agrees on. However, I argue that Torbj"rn has the best Christmas skin, and I actually have a reason. The whole theme and point of these skins is the reflect the attitude, cheer and feeling of Christmas, and he is reskinned as Santa Claus. When you think of Christmas one of the first images you think of is Father Christmas indeed, Santa is a key image of Christmas. Torb's Christmas Suit, Beard, Candy Cane and Christmas tree perfectly present a true "Christmas" Skin. Pharah's skin is just frozen ice which makes you think of the North Pole, but not really Christmas.
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