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Pharmacies and other health buildings should not sell harmful products

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Started: 8/31/2015 Category: Health
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My opinion is that places such as Walgreens should not sell cigarettes and candy, as that is hypocritical because Walgreens message slogan is "At the corner of happy and healthy." This applies to hospitals selling candy as well.

1) First round is acceptance and position
2) No trolling
3) Forfieting is not alouded unless there is a valid reason


I accept.

position: I believe Pharmacies should sell whatever is good for mind and body
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting

Walgreens's motto/slogan is "At the corner of happy and healthy," thereby implying that they sell products that are heakty and cause happyness. How are candy and cigarettes healthy? Candy causes cavities and diabetes; tobacco causes cancer and emphysema. That is the opposite of healthy. It is hypocritical of a company to advertise their products as healthy when infact they do the opposite.

I once saw nicorette sold next to cigarettes. That kind of makes you lose credibility when you have product A, then have product B right next to product A, and B is to help quit A.

In this medical hypocritisy, my doctors office sells candy and chips! That is hypocritical.
Also, how can doctors tell a person they need to eat healthier or to stop smoking, but then go out and buy McDonald's and have a smoke break.

The first example is false advertising, and the second one is just hypocrisy, of which niether should be allowed.


No problem,

I agree that false advertising or deceptive advertising should not be allowed, and in my country it is against the law to use false or misleading statements in advertisement which negatively affect consumers. However what you have described does not sound like false advertisement.

A chip shop might sell pizzas and burgers. A Burger King will also sells chips. A placed called 'Italian Pizzas' may sells chips and burgers. Petrol stations often sell food and cigerattes. The list goes on. As long as a company sells the thing they advertise they can sell anything else for extra revenue. I don't think anyone has a genuine reason to complain about seeing an item inside a shop they didn't know was there until they entered e.g. candy and ciggarettes inside Walgreens. Nobody has to buy them so what is the problem?

Nicorettes are usually sold beside cigarettes because they both contain tobacco, and it makes sense to keep those products closeby behind a counter to deter thieves stealing them.

Smoking, and eating Mc Donalds does not affect a doctors ability to do their job. It's important to reward yourself and unhealthy to completely avoid the things you enjoy. Provided you have a balanced diet you can eat anything, and still be healthy.

Debate Round No. 2


#1) While you could argue that Walgreens jingle is not saying what they sell; kids could see they sell healthy foods, and then could assume cigarettes and candy are healthy. At minimum, that is hypocritical of them.

#2) You state that a doctor should do what makes them happy, but isn't it hypocritical to say dont smoke when the doctor smokes a pack a day. Or at rehab, where the doctor uses crack like the patient


1) Walgreens is the largest drug retailing chain in the United States [1], and it is now rolling out freshly prepared food, and customers are likely to find a pharmacist in the aisle to greet them and answer questions [2]. It is not known for it's candy and cigarettes, so I would say it's "happy and healthy" theme is very suitable.

Below is a link to the television advert if you wish to watch - First Timers (GPE) Walgreens Commercial

My nepthew is 4 years old yet he knows sweets, chocolate, and cigarettes are unhealthy. He would never think his teacher, and family are wrong simply because he saw a sign saying "At the corner of happy and healthy" on Walgreen even if he wanted to believe candy is healthy.

I think by the time a child reaches an age where they are given pocket money, or are old enough to get a paper round or other low paid job, they will know that candy is a treat, especially if their parents only lets him/her have candy as a way to reward good behaviour.

2) Doctors should be able to choose their own life style as it is their life, and they should live it which ever way they choose provided it doesn't harm anyone. Eating burgers, and smoking etc in their own free time does not hurt anyone else. Doctors don't need to be physically fit to help others, they just need to be knowledable.

People who are obsessed about avoiding particular foods because they are labelled unhealthy tend to develop eating disorders. It is therefore important for doctors health to listen to their body. Treating yourself now and then does no harm. In fact it would reduce stress.


[1] wikipedia
Debate Round No. 3


#1 Just because something is not known for something opposite of what it's known for does not mean it doesn't exist. Like America and poverty. For both, you at least have to say that it is hypocritical. Because of this hypocritisy, doctors and pharmacies should not sell or use tobacco or in some cases, candy.


I find your first sentence is very confusing:

"Just because something is not known for something opposite of what it's known for does not mean it doesn't exist."

Poverty does exist in countries which are said to be rich, and people go to a doctor or chemist to improve their health, but they don't encourage anyone to smoke or eat candy. Staff at Walgreens are there to help customers.

People can freely choose to consume what they like, and should not be prevented from doing so when those products are legal.
Debate Round No. 4


That sentence was my response to you stating, "Walgreens is not known for cigarettes and candy." True that may be, but the problem still exists. My analogy, "America is not known for having poverty, but it still exists and needs to be stopped." Smoking is something that is about to become the largest killer in the world. So I would say that smoking is in the top 10 major problems that need to be solved. With that, I will be going back to an earlier point. How can you market things that cause death as "Happy and Healthy?" I do realize that Walgreens isn't known for unhealthy products, but they are still there and are in plain sight of every customer who walks in, and they are still sold. CVS pharmacy made 2 billion off tobacco a year until they stopped selling tobacco, so it is reasonable to assum that Walgreens is somewhat known for tobacco.

As for doctors, they lose crediblity when they say, "Don't smoke" yet they smoke. They also are hypocrites.

Thank you con for the debate.


Thanks for debating with me.

I don't see anything wrong misleading about advertising something but selling something different like candy and cigarettes.

They are sold in every supermarket, numerous shops, and even petrol stations, and are a common product.

There is no reason whatsoever to assume those produts are healthy. Parents, doctors, teachers etc will tell you they aren't healthy.

Vote Con!

Debate Round No. 5
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