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Physical Education in school is necessary.

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Started: 5/4/2011 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Basic Rules and Agreements:
1. No vulgar, slang, or other offensive language is allowed.
2. Intentional spelling or grammar errors are not permissible.
3. The first round is for introduction and agreement purposes.
4. If sources are used, they must be cited with URLs or titles of books and authors.

The topic of this debate discusses the usefulness and necessity of Physical Education class in middle and high schools. Physical Education, abbreviated P.E., is known as gym class. Discussion of recess in elementary school is also relevant.

Physical Education is a gym activity that is treated like a real course in school: grades are issued, attendance is required, etc. This definition does not include after-school extracurricular events, including sports teams.

I will be taking the Con/Against position of this debate. I don't believe Physical Education is a necessary class in school. For debating purposes, let us assume schools have P.E. classes as mandatory.

I wish good luck to my contender in this debate.


The Topic here is if Physical Education in school is necessary, which I believe it should.

Physical Education (P.E) is a class from Kindergarten to Twelve Grade that is graded just like more Primary Classes such as Science or Mathematics.

I believe it should be necessary in all grades.

I hope for a clean Debate and Wish my competition good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


We all know physical education. From recess when we were kids in elementary school to gym class in college, some form of exercise class is mandatory in many schools. However, this P.E. class is not a necessary course. Therefore, it should be removed or made optional.

First of all, let us examine the current situation: required P.E. classes are now in session in almost every school in the U.S., but what percentage of these classes are productive to the least? Many students are unenthusiastic about exercise, and not too many coaches take their work seriously. Sure, coaches can be serious, but they tend to focus their efforts on the most "athletic" students, especially in lower-quality public schools. This information was gained through personal experience; no official sources were used to prove this.

Second, P.E. class is excessive. It uses time that could be used for other more important classes. I've heard of students that struggle with mathematics or reading, yet they still spend time on physical education rather than studying for the next big test.

One argument I believe my contender probably will bring up is that exercise is important, as it improves brain function. However, who says P.E. is the only way to gain this exercise? Extracurricular activities (sporting teams) offer the same benefits of Physical Education without using up any time during the school day.

Furthermore, P.E. class, if not removed, should at least have no grade assigned to each student. Some students are more enthusiastic about sports and exercise than others. Let's examine the following situation: a school is holding a fitness test in P.E. today. Each student runs a mile on the track, and their time is used to calculate their grade. Kids that can't run but probably do well in other classes, will have to face one bad grade from Physical Education, an already unnecessary class. Because of unfairness to this particular student, Physical Education does not need a written grade assigned.

Therefore, I keep to my opinion that P.E. class is unnecessary and should be made optional.


USA1031 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Pro has forfeited his Round 2. Therefore, none of my opening arguments were countered.

I hope Pro finds some time to contribute to Round 3.


I'm sorry I missed the deadline for my rebuttal.

I think that P.E is needed in school's across the country. Countless physical therapist's agree that children need daily exercise to stay healthy. Since most children don't apply themselves to work out at home. School is an excellent place for it.

It was also proven that daily exercise will build a child's confidence, raise academic scores, help them maintain a healthy body and weight, and help them sleep better.

My opponent brought up the excellent point that children could use P.E time to study or do home work. But if a boy cut off the Xbox 360 for an hour or two after school to study. Or if a girl held of text messaging her "BFF's" about the newest Justin Bieber song to open a textbook. Students wouldn't have a problem in school.

So I keep my belief that Physical Education should be mandatory in schools.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by quarterexchange 7 years ago
Con should have won this
Posted by shooterboss 7 years ago
We probably won't be getting any votes this debate. Too bad a real result could not be determined.
Posted by thisisme 7 years ago
It should not have to be compulsory and should be up to the person to decide because i dislike PE myself including many other friends i have.
Posted by shooterboss 7 years ago
For the simple reason of practicality, we're talking about reality here.
"Necessary" means necessary in general.
Posted by Grape 7 years ago
Necessary for what?

I would support PE classes in a fantasy world in which gym teachers were not half retarded and kids were interested in exercise, but not in reality. If they exist, it is necessary that they be graded like real classes in order to motive students.
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