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Pianists are more skilled than guitarists

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Started: 7/16/2016 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This debate is purely subjective. It is to state why you think guitar is more skilled than piano. Your allowed to use videos to show your instrument.

I think piano is more skilled than guitar because piano actually uses both hands. Guitarist may say that strumming and pressing strings is using both hands but the multitasking in piano is twice as hard as it is in guitar. I will continue in the next round.


I accept.

Based on experience, I believe that the guitarist is more skilled than the pianist. Piano keys are easy to remember due to mere repetition of the octaves. Guitar notes are harder to remember due to most strings not having repetition of fingering when it comes to playing note(s). In addition, the hand position required to play guitar is very painful to hold as opposed to hand positions on the piano, making it difficult to play most guitar pieces.
Debate Round No. 1


Guitarist songs are simple to look at. Each of them is usually one note after one note. That is unlike piano songs which can have up to ten notes or more depending on if you use the sustain pedal. You may think that a guitar solo is spectacular and that the guitarist is skilled but the reality is that he is only playing one note at a time with a whole ton of sound effects. A guitar may be difficult because it is hard to remember where the notes are but the sheet music is simple compared to that of piano sheet music.
Playing the guitar is like rubbing your stomach and patting your head kind of thing. Not so with piano, piano is like writing in cursive with both hands at the same time. A pianist has to play both the melody and the accompaniment. Whereas the guitar only plays the melody.
Watch this.
Did you not see how fast her hands were moving to play flight of the bumblebee? It wasn't just little semitones down with one finger like most professional pianists do, it was ridiculous. A guitarist could do the same except that for a guitarist, you don't have to bother with your hand getting in the way, you don't have to bother with the black keys of a piano getting in your way, all you have to do is move your finger down one semitone which is a lot easier than on a piano, and on a guitar you would only be playing one note. It's clear that pianists are more skilled than guitarists.
Watch this.
Star Wars songs were played by whole orchestras. Now this pianist here has played Star Wars Fantasy Suite and covered for a whole orchestra. Could a guitar cover for a whole orchestra? Probably not. The piano is far more complex than the guitar and pianists are more skillful than guitarists.


Not all guitar songs are simple to look at. In fact, those simple to look at are the beginner songs and not the more advanced ones. Beginner songs tend to be one note after the other, same on the piano. Although guitar songs don't look hard compared to piano songs, they're difficult to play on the particular instrument. A piece cannot be judged by how it looks, instead by the instrument that plays it.
This, again, ties in with the difficulty of learning where each note is, as guitarists do not have the leisure of repetition like pianists do. Many guitarists play songs with more chords than the example above without sound effects, predominately those who play the acoustic guitar.
More advanced guitar pieces also require the guitarist to play both the melody and the accompaniment. I'll provide a simple example here.
Plucking two or more strings with different rhythms and/or notes is much more difficult than it is given credit for. You're only using one hand to play two or more parts, and you also have to focus on plucking what string at what time. Your hands are doing two completely different actions, and to add to the difficulty, you're playing more than one part with just one hand. Pianists, however, can use both hands to play two parts, which is much more simple and far less confusing than the guitarist's situation.
(It's not too fast in the beginning, more so in the middle)
For some songs, the guitarist needs to pluck at a painful speed in addition to having to lay down the notes at the same speed. This is usually done for scales or arpeggios. Above is an example of a guitarist rapidly plucking throughout the song (however his other hand isn't as fast).

My apologies for the late reply. I'm currently dealing with settling into a new house. I may be as late, or later, in the next round
Debate Round No. 2


Beginner songs do tend to look easier than more advanced songs. You can judge a song by how it looks. An advanced piano song looks very different front a beginner piano song. This advanced piano song [1] looks a lot different from a grade one piano song [2]. And yet that simple grade one piano song is more complex than the guitar music sheet my opponent provided. What does that say about the complexity of guitar music? Guitar plays in only one clef. The treble clef, whereas the piano plays in both the treble and bass clef.
As for a guitar playing both the melody and voice, did you not see how simple the guitar sounded? I'm pretty sure that was just finger picking and finger picking is quite simple. The strings are conveniently placed for your fingers to pick and your other hand is pressing down strings. Guitars can't even claim the complexity that violins have because guitars have frets to help them find the right note. Going down a fret is going a semitone, and each string is labeled with a note. It's that simple for a guitar. Here is two good examples of a piano playing both the melody and the voice, and you can easily pick out either. [3] [4]
You can easily pick out the melody and voice in both songs. Pianos can play by themselves while guitars are usually used as accompaniment. That's a large difference between the two instruments. Pianists have the skill to play both melody and voice better than guitarists.
I have addresses plucking and would like to add that even though guitarists may seem skilled, all their usually doing in a solo is playing one note. Whereas when a pianist improvises, they have to play more than one note. Therefore the knowledge of harmony is useful and most pianists have more skill in that than guitarists. Finger plucking may be not that simple but I'd like to see a guitarist play flight of the bumblebee with the same effect and skill that Yuja Wang did. Most guitarist playing that only have to move their fingers down a fret for each note and that is very simple.

This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by nco.20 1 year ago
There are virtuosos with both instruments and while some find it easier to learn how to play the piano, others find it easier to learn how to play guitar. Both instruments have their craft, style, technique, and dynamism. This debate's question has no definitive answer.
Posted by HeavenlyPanda 2 years ago
Click this link and look at the piano sheet music. You first need to get a feel for how many notes are being played and how fast they are being played.
Now go look up a pianist playing Fantaisie Impromtu.
(And with a straight face) try and say guitarists are more skilled than pianists.
If that didn't impress you, go down to the debates at click on the link of Yuja Wang playing flight of the bumblebee and try to say with a straight face that guitarists are more skilled than pianists.
Posted by Torton 2 years ago
Go look up Django Reinhardt's work, and come back (and with a straight face) try and say pianists are more skilled than guitarists.
Posted by woohooman 2 years ago
As someone who can play both instruments, I think piano is easier to learn.

Comparing the skill level is like comparing apples to oranges but I generally assume that piano players are a little more skilled for the simple fact that guitarists seem to have more of a network: tabs so you don' need to learn to read sheet music, every teenager learns some guitar so it's easy to find a teacher, there are whole retail stores dedicated to guitars, more popular music features parts explicitly meant for guitar, etc.

Most piano players I've met paid for lessons, had to learn to read sheet music and learned music theory in-depth while most guitarist I know seem to be self-taught and know only what they need to know to play a few songs and maybe improvise.
Posted by I_Wanna_Rawk 2 years ago
I'll debate this when I'm done with the one I'm in.
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