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Piano is more qualified to be a sport than video games.

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Started: 7/9/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Lately in my other video game debates, my opponents have pointed out that "button mashing" is not what it takes to work a video game. They say that it is precise hitting of the buttons at the right time rather than "button mashing". So then why doesn't piano, writing, etc. count as a sport. All those have precise times clickings of the button. My challenge is for gamers to point out the difference between writing, piano, etc. "button mashing" and video game "button mashing". What makes video games more qualified to be a sport than those?

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Video games include games of all devices and genres.
First point- video games is a competitive sport that can be judged by bots.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent first says that video games have a lot of variety. Firstly, that doesn't even aid his point and secondly, if we really want to get into variety, video games certainly don't have the most. Piano can play almost every genre of music. Writing has many different genres too. The variety of all of those don't matter because that doesn't aid either activity to qualifying for a sport.

Then my opponent says that what sets them apart is that video games can be judged by a bot. Being judged by a bot doesn't matter when qualifying for a sport. Many sports are not judged by bots.

Here is the definition of sport. "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." So now we know that skill, physical exertion and competition is needed for a sport. Since I am trying to prove that piano is more qualified than video games to be a sport, I will prove that in those three categories.

Piano is more physically exerting than video games. There's no denying it. Watch these videos of professional people playing video games and playing the piano.
Which one looked more physically exerting? It's plain obvious that piano is more physically exerting than video games. The two professional gamers were literally just staring at a computer while the pianist was playing literally so fast that her arms were a blur.

As for competition, literally everyone who majors in music and is majoring in piano is competing against every other pianist in the world. Every professional pianist is competing for the top spot. To be a world class pianist. Because unlike video games, being a world class pianist is a career that actually lasts. Being a professional video gamer is short and you are usually replaced soon enough. Sure there's video game tournaments but those are on a small level. Piano competition is on a global level where being the best means not only topping world class pianists in the present but also keeping that title in the future. Video game competition is nothing like competing to be well known in the musical world. Not only when you become the best at your instrument are you trying to keep it that way, you're also competing against all the other world class musicians, vying for people's attention.

As for skill, its quite clear if you watched the videos which one has more skill. Playing a technically difficult piano piece can use up to 380 distinct motor actions per second. Around 19-30 notes can be played in under a second for challenging pieces. Many pages have to be memorized. This isn't the "pat your head and rub your belly" kind of thing which is what video games are. It's kind of like writing in cursive with both hands at the same time. The skill it takes to write a piano piece is a lot more than the skill it takes to build a house in Minecraft. You actually have to study to be able to even read music. Video games require absolutely nothing. Some video games don't even require a lot of skill. There's no memorizing thirty pages of notes that have to be remember in their exact order, there's no having to read symbols in video games in order to play the video game. The skill it takes to play a video game is minuscule compared to the skill it takes to play the piano.

I have proven through the three factors that are required for a sport that piano is more qualified. Judging by a bot has nothing to do with what should be a sport and what shouldn't. Soccer isn't judged by a bot, its judged by a referee. Does that mean its not a sport?
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exist no not it piano
Posted by SJM 2 years ago
Piano's don't exist
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