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Pimps should have their own trade association

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Started: 8/28/2013 Category: Society
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The decent, honest gentlemen who walk the streets at night soliciting tricks for their hoes do not enjoy a good public image. That's because the whoreticulture industry does not have a trade association to represent the interests of mack daddies, gash-brokers, ho-traders, minge-consultants, tart-farmers and other punter-hunters.

Sadly, all too often pimps are portrayed in the media and politics as exploitative and violent men who traffic vulnerable young women into the country, get them addicted to crack cocaine, then force them to have sex with strangers in return for their fix of drugs, but the reality is that many of these urbane entrepreneurs not only refer valuable business to their prostitutes and allow them to keep much of the fee, but they also provide their girls with physical protection, often in poor weather conditions and at very unsocial hours.

That's why I am arguing that pimps should have their own trade association to put their side of the story forward to the public. This body could introduce a code of conduct that members must comply with and have a professional-sounding name such as The National Association of Ethical Soliciting Agents (NAESA) to give it credibility.

This way, punters with a social conscience would only source girls from NAESA members, thus raising the professional standards and image of the whoreticulture industry as a whole.

Thank you.


It would not be in the best interests of pimps to have their own trade association.

Pimping is illegal in the UK (1), and therefore pimps need to be shadowy, creepy and unidentifiable. Otherwise they will be prosecuted for the crime of controlling prostitution for personal gain.

If they had their own trade association, then police would only need to get a list of members and they would all get sent to prison.

Currently, the crime of controlling prostitution for personal gain carries a maximum prison sentence of 5 or 2 years, depending on the presence of coercion. (1)

Pro argues that "punters with a social conscience would only source girls from NAESA members," but surely not to the extent of liaising with prison inmates - apart from the logistical difficulties, there is a definite seediness in this kind of transaction.

In terms of benefit to prostitutes themselves - if (as Pro argues) pimps provide a valuable service, then having all the pimps sent to prison would be a definite loss to these women and rentboys.

Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank rross for posting her rebuttals to which I would like to respond as follows:

It is true that prostitution is illegal but I would anticipate that NAESA members would not register using their real names but rather using their pimp names, so all the police would be able to see if they managed to get their hands on the membership file would be a list of names such as:

King Bling
Lord Lust
Crackwhore Craig
Mister Minge
Judge Jugs
The Booty Doctor
Professor Quim

Anyway, as you can see from the picture of a group of typical pimps below, the police would find it very hard to identify them because they usually wear sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats that partly hide their faces.

Also, although prostitution is illegal, I don't think pimping is, is it? And even if it is, NAESA could provide its members with top lawyers who could argue that a pimp was acting as a good citizen.

How? Well, if you are a stranger in town you might ask a taxi driver to recommend a good restaurant and to take you there. The driver would ask you what cuisine you prefer and what your budget is and take you to a suitable eatery, and in return for the driver's client referral he might get a financial kickback from the restaurant owner.

Similarly, if a gentleman is away on business and he is missing the attentions of his wife, he might approach a local man who looks streetwise and ask him if he knows of any young ladies in the neighbourhood who might be willing to engage in a discreet exchange of courtesies in return for cash. The pimp would ask the lonely gentleman what sort of girl he had in mind and how much he was willing to spend and then introduce him to a suitable prostitute, from whom he would take a cut.

The lawyers would argue that there's no legal difference between a taxi driver referring a tourist to a restaurant and receiving payment in recognition of this act and a pimp referring a businessman to a prostitute and receiving similar remuneration. I'm sure the magistrate would agree that there was no case to answer and release the pimp in the dock without any stain on his character.

Finally, do rentboys have pimps? Surely they would be pimpesses? If so, I wonder what one would look like. Something like this perhaps?

Thank you.


Thank you to Pro for all his suggestions about pimping and image in the sex industry.

Like most people, I have often considered pimping out my brother's mates when I'm in London, but I have never done it - why? Because of the start up costs and difficulties connecting with potential customers.

Consider what's involved. I would need lurk about expensive bars until I saw a group of rich-but-frustrated-looking women. Then, I would try to infiltrate their group and talk about sex: how bad it is when it's bad, how great it is when it's great and how men's performance standards are generally so low nowadays because of widespread use of internet porn which burns out the foreplay part of their brain which was tiny to begin with. We would all sigh, and I would say, "Great sex. I mean, how much would you pay for it? ...Really? Maybe I can help you out there..." But even then, after all that investment of time, the chances of them agreeing to pay for sex with my brothers' mates, no matter how desperate they might be, is slim. As Pro says, the whole image of professional sex is too seedy.

How much the situation would change with the introduction of NAESA! Professional sex would be as normal and acceptable as getting a manicure! Pimping would be as respectable as selling Tupperware! On my first day in London, I could print out some cards for a minimal fee with my phone number and the NAESA logo. In half an hour, I could distribute them to women at expensive restaurants, and the response would be entirely positive. ("NAESA! They're sponsors of the Royal Ballet, aren't they?" "Yes, my sister-in-law had them for her birthday, and she was delighted.")

I wouldn't be an actual member of NAESA, of course, but who could stop me using the logo? If anybody accused me of being a fraud, I would calmly reply, "I am The Booty Doctor," and the burden would be on my accuser to prove otherwise. This is why Pro's clever ruse of pimp names and identity-concealing headgear, although ingenious when it comes to deceiving police, would ultimately backfire on the pimping industry.

With market conditions this good, who wouldn't do a bit of pimping on the side? Those awful scenes where the boyfriend is ditching his lovely girlfriend, shame-faced, muttering about "it was fun at the beginning..." could be turned around by saying, "Well, at least let me pimp you out a bit to pay off my credit card while my heart is broken. My aunt has a few issues she needs to work through sexually...and I'll give you 50%!" He could hardly refuse, given the circumstances, without seeming churlish.

And all kinds of low-paid workers, from cashiers to aged-care attendants would pick up a bit extra from renting out their relatives to customers under the NAESA logo.

As we know from basic economics, the consequences of flooding the market in this way will be dire:

1. Prices will plummet. Already prices for sex in the UK are extremely low. More competition will only harm the industry. (1).

2. The NAESA brand will become degraded with unauthorized use. Their "satisfaction guaranteed" motto will be scorned, and rightly so.

This is why creating NAESA would be commercial suicide in the current legislative and economic environment.

Pimps should not form their own trade association.


Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by InVinoVeritas 5 years ago
I am willing to debate you on this topic. Pimps represent the root cause of Satan worship, terrorism, cancer, and animal abuse in our society; clearly, they do not deserve a trade association.
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