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Pink Floyd, The wall vs Dark Side of the Moon.

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Started: 10/1/2011 Category: Arts
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I look forward to having what I think will be a most excellent debate with OMGJustinBieber. If my opponent has any questions, problems, or things needed to be clarified before accepting she can pm me or post a comment in the comments section.

-Voting period will last six months.
-Time to argue, 72 hours.
-8,000 character limit.

Here is my proposed resolution.

Resolved: Pink Floyd's album "The Wall" is superior to their other album "Dark Side of the Moon". (Or DSOTM)

To make it clear, I as pro will be arguing in favor of "The Wall".

Each of us will be making a case for which one we think is superior.


Pink Floyd - A British rock band that formed in the 60's. [1]

Dark side of the moon - Pink Floyd's 10th album. It was produced in 1973. [2]

The wall - Pink Floyd's 14th album. It was produced in 1979. [3]

I purpose that we have no definition for superior lest this become a definition debate.

Burden of proof:

BOP is shared.


1st round: Acceptance.

2nd, and 3rd round: Arguments and rebuttal.

4th round: No more arguments, just rebuttal and closing up.

Terms and rules:

-A forfeit will result in the loss of the conduct point.

-If needed to save space because of the character limit, participants may post their sources in a separate link. This is best done by creating a new debate, posting your sources on the debate, canceling the debate, then posting the link to the debate on here.

-Too the voters, please be fair, unbiased and PLEASE read before voting.

Again if my opponent has any questions or problems please pm me or post a comment, thanks!







Accepted, I just feel we shouldn't have to create a new debate for sources. I feel writing "sources in comments" should be fine. Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you, good luck to you too. As for sources it is perfectly fine to post them in the comment section. But I think it is easier to just post a separate link. That way viewers don't have to go fishing through the comments section. But of course you can do it any way you want.


C.1 A very creative and imaginative master piece: [1]

One reason why "The Wall" is such a master piece is because the whole album is a story. But not only is it a story, Roger Waters, who was the main force behind creating the album, also created a movie to go along with it. The album/movie is about a rock star called Pink and his mental break down latter in life. He lost his father in world war two as a child. He was left behind with his mother who was both loving and over protective.(From the song "Mother") Latter in life he gets a divorce with his wife. Much of the movie is about his mental breakdown and often shows him in a state of disillusion and detachment from the world. At one point of the movie he goes into a wild frenzy (From the song "One of my Turns") while he has a lover in his room. He throws vases, breaks mirrors, hurls objects at the girl a few times, and throws his TV out of his high story window onto the busy street bellow.

"The Wall" was inspired from Waters own mental breakdown. Thus "Pink" in the story was partly based off of Waters himself. Waters also, most probably, got some ideas from former "Pink Floyd" leader Syd Barret who had his own mental break down caused from drugs.

I found the movie very different to anything I have experienced. It was undoubtedly a worthwhile experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't say that everyone would like it though, because of it's dark mood. But that is only taste, it does not detract from the fact that this was a master piece.

The total length of the movie is about one hour and thirty five minutes. [2]

There are very albums I'm sure that have a movie to go along with it! This argument supports the fact that "The Wall" is more creative than "DSOTM".

Just to make it clear I'm not saying it was entirely Roger Waters who created the movie. It was written by Waters and directed by Alan Parker. [2] David Gilmour also did some writing of his own, but it was mainly Waters.

C.2 Total song time of "The Wall' compared to "DSOTM".

"The wall" is 1.3 hours long according to my iTunes account. DSOTM only has about 42 minutes. Sorry that last part might be a little bit off, somehow "money" got deleted from my iTunes account, so I had to add how long Amazon said the song was to 36 minutes making it 42. But if there is any difference at all it is small I am sure. [3]

C.3 The wall has more songs.

The wall has a total of 26 songs.[3] Dark side has less than half, with only 10 songs. [4]

This is one factor to why The wall is a more creative and imaginative album than DSOTM.

C.4 The Wall is superior lyrically:

The wall is obviously lyrically superior when you compare the amount of lyrics put into "The Wall" as apposed to "DSOTM". Before I go on, let me make clear the figures are probably not exact. I copy and pasted the lyrics from each individual song from the websites referenced, making sure not to count the song title and some of the none lyrical parts, onto Microsoft word. I used the word count tool to come up with my figures. So these numbers are probably not exact but if there is any difference it is minor.

Ok, so here it is "DSOTM" has a total of 1,167 words,[5] "The Wall" has a total of 3,153 words.[6] That is more than twice the amount of words, not far from three times the amount. This factor added with the fact that the whole album is a story, makes "The Wall" lyrically superior.

C.5 You tube search of songs:

First let's look what shows up when you type pink floyd into the You tube search bar on the home page.
The * represents that it's from "The Wall". The ~ represents that it's from "Dark Side".

Wish You were here
Comfortably Numb *
Another Brick in the wall *
the wall *
hey you *
time ~
money ~
dark side of the moon ~
shine on you crazy diamond
mother *

You tube is one of the most common sources that people use in means of looking for music. Five of the most searched PF related things are from "The Wall" while three are from dark side. As you can see four out of five of the most searched are from "The Wall" while it takes up until the sixth most searched thing for it to have a dark side song.

C.6 More popular songs

Now lets take a look at how many songs achieved more than one million views on You tube.

Songs that achieved more than 1mill views from "Dark side of the moon":

1.Time [7]
2.Brain Damage [8]
3. Money [9]

Songs that achieved more than 1mill views from "The Wall":

1. Another Brick in the wall [10]
2. Mother [11]
3. Goodbye Blue Sky [12]
4. Empty Spaces [13]
5. Hey You [14]
6. Comfortably Numb [15]
7. Run Like Hell [16]
8. Waiting for the Worms [17]
9. The Trial [18]

10. Outside the Wall. [19] (This one is questionable because the original is less than two minutes long but this was taken from the movie and is over four minutes long).

"Goodbye cruel world/is there anybody out there"[20] also got really close with more than 930,000 views.

This is three times the amount of songs (if you exclude outside the wall). This I think supports the fact that "The Wall" simply has more popular songs or more of pink floyds "classics".

I will now hand it over to con and again good luck!

Sorry about the overload of sources.



This first round is going to be brief as this is the week before October break. I'll try to cut to the chase.

Before we can list reasons for why X is superior to Y we need to define the notion of superiority. In other words, what makes art good? Pro does not address this question and jumps directly into intuition-based criticisms and points which appear to be prima facie anti-DSOTM. Anyway, what is good art? First we need to address the purpose of art: To convey a message to an audience in a creative manner. In this sense, art is both about the message and the style in which is conveyed. As basic as this concept is, it clearly does not include Pro's arguments concerning the relative popularity of songs from each album. While I feel I could certain address these claims sufficiently, I believe the appeal to popularity on Pro's part is fallacious.

C1: I don't deny the creative energy that went into The Wall. On the other hand, I feel it would be inaccurate for Con to deny that incredible amount of creativity and effort that went into DSOTM. What is important, however, is the message. The Wall is primarily Waters riffing about the the mental instability of a rock star, who eventually "builds a wall" and his own mental plight. While interesting, DSOTM is pure cultural commentary. The degree to which the viewer can relate to the lyrical message is crucial: DSOTM engages everyday issues and probing cultural commentary (Money, Time) while "The Wall" is much harder to directly relate to due to the fact that it describes the experience of a mentally unstable rock star.

C2-3: I don't see how time is relevant. According to Pro, if DSOTM were to add 50 minutes of cows mooing then DSOTM would have the edge in this sense. The issue is quality over quantity, and in this sense I feel DSOTM has the edge. Much of "The Wall" is fillers which can only be considered songs within the context of the albums, and are considered bridges from one song to another.

C4: Pro simply word counts. This hardly deserves a rebuttal, and Pro can refer to my last point. 50 minutes of cows mooing should give DSOTM the edge if he seriously wants to continue this line.

C5/Appeal to Popularity: Addressed in the introduction. Rebecca Black's hit had more hits than any of those songs.

Con Case

P1-Fillers: I'm going to turn Pro's length argument on its head. DSOTM is much easier to listen to straight through in contrast to the almost 1.5 hour The Wall. Additionally, the Wall includes filler songs (i.e. Young Lust, Mother) which slow the pace of the album in a way that is not seen in DSOTM.

P2-Message: I've described this in the introduction, but I feel the highly relatable social commentary in DSOTM wins over The Wall's mental breakdown of a rock star. The Wall feels more like an outsider looking in while DSOTM engages the listener in everyday issues.

P3-Musical Range: The Wall is largely Roger Waters riffing or "moaning" depending on who you are listening to. Despite it's smaller size, DSOTM displays a wide range of musical styles unseen in "The Wall." Every track is very distinct ranging from an opera-like performance in Great Gig to a desperate, existential tone in Time and Us and Them, to a funk-rooted strut in Money. DSOTM consistently keeps the listener engaged and on his toes in contrast to The Wall.
Debate Round No. 2


Response to C1:

I agree that it would be inaccurate for me to deny the large amount of creative energy that went into DSOTM. However I think it would be hard to deny that more creative energy was put into The Wall.
My first 4 contentions prove that more creativity went into The Wall. Allot more lyrics were written. A whole movie was made! Allot more songs written. And over all longer amount of music time. I would also note the The Wall has allot more guitar solos scattered around the album.

My opponent makes the totally false claim that DSOTM is pure cultural commentary, when in fact DSOTM and The Wall both have similar messages. Both albums have a strong theme of craziness. I don't know when the last time my opponent listened to DSOTM but I've listened to it multiple times since this debate, and it is DEFINITELY not pure cultural commentary. The very first words in DSOTM from the song Speak to Me/Breathe are about being crazy. [1]

"I've been mad for fvcking years, absolutely years, been
over the edge for yonks, been working me buns off for bands..."

"I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the
most of us...very hard to explain why you're mad, even
if you're not mad..."

The next song "On the Run" has psychotic laughing through out part of the song. Other than that there are no lyrics except some background lyrics at the beginning which are hard to make out.

The Great Gig in the Sky is just a bunch of screaming (ugh), except the beginning.

Us and Them doesn't really have a theme to it. At the least it's definitely not a song people can relate too.

Any Color You Like doesn't have any lyrics.

Brain Damage has a huge craziness theme to it. Even by the name it is obvious that the song is about mental instability. The song uses the word lunatic repeatedly;

"The lunatic is on the grass."(repeated)
"Got to keep the loonies on the path."
"The lunatic is in the hall."
"The lunatics are in my hall."
"The lunatic is in my head."(repeated)

Eclipse is another song that does not really have a theme or message.

Time and money are the only two songs that even have a relatable cultural theme to it. But even so, my opponent claims that the whole album is pure cultural commentary which is completely wrong.

So we see that my opponents statement, "The Wall is much harder to directly relate to due to the fact that it describes the experience of a mentally unstable rock star", is totally false because, with the exception of only two songs, DSOTM has a very similar theme. But The Wall is actually a story DSOTM's songs are often seemingly random.

I should also point out that there are songs that people could relate too from The Wall, such as Mother, Another Brick in the Wall, Goodbye blue sky (which is about world war 2), and Bring the Boys Back Home.

You know another thing that's great about The Wall. It gives listeners an incite into the band. Roger Waters wrote The Wall based partly off of his own life. Thus fans can relate to this album, because it is a story based off a member of one of their favorite (if not favorite) bands. I would go as far as too say this is even better than for it to relate culturally.

For those who don't know Waters was going through a mental breakdown himself when he wrote this album. When Waters was only one his father, Eric Waters died as a soldier in Word War II in 1944. That is exactly the same thing that happens in The Wall. Pinks father dies fighting in world war 2 while he is only a baby. [2]

I have completely broken down my opponents first contention and shown it to be false and contrary.

Response to C2-3:

My opponent makes a fairly good point when she says, " According to Pro, if DSOTM were to add 50 minutes of cows mooing then DSOTM would have the edge". But the fact is both The Wall and DSOTM are extremely popular and creative albums. Almost everyone would include at least one of these albums as one of their top two PF albums. The reason why I'm saying this is because I think this shows that both of these albums are made up of quality. You can't dismiss the amount of time the album makes up simply by saying quality over quantity, because almost every Pink Floyd fan would say both albums are quality albums.
The filler songs are short, and none of them are hard listen too. Every song in the album has a place in the album in order for the story to be complete.

Both albums are quality albums, thus my opponent's "quality over quantity" argument has been negated. This has been enforced by popular opinion, meaning that my opponents view is contrary to most fans views.

Response to C4:

My opponent again uses the cow analogy, so the viewers can look at my previous response to see part of my counter. But let me defend my argument further. Roger Waters is one of the greatest lyrical writers in the history of music. Therefore we can conclude that his lyrics in The Wall are not bellow average lyrics. My point still stands that this gives The Wall the edge when comparing creativity.

Response to C5:

First off, this was my least important contention because of the exact thing con says. However I still think it makes a good point. The fact that The Wall has 3 times as many songs that achieved over 1mill views supports the fact that The Wall contains more of Pink Floyds classics or greats. I know and agree that my argument does not prove that Pink Floyd has 3 times as many of Pink Floyds classics. But I think the fact that there are much more songs from "The Wall" that are so popular, proves that The Wall does have more great songs.

//much easier to listen to straight through in contrast to the almost 1.5 hour The Wall.//

I'm going to turn this right back over and show why this actually makes The Wall more superior.

Here are two scenarios:

Someone buys DSOTM, puts it in his CD player listens to the whole thing (10 songs), and says wow that was a great album I'll listen to that again sometime. In contrast someone goes and buys The Wall, listens to the first 10 songs and says wow this album is great, and to think I'm not even half way finished! I'm really looking forward to listening to the rest. Latter he listens to the next ten songs and he still isn't even finished, he has 6 more songs too go. All in all he listens to the whole thing in 3 sittings.

I really don't know why it makes it more superior to be able to listen to the whole thing in one sitting instead of listening to the whole thing in three sittings.

Con funnily states that Mother and Young Lust are fillers. But Mother is one of The Walls most popular songs and Young Lust is a great song.

//I've described this in the introduction, but I feel the highly relatable social commentary in DSOTM wins over The Wall's mental breakdown of a rock star. The Wall feels more like an outsider looking in while DSOTM engages the listener in everyday issues.//

This honestly makes me wander when the last time con listened to DSOTM was. This has already been lengthily addressed in response to my opponents first conntention. DSOTM is not at all a highly relatable social commentary. If it weren't for the two songs Time and Money, I would say it's not a relatable social commentary at all.

My opponent seems to think all the songs in The Wall are the same type of musical style. It is true that there is one major style but there are lots of songs that are different in tone or mood in The Wall.

Another Brick in the Wall is a bit funky and basy. Mother, Hey You and Goodbye Blue sky all have an acoustic guitar playing throughout the song, except for the parts in Mother and Hey You when Gilmour is playing some of his all time best guitar solos. Empty Spaces is a very slow and drawn out song. Young Lust has a classic rock style to it. Comfortably Numb is simply a unique song in this album. And I have never heard a song that is like The Trial. Such an interesting and strange song.




DDO is being sick and erased a good portion of my response. Additionally, this response falls on Con's 21st birthday and Con feels there are better ways to spend him time on this night than rebutting Pro. Con also feels contentions 2-5 can largely be considered dropped by Pro. In C5 Pro claims that The Wall contains "more good songs" but I'm simply going to call this one an unsupported assertion.

C1: I think that Con's claim that The Wall is more creative has been thoroughly rebutted. He weakly reiterates previously points such as the album's length, song number, and music time, which I rebutted to extending those "edges" to their logical conclusions. The issue Con has here if my use of the term "pure cultural commentary." When I use that term, I'm talking about general themes for the album. Con misconstrues this and interprets it as the claim that every song must have direct social commentary even though some songs - like many in The Wall - are purely instrumental. Saying DSOTM is pure cultural commentary is another way saying that the theme pervades the album - the point is purely semantic. Regardless, Pro grossly misinterprets several songs.

Con strangely uses the idea that DSOTM includes a mild theme of mental illness as a point against the position. I fully acknowledge this and treat it as a deepening of the album. Con perhaps brought up "On the Run" as a way to prove a point that I fully embrace, all the more themes in DSOTM! The diversity of themes could easily be brought in as a strong point for DSOTM. Truthfully, I'm surprised that Pro asserts that Great Gig "is just a bunch of screaming, except for the beginning." I happen to believe the songs is beautifully sung by talented vocalist Clare Torry, with an intro which expounds on another theme in the album: death.

"And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I
don't mind. Why should I be frightened of dying?
There's no reason for it, you've gotta go sometime."

"I never said I was frightened of dying."

"If you hear this you're dying." [1]

The song is beautiful in the contrast between the stunning vocals of Torry and the solemn but real theme in the introduction of the song. Dying can be beautiful.

"Us and Them" again is insightful cultural commentary. It comments on the socio-cultural divisions that we find ourselves randomly born into ("It's not what we would choose to do.") [2] The song itself describes a grandiose battle scenes and is one of my personal favorites in the album.

[2] floyd/us them_20108709.html
Debate Round No. 3


P.1 Too start off I would like to point out that con makes a whole bunch of baseless assertions. When she says for example "Con also feels contentions 2-5 can largely be considered dropped by Pro." I don't see how anyone could actually think this baseless assertion. The conclusion I came too is that this is merely tactics to sound more convincing. Thus I would like viewers to treat it as so.


Con says that she has thoroughly rebutted this. This is not at all the case. In the last round I gave a lengthy, detailed, and valid response to cons argument. Con ignores allot of what I said and gives a weak defense, while I addressed every one of her arguments for creativity, and defended all of mine.

1. Con has completely ignored throughout this debate (and thus conceded) the fact that The Wall was a movie. This is a very strong and important argument. It proves the fact that more creative effort was put into The Wall. This one point is one thing that makes The Wall unique to ANY of Pink Floyds other albums.

Please extend.

2. Con also ignores my argument that The Wall has allot more guitar solos thrown in.

Please extend.

3. Con ignores my point that there are songs in The Wall that people can culturally relate too unlike what my opponent seems to claim.

Please extend.

4. Con ignores my important argument that fans can relate to this album, because it gives an incite into the life of the (then) Pink Floyd band leader. I also stated that this is even better than to relate to it culturally which my opponent has also ignored.

Please extend.

Time, amount of songs, and lyrics:

My opponent hardly makes a rebuttal for this.

Con has responded to contentions 2-4 in two sentences! This is an extremely weak rebuttal by the con.

5. I made the argument that both albums are quality albums thus cons "quality over quantity" argument is invalid. My opponent seems to ignore my argument simply putting it aside with the claims that I "weakly reiterate" the point. This is hardly a decent response and ignores my response from last round altogether.

Please extend.

My point that the length of the album contributes to its over all superiority still stands. The Wall is a very long album, if it was made up of music that is not quality music (like my opponent states with her "quality over quantity argument) then it would not be so extremely popular! In fact my opponent has not even done anything to show how The Wall is made up of none quality music. It is simply her opinion, and a very unpopular opinion at that.

6. my opponent ignores my lyrical defense; that Waters is one of the greatest lyrical writers in the history of music, and therefore it would be logical to assume that The Wall does not have below quality lyrics.

Please extend.

7. My opponent ignores my statement, " the filler songs are short, and none of them are hard listen too".

Please extend.

8. Cons only reference to contention five is calling it an unsupported assertion. That is ridiculous. And is not a rebuttal!

Please extend.

9. My opponent ignores my argument that it is better to be able to listen to The Wall in three sittings in contrast to one sitting for Dark Side.

Please extend.

10. Con states that Mother and Young Lust are fillers, when I refute this con doesn't respond.

Please extend.

11. My opponent made the claim that Dark Side has many musical styles to it. In response I showed 10 songs that have different styles from The Wall. Con gives no response

Please extend.


This is the only one of my opponents arguments that holds any water. But even so, this can be thoroughly rebutted.

Con says that I misconstrue her point that DSOTM is "pure cultural commentary".

//Con misconstrues this and interprets it as the claim that every song must have direct social commentary//

I still stand by this. If my opponent states that the album is pure cultural commentary, that should mean that all the songs are cultural commentary, not less than half. I took my opponent literally when she used the word pure, and I don't think there was anything wrong with that. But even so there are only two, three, or four songs that are cultural commentary, so taken literally or not this point has been thoroughly rebutted. I say two, three, or four because it's a given that Time and Money are cultural commentary, but my opponent only defends two other songs. So at the most there are four, at the least there are two.

//even though some songs - like many in The Wall - are purely instrumental.//

It seems like con has an apparent lack of knowledge of the albums. The Wall has ZERO songs that are instrumental, yet my opponent says there are many! When doing a debate about two albums you should listen to the albums. I have listened to both albums multiple times, as well as watching the movie since this debate has starting, but it has become evident that con has not. [1] [2]

Con questions my bringing up the fact that DSOTM has a crazy theme to it, and says that this strengthens her position. However my bringing this up was to point out cons false claim that Dark Side was pure cultural commentary. The main theme of the song is something that few people can relate too, thus proving cons claims false.

Dark Side does have relatable cultural commentary, it would be foolish not to admit that. But con ignores me when I point out numerous songs in The Wall that could be called cultural commentary.
Con also ignores me when I point out that fans can relate to The Wall and that the way fans relate to it is even better than Dark Side, because The Wall gives you an incite into the band.

Thus, both albums have cultural commentary.

Great Gig in the Sky
In truth this is possibly my worst Pink Floyd song, but my opponent misinterprets me. I was pointing out that this song doesn't really have a theme to it. This was in response to my opponents claims that Dark Side is pure cultural commentary. I was not stating my opinion of the song.

Us and Them.
My opponent claims the song is about the "socio-cultural divisions that we find ourselves randomly born into". And quotes one line to prove her point. She also claims that the song describes a battle scene. I would admit that this song has a battle theme to it, but not what my opponent first said. In The Wall you see many songs with a similar theme to this, such as Goodbye Blue sky, Waiting for the Worms, and Bring the Boy back home. Thus one song with a battle theme to it hardly matters when comparing to an album with many songs of the same theme.

Let me also point out that my opponents second source leads to lyrics of songwriter/singer Alecia Moore, or her stage name which is pink. This has nothing to do with Pink Floyd, or this debate.

Voting categories:

Conduct: I think both of us had good conduct throughout the debate. Unless my opponent forfeits the round I really don't see why either of us would lose the conduct point.

Spelling/grammar: My opponent constantly calls me con even though I am pro. Con also calls herself con so that it is confusing sometimes, to the point where you're not sure who she's talking about. Con makes a few, more minor, mistakes like saying "him" instead of "his". Voters may or may not count this as bad grammar, but it would be unreasonable to give con the grammar point.

Arguments: Con ignores a vast amount of my arguments. Cons only decent argument is themes, but The Wall also is a master piece, and an even greater master piece when taking into account its themes, and story lines. The Wall is easily more creative, something my opponent gives a weak and very short address in the last round.

Sources: My opponent only uses 3 sources throughout the debate to back up her claims, while I use more than 20. At that, 1/3 of her sources don't have to do with the debate. It would certainly be very unreasonable to give the points to con.

Thank you for an extremely enjoyable debate! (And happy B-Day!)




No, but seriously, good job Pro.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by phantom 6 years ago
You mean Syd Barrett > Roger Waters.

Waters wrote both albums in this debate, and over all contributed more to the band than Gilmour did. Gilmour is noticed so much because he's the lead guitarist and singer. But Waters was the main force. He wrote most of the music and Gilmour admitted himself that Waters lyrics were superior to his.

You would have a pretty good case though if you argued for Gates of Dawn.
Posted by waylon.fairbanks 6 years ago
Too bad Piper at the Gates of Dawn slaughters both albums! Syd Barrett > David Gilmour
Posted by phantom 6 years ago
@CD-Host, I wouldn't really say I had the easier case. Most people actually would agree with con on this.

Maybe but I dunno. I think it's pretty equal...
Posted by phantom 6 years ago
Wow, that last round was totally unexpected.
Posted by phantom 6 years ago
I do love that song, but it's just a little to slow paced for me. Marooned is a great one of PFs instrumentals (I know crazy diamond isn't an instrumental, but most of it is).

Do you prefer part 1 or two? I prefer 2.
Posted by Crede 6 years ago
I know which is my fav but I'll keep my reasons until the debate is done. I will mention my fav Floyd song though...shine on your crazy diamond. That song is amazing.
Posted by phantom 6 years ago
Thanks jat. I appreciate your interest.
Posted by jat93 6 years ago
what an awesome debate! absolutely love floyd and honestly can't decide which is better. i suppose i'll add my two cents after the debate is done. however, the truth is to some extent i feel like this is comparing apples and oranges...
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Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
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Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
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Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: Counter to the points shrawd gave JB (even though he/she conceded)
Vote Placed by ShrawderA 6 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
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Vote Placed by CD-Host 6 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: OMGJustinBieber I always figured you were older than you claimed. OK Pro had the easier case, and con started strong but... this tapered off. You both should have used sources in your literary analysis. That being said con did a good job and probably would have won if here if not for the drop in rnd 4. Sources go to pro on quantity and heavy use. SnG for pro's better layout.