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Pit Bulls monster or media stereotyped

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Started: 1/7/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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I have heard a thousand times that pit bulls are mean and aggressive by nature and can't be tamed. The main arguments I hear against them is they don't do well with elderly, other animals, or young children.

My argument is this out of all dogs from the Siberian Husky to the Akita as well as most other large breed dogs why is that Pit Bulls get such a bad reputation?

My background on this topic I own a 18 month old brindle American Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer mix. He was a rescue and he was abused by the previous owner. He has never once bitten, growled or snapped at my grandfather, younger brother and unless he is with a male dog he is perfectly fine with other pets.

These main topics as well as history on pit bulls can be found at

So does this mean that my dog "Damon" is a ticking time bomb? Yes I've seen the news about the bad pits but I ask this have you seen the reports on the good pits?


First off I have to say I love dogs and I own a German Sheppard who's name is Ace. Ace is on the "Dangerous Dog List" so I have to carry insurance on him due to his "Dangerous" Nature. I agree with you that pit bulls get the worst rap out of all dogs. But I think German Sheppard's and Pit Bulls alike are indeed a serious risk.

I will just make a small list of my arguments. I wont write in ALL CAPS yet, I'll save that for the end of the debate when we are both good and angry ;) :P

Point of view: I believe that dog owners cannot get the unbiased view of their animal. Take my dog Ace. I would trust him around anyone if I was there. Little kids other dogs, the elderly whatever. But I realize that I am part of his pack and am the alpha. I feed him and play with him. If he is alone around other people or if I am out of the house and let say some kid wonders into my yard his instincts will be to protect his home. Even though he is kind hearted and loving around me the wolf inside could come out if he feels threatened. As much of man's best friend as they are, they are still animals.

Pit-bull history: Pit bulls were bread from the bull dog. Their purpose originally was to be a "gripping dog" to help hunters bring down large game. Later they were used to control livestock (like the G. Sheppard). Due to their large jaws and large skull they were eventually used in dog fights in the early 1800's. They would match Pit bull on Pit bull or Pitbulls against larger animals such as bears. Through human selection the more dangerous dogs were bred and the weaker were not or were killed. Sadly even today Pit bulls are the dog of choice for illegal fighting in the USA and abroad.

Pit-bull Specifically begin targeted: Just going by the numbers PitBulls and Rotweilers combined make up for 73% of human deaths from dogs (2005-2012). Here is a list of the deaths just last year. As much as I love dogs, I love humans more. These deaths could all have been prevented on part of the owner of the dog. "Yes I've seen the news about the bad pits but I ask this have you seen the reports on the good pits" When children are mualed to death no one cares about the good dogs. Only about the child.

While I don't think all Pitbulls are killing machines. Due to their history of human deaths and unpredictability they need to be treated carefully. Your dog specifically was abused by their previous owner. Like I said above I don't think you will be able to have an unbiased view of your pet because you love him so much. But if you are not their 100's of years of breading can come out and possible hurt or kill someone.

Personally for dogs on the Dangerous dog's list i would like to see a background check done before you can own one. Hopfully this would cut down on the Dog-Fighting. And possibly more sever punishment for Dog-Fighers.

Debate Round No. 1


I like how you bring up a pack mentality. To dispute how you just said that once you as alpha leave he would not revert to his "wolf" mentality in several studies that contained both tamed wolves and domesticated dogs wolves actually never made to snap at on coming aggressors. Most dogs will make a show of being big and bad, but will never actually harm a child. Damon stays in an invisible electric fence at my house. I'm alpha female, but I am not there 24/7 Damon stays with my grandfather and he has never so much as harmed him or my younger brother. Damon is socialized I take him to the dog park and different pet stores. He has never once approached a child in a aggressive manor. My family as a whole owns 7 or 8 dogs. Damon is my only one but my cousin owns 3 pit bulls. 1 of which is a therapy dog and a pit bull advocate.

You say that you'd rather have a human child safe than see a good report in the media about how a pit or a dog on media was put in a good light. The following link is not to an attack but to a rescue from a rescue pit. . Pits have gotten a bad rep because of their history, but to that reputation around the breed needs people to see them not as the monsters that can snap in a heart beat, but as animals that live and breathe. My argument that a pit would regress with the "alpha of the pack" is either away or even hurt that the dog would stay true to its individual temperament is that if this was true then why is that Lilly a 3 year old Pit Bull when her owner was going to be killed because she passed out on a train track risk herself to get her off the track. Lilly didn't attack emergency personnel when they came to help, but she did guard her owner.

You say that I'm biased about my dog because I love him. I can say yes I am because just as Lilly rescued her owner Damon rescued me. My friends gave me Damon to help me recover mentally from having been stalked and almost raped. The only reason I wasn't raped was because of my strength of will and my friends beagle. Damon has helped me a lot and even made sure that my grandfather couldn't hit me when he went off he is medicine. He didn't harm him just got between me and my grandfather. Those are pictures of my Damon. In the first picture he only weighed 25 pounds and was 9 months old. This was taken a few days after he got between me and an aggressive dog. He walked between me, my little brother and the dog. The dog growled at us and Damon walked a circled around us until we got back on our road and the other dogs in the neighborhood scared the dog off.

You also mentioned that it was the owners fault. I don't know about the attacks that you have found but one that happened in my own town the pit was on a chain behind a fence with in watch of owners. The attack happened not because of negligence of the owner but because the 8 year old child decided he was going to throw rocks and balls and other objects at the dog. The dog was taken away and after an investigation by the police it was decided by the court that it was actually the child at fault because the owner had the dog behind a fence and locked down. Turned out the child admitted he stuck is head with through the fence with food sticking out of his mouth. Dog was returned to his owner and the child survived with minimal facial injuries.

According to an article on Alternet pit bulls in a test on temperament scored second only gold retrievers on high tolerance. This test was conducted with not just pure breeds but mixes also.

With that having been said I do agree with you that people who want to adopt not just pits but all dogs. The problem with that is that unlike domestic abuse or drugs often people are not ever charged with animal abuse. While I have seen it where people been brought in for dog fights it was not the charge that put them in jail. My local 4Paws actually doesn't allow people that live in certain areas to adopt pit bulls or other types of dogs.

I wasn't aware that I had to have insurance on my dog and yes my insurance does know that Damon lives with us.

Have a question though for you. Have you ever had anyone ask what breed your dog is then come back with a needle or a gun because of your answer? My Cousin did. My neighbor tried to tell me I was doing something illegal by having a pit bull in a house hold that had a 9 year old in it.

I looked at some of those death reports and have a question. Who on earth is stupid enough to leave a child that isn't even a year old yet with a dog. No matter what breed or size a dog can get offended or annoyed just as easily as you or I. Before I ever let a child approach my dog even though I trust him not to hurt them I show them how to pet him and approach.

Fact: It"s difficult to determine just how much a dog"s genetics determine his behavior, just like it"s hard to know how much of a person"s personality is nature and how much is nurture. It"s true that some breeds simply have more ability to injure people than others do. Though it"s no more likely to bite than a smaller dog, if it does bite, a Great Dane can do much more damage than a Maltese, for example. (Even very small breeds can be dangerous to children, however.)

Fact: Small breed dogs are much more aggressive than medium or large breed dogs. They are prone to be more aggressive because their owners don't reprimand like they would a large breed dog.
So I ask you would you say that the second you were gone would a say a Bichon Frise or a Dachshund would do the same as a pit? Or better yet in a situation where you are hugging a loved one good bye would your pit bite the person that hugged you.

I bring up hugging a loved one good bye and being bitten because no large breed I've been in contact with have never hurt me, but my grandmother's Dachshund almost sent me to the hospital because he bit my nose hugging my grandmother. He jumped up on my grandmother and neither of us noticed him. To this day I have a scar from it and the dog has attacked a wire haired terrier as well as a pit bull. The pit backed down and actually hid behind my cousin.

So yes while I believe that pits and others need to be placed in good homes with good owners I don't believe that a breed should be recognized by a few bad seeds that we don't know full stories or histories about. Does anyone really know what makes a pit besides history anymore dangerous than any other dog.


fidelacchius forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


amberred12 forfeited this round.


Well it seems we have both lost interest in this. sad day :*(

I will just re-iterate my points above. Though you made a good comeback in your second round I still cannot see past the numbers.
Even if it is not the pit bulls fault and all on the owners. You are still more likely to be attacked by a Pit than any other animal.

60% of deaths for pit bulls alone.

If I live in a neighborhood and have kids. I don't really give a damn about the owner saying there dogs nice when its responsible for 60% of deaths.
At the end of the day its an animal and its not worth a human life.
Debate Round No. 3


Lost interest no I was actually being considerate towards you since you forfeited one round.

Numbers are just that numbers. This is from your own source.

Annual data also shows that males were more often victims, 61% (23), than females. The majority of male victims, 61% (14), were ages 8-years and younger. Of the total female victims, only 33% (5) fell into this same age group.

Your own source clearly states most "victims" are under the age of 8.

Now on to the your statement "You are still more likely to be attacked by a Pit than any other animal." If this is true then why is it that according to historylist that death by dog attack ranks second. Unless I'm miscounting completely the annual death rate is quite a bit lower than that of a bee or wasp. And while they may be counted in some minds as a bug rather than animal they are listed in this study as animals.

Average Number of Deaths per Year in the U.S
Bee/Wasp 53
Dogs 31
Spider 6.5
Rattlesnake 5.5
Mountain lion 1
Shark 1
Alligator 0.3
Bear 0.5
Scorpion 0.5
Centipede 0.5
Elephant 0.25
Wolf 0.1
Horse 20
Bull 3

on the list on sherdog dogs aren't even on the top ten.

So lets rehash this yes, pits have a bad history. Yes, they are in the news more for attacks than bravery. But with you last statement goes against what a lot of people are fighting for. People are fighting for rights for animals.

How many of your cases came from bad homes. Do you know if those attacks were initiated by the human or did the dog plan ahead to kill?
Other dog populations (United States):

(estimation) Pit Bulls: 5,256,000

(estimation) Rottweilers: 900,000

(estimation) German Shepherds: 780,000

(estimation) Chows: 240,000

Fatal attacks by these breeds of dogs (1979-1998):

Pit Bulls: 66

Rottweilers: 39

German Shepherds: 17

Chows: 8

When we divide the population by the fatal attacks, we can get a percentage based on the dogs probability of fatally attacking a human.

Pit Bulls: .00125 %

Rottweilers: .00433 %

German Shepherds: .00217%

Chow: .00333%

WELL, it would seem the Pit Bull is at the bottom of the list. 4 times as many Rottweilers, 2 times as many German Shepherds, and 3 times as many Chows are involved in Fatal Attacks based on the population percentage. It is only logical that if there are more Pit Bulls there would be more attacks.

You seem to like numbers well what do those numbers add up to?
Animals feel pain and fear like we do, but they are helpless victims. Abuse causes these innocent animals to endure so much pain, suffering, and loneliness, it can also cause an animal to become depressed, timid, or even aggressive.

A breed of a dog is like ethnicity in humans. Can you say that every Muslim is going to be a terrorist because when you think of dogs that's what Pit Bulls would equal to.

So lets recap: Pit bulls test high in temperament studies
They have high protective instincts
Children who are old enough to know how to treat a dog can be around them
For every pit that kills there are 3 that saved a life
Pits need a proper family "no small children"
History does not a being make
They have more attacks because there are more pits than most other breeds


fidelacchius forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


So as my opponent has lost interest in this debate I'll just finish this debate up by saying that while I have enjoyed this debate and have seen good points in my opponents arguments it has become obvious that he will never see that pit bulls are not all bad.

Since I have already made my closing augmenter I say to my voters thank you for watching and reading this debate and please if you choose to adopt a dog choose a pit because they are good dogs despite a few bad seeds.


fidelacchius forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by amberred12 3 years ago
I noticed that he quoted that a lot as well. I had seen the report about the site and actually made sure the only times I quoted anything from the site is when I found the information on other sites as well.

But seeing as my opponent doesn't have personnel experience with a pit bull I can understand why he would use a source of faulty information.
Posted by agarlits 3 years ago
Most of the anti-pit bull media and statistics comes from the website They quote the website like it's the bible. The funny thing is that is not at all credible like it claims to be. The author of the website is a woman who was bitten by a Pit Bull type dog while she was out running one day and she has made it her personal mission to convince the world that the dogs are evil in some way. I would cite sources on this but there are too many to list. All you need to do is google search exposed and you will see many stories showing interviews with judges, neighbors, police officers and emergency workers from these so called "Pit Bull" attacks that have told the interviewers that the dog was not in fact a Pit Bull but a different breed altogether,it had just been wrongfully reported as a Pit Bull. So don't trust statistics or stories from this website, it is entirely biased and the reports aren't factual.
Posted by amberred12 3 years ago
I'm sorry I don't know what you were trying to say
Posted by dtaylor971 3 years ago

Posted by amberred12 3 years ago
Dtaylor97 - did you read what this debate is about at all? It's about the breed pitbull not music.
Posted by dtaylor971 3 years ago
Moster was by Eminem, Timber was by Pitbull.
Posted by Ore_Ele 3 years ago
My best friend is a big Pit Bull supporter and had two. Note the "had" as is past tense. He also had other dogs. Something happened while he was away at work where the older Pit Bull snapped and killed his other dog (the Pit Bull then had to be put down). He still loves the younger one (which is actually the daughter of the older one).

He is also a dog bite survivor when he was in elementary school (not sure what the breed was), but he used that experience to get to love dogs and see through their general nature.
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