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Pixar is better than Dreamworks.

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Started: 1/10/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Pixar is better than Dreamworks.


A. It's movies can make you cry at the right moments.

B. All of Pixar's movs have been hits! Dreamworks has only made a few really good ones.

C. Dreamworks has stolen ideas upoming Pixar movies so that they can come out with similar movies when Pixar does. (this is from the book about Steve Jobs. It said that Dreamworks was working on rince of Egypt and they called Pixar and said that if they released 'A Bug's Life' at a different time so as not to be around the release of Prinof Egypt, they would not make the movie 'ANTZ' Pixar turned them down and ever since then Dreamworks has stolen their ideas.


Ok! Let`s start!
First of all, I want to bring clarity in our debate that we should take into account when these two companies were created: Pixar was found in 1986 and DreamWorks was found in 1994. The data of creating these companies is the factor of not little importance in the way or history of their success. Pixar, having a lot of time to create more awesome amazing cartoons, are perceived on the same level of fame and success as Dreamworks, which can be considered as young company. (This argument is proved by my opponent, because if and only if DreamWorks wasn`t good as Pixar, right now we wouldn`t need this debate to prove that Pixar is better, but now it is obvious that Pixar reputation shattered.)

Secondly, now it is modern generation, who needs modern culture, art, fashion, entertainment, generally, they are shiny and need somethinhg new. And DreamWorks gives it to them. Almost all of their cartoons were succesfully accepted by the audience. You can`t deny that DreamWorks always surprises, their cartoons differ from each other greatly. Let I remind you movies like "How to train your dragon?", Monster vs. Aliens, "Bee movie", Kung fu Panda, Megamind, e.t.c. and these series of two great cartoons "Madagascar" and "Shrek ". Their Shrek series is one of the biggest box franchises ever. Shrek 2 is the highest grossing animated movie ever when looking at adjusted for inflation box office numbers.

What about your argument, well, as i mentioned above, Dreamworks` scenarios always rely on positive emotions, I mean they always bring smile and laughter, their intended goal is like making us happy. ANd Pixar is another one, which scenario is already predestined, i think evrybody will agree that they have definite rule in the middle of cartoon
is moving the audience to tears! As for me it is already not interesting! BUt it is only my opinion in this case, because I don`t know maybe other people love such kind of touching moments. That`s why I think it is not argument to prove that Pixar is better.

About copying moment that DreamWorks are copying, my dear opponent, it is a business, where survive the strongest and craftiest. And, all in all, it is subjective opinion, even if it is true we don`t know exactly!

To sum up, I want to add that to survive through such bankruptcy is not in the power of every organization! Only the strongest and extraordinary company with the full of new ideas can do it! And It is DreamWorks!
Debate Round No. 1


First off, I must say that you did well, but now wish to correct myself about what exactly we are debating. I would not want to debate how well the companies are doing. That is unfair in many aspects. I want to debate how good the movies are that the companies produce.

Now, I said that DreamWorks copied only because copying others' ideas seems like cheating.

To debate what you have said: The Toy Story franchise is smaller, yet brought in more money than Shrek. Also, I doubt anyone would say I was wrong in the thought that Shrek went downhill after the second movie.

I am debating this, not because I doubt Pixar's superiority, but because there are those that believe otherwise.


Thank you for appreciating my work! I understand your point!
But I don`t know as for me it is obvious that all cartoons of DreamWorks are memorable and exciting. Again I can repeat It, but not!
There is a problem for me that If you want to evaluate movies how they are themselves. I think this is impossible. They are absolutely in two different genres. As I mentioned above, Pixar loves touching with the deep meaning cartooons and DreamWorks always create funny and comedy cartoons, which I mostly like. How many people are, so many opinions. If you are about cartoons). Maybe you mean quality of the cartoons????
Debate Round No. 2


I see what you're saying. Since we can't really debate which movies are better (since there are so many), et me suggest we have the voters decide which company produced the most movies that they enjoyed more, and would more likely want to watch again.

Sound good?


I also agree with you! This debate is not only for two people, we can`t decide for surroundings! So people, who like Dreamworks` cartoons, please, vote for me!!!!!
Debate Round No. 3
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