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Pizza is a Better Breakfast Than Pancakes

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Started: 4/10/2011 Category: Miscellaneous
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Pizza has ingredients from multiple food groups: dairy (from the cheese), grains (from the crust), and fruit (from the sauce, which is made from tomatoes). This is not true of a pancake. Pizza is more nutritious than pancakes, and nutrition is a crucial part of breakfast.

Pizza is also more convenient than pancakes. If you have pizza in the morning, it is generally in the form of refrigerated leftovers. All that is necessary to eat them is to remove them from the fridge and whatever container that they may be stored in. To have pancakes for breakfast, you have to make the pancakes, make dirty a lot of dishes which will need to be washed later, and sit down to eat them. Pizza can be consumed on the way out the door to wherever it is that you need to b in the morning, whether it is school, work, or soccer practice.

Thank you to whoever accepts this debate, I look forward to debating with you!


Hello Andromeda,

First off, I'd like to say that this is my first time debating here, so if I do not follow the unstated norms and procedures, I apologize in advance. I do not frequent these types of formal debates, but do engage in various informal discussion forums where people are always disagreeing and trying to pinch each others' heads off.

On with this debate!
The burden of proof is on you to show how pizza is a more complete package as a whole as a main breakfast choice. I do not have to prove that pancakes are superior, all I must do is show that pancakes are as good, but will go the extra distance to show that they are even better than pizza for breakfast :)

While pizza does have ingredients from multiple food groups such as dairy, grains, and fruit, you fail to mention the most negative group, fatty acids. Fatty acids greatly overwhelm any positive nutrition the groups you did mention may have provided. The amount of oil and fat on a pizza is overwhelming, sometimes to the point of causing a stomach to churn and knot. I'd just like to bring to your attention all the girls in high school trying to soak up as much of the fatty grease off their pizza at lunch with napkins. The oil in pizza cannot be digested by the stomach's acids and just sits on top blocking any digestion. The grease in pizza is extremely high in fat content, which is not very 'nutritious'.

Pancakes may not be as diverse in ingredients as pizza, but they are more healthy. They are comprised mostly of flour, with small amounts of salt and baking soda. If you make them with unbleached/un-enriched flour, they have many nutrients, similar to whole wheat bread. Furthermore, if you use buckwheat flour, there is no gluten. If you have Celiac Disease and cannot eat wheat products, you can still eat buckwheat pancakes, which are quite tasty.

"Generally in the form of leftovers.........."
^^Hasty generalization if I ever saw one. Sometimes my mom would make pancakes the night before when I was in high school, so I could wake up and heat them. I would never think of using instances such as these as part of an argument. This would be like the U.S. declaring the start of space race when they started the countdown to launch Apollo 11(The first one to land a man on the moon). It is simply not fair to tell everyone else to start while you are on your last lap. These are extenuating circumstances that we can all think up to further our respective agenda.

For the reason outlined above, I will compare the preparation of a pizza to that of pancakes, starting from scratch.
Pizza -
1. Make crust - this in itself is more complex and time consuming than making just one pancake, takes 40 min - see link:
Make sauce - 5-10 minutes, estimated from link above.
2. Apply sauce, grate and apply cheese, and apply any other toppings. This could take as little as 2 minutes or as long as it takes to chop onions, peppers, mushrooms, and apply pepperoni in a symmetrical and equally distributed fashion. 2-14 minutes.
3. Cook - This takes 20-35 minutes depending on preference. This did not include preheating the oven - it can be heating while you apply ingredients to the crust.

Total time - Between 67(minimums from above) and 99 (maximums from above) minutes. An hour and 25 minutes on average.

Gather ingredients, measure them and mix in a bowl. 15 minutes.
Cook them on preheated(while you prepped) griddle: 2 minutes for each batch of 4.

Total time: 17 minutes.

Ease of cleanup goes to the pancakes, as you have only dirtied one mixing bowl, a spatula, and one griddle which usually stays clean unless you burn the pancakes.
The pizza ordeal involves cleaning the dough prep area, sauce bowl, spatula, cutting board, knife, cheese grater, cooking stone, and pizza cutter. While there may be another dish and a fork to clean up with pancakes, this can quickly be done in the 75 minutes you have saved by not making a pizza.


The outcome of a pizza is determined by what toppings you put on it before it is cooked. Each pizza must be custom tailored to the liking of whoever is going to eat it. There are some topping combinations that most people will be fine with, such as plain cheese, and then pepperoni, but these are not very sophisticated and come off as childish.
Pancakes can be mass produced and then the end user may decide to put anything he or she likes on them, seconds before being consumed. These toppings include, but certainly are not limited to: syrup, flavored syrups, strawberries, blueberries, other fruit, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluffing.

Unintended Concequences

After eating pizza, I usually have bad breath. The level of bad breath is directly proportional to how good the pizza was ;) I usually taste the peppers, meat, and onions for hours later, no matter if I floss, brush, and then twice again for good measure. I would definitely not want to go through my whole day tasting onion and pepperoni burps and having the residual aromas drivel from my mouth throughout the day, especially if I was going to be in contact with anyone of importance, such as classmates, or in a job interview.
Another drawback is if that pizza is loaded with grease, in as little as half an hour your stomach could be locked down tighter than Fort Knox. Simply stated, indegestion is a b!tch can put you out for part of the day, and can be moderately painful.

Pancakes do not cause either of these hindrances, and I cannot fathom any negative consequences resulting explicitly from eating pancakes, unless you are allergic to gluten, in which case you can eat buckwheat pancakes as stated above.

That's all I have for now, the sun is about to come up and I have yet to sleep. I await your reply, my dearest Britni.


Debate Round No. 1


This is only my second debate, so if there are unstated norms and procedures, I don't know them either.

In most pizzas, there is a considerable amount of fat; however, there are fat free pizzas you can order online [1] or low-fat pizza recipes to be made at home [2]. In this case, removal of grease with napkins is unnecessary. There is no fat, but the pizza still has other nutrients.

This argument also applies to pizza, as they can easily be made with whole wheat crusts. There are also numerous recipes for gluten-free pizza crusts [3]. Those with Celiac Disease can still eat pizza.

Okay, I see your point here. I'm far too used to pizza leftovers and freshly made pancakes, it seems. I concede this argument.

"...and come off as childish."
To whom? Pepperoni and plain cheese are among the most popular toppings for pizza. [4] If people of all ages eat pizza, how can this be considered childish?

Aside from fruit and peanut butter, the toppings you listed are mainly sugary substances, which are quickly digested and do not provide lasting energy. Peanut butter , although high in protein, is also high in fat, which you noted as one of the downsides to pizza. It also has peanuts, which doesn't work for those with peanut allergies.

Unintended Consequences
If peppers, meat, and onions are foreseen to be a problem, the simple solution would be to avoid eating them. I understand this debate is not about omelets, but these ingredients are also present in them. If it is possible to eat omelets for breakfast without ill effects, then why not pizza with the same toppings?

The grease problem has been addressed earlier in this round, and it is also possible to order from a pizzeria that does not use too much grease (such as wood-fired pizzas or those with cornmeal on the bottom, which, in my experience, have not been nearly as greasy). You can also make your own pizzas, using only the amount of grease that you find suitable.

It would appear that I am not the only one to debate at a time that could be considered either early morning or late night, and it is far too late here, also. I await your reply, and some sleep. :)



Round 2 Rebuttal


Most foods available to us have a 'fat-free' version. There are low fat pizzas as well as low fat pancakes. I believe the argument of there being a low fat substitute to be a moot point as both sides can claim this as an advantage over the other.

Pancakes made with the recipe I posted in round one have one tablespoon of grease spread between as many as twenty pancakes. I haven't any sources that measure the amount of oil per cubic inch of pancake or pizza, but I do believe you and the voters can agree that pizza will always have more, even if it is not visible. fat and grease hide in cheese and seasoned meats such as pepperoni and sausage. One ounce of regular pepperoni contains 23% of our daily need for saturated fat, most of which is in the grease of the meats and cheese. For comparison, the link for buckwheat pancakes I posted above calls for one ounce of cooking oil. This ounce contains 121% of our daily value of saturated fat, yet this is divided into 20 pancakes, so each pancake only has 6% of our DV of saturated fat

I would just like to reiterate that Pro said "Okay, I see your point here. [...] I concede this argument."

I think we are letting nutrition take over in the value dept. Although it has been at the beginning of every round, we must not put it at the top of the value hierarchy since nutrition is not the most defining of a 'better breakfast' in my opinion. I suppose we never defined 'better' for the purposes of this debate.
Neverminding nutrition, pancakes are more adaptable. The end user can apply any topping he wishes seconds before consumption. Once the pizza is placed in the oven, the toppings cannot be changed [ for all intents and purposes] and the consumer can only add sauce like ranch or seasonings like pepper or more cheese. In the case of pancakes, one consumer may put healthiness at the top of his values and put strawberry preserves on his pancakes, while another consumer may want his to be very sweet so he piles syrup, powdered sugar, and marshmallow fluffing on his pancakes. This is where pancakes adaptability is greater than that of pizza.

Unintended Consequences
The debate is between pizza and pancakes. I've never seen a pancake with onions, peppers, or any sort of meat in them, although such may exist.
Omelets with onions, peppers, and strongly seasoned meats sure do leave an aftertaste and produce certain flavored burps and breath. You may not have experienced this with an omelet, but it is very prevalent when eating pizza with onions, peppers, and meats such as pepperoni, sausage, and anchovies. Garlic breath is deadly.

I addressed the grease issue under Nutrition above.


Debate Round No. 2


Andromeda_Z forfeited this round.


Debate over.

Vote Pro, not that it matters.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by tech0925 6 years ago
Well I missed this debate. However I would have to say that pankes are much better. Pizza is a gross breakfast loaded with calories and would be an unhealthy way to start your day. Good debate though!
Posted by Andromeda_Z 7 years ago
Well, it was fun anyway, and thanks for the debate!
Posted by JMTaylo8 7 years ago
Na. I'm done. Thanks for the offer.
Posted by Andromeda_Z 7 years ago
Sorry, I did not mean to forfeit. I was playing mafia and forgot to post an argument. I know I lost the conduct point for that, but do you want to continue with the rest of the debate anyway?
Posted by DylanAsdale 7 years ago
I have a history of voting for Con in these "X is better than Y" debates, and that is because the word "better" is entirely subjective. I don't plan to break this tradition any time soon.

To Pro, I would suggest coming to an agreement on an objective definition on the word "better". Without this, I think it will be very difficult for Pro to win.

We'll see how it goes. I do think this will be an interesting debate.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro forfeited a round and Con countered Pro's arguments which faced no rebuttle due to the forfeit