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Plans for world peace

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Started: 4/15/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1. Everything you are about to read is satirical but will work in creating world peace
2. I do not believe world peace is even possible, but if it is, this is how it is done.
3. Down to business

1. In order for world peace, we must destroy every other country in the world so that there will be no countries to fight.
2. Now that international problems are solved, we must solve the domestic issues

1. Conflict is the cause of fighting, fighting goes against peace. Racial conflict is a problem therefore, every race other than the dominant white race would have to be killed, leaving only white people.(not racist, this is how world peace comes)
2. Many of the debates on are about gay rights and religion. Kill the gays, no more conflict with them, and kill the atheists because they will cause problems for the Christians.
3. The government must select everyone's jobs based on personality, thus, people will like their jobs. Ensure that no one works harder in any of these jobs. Do this by making farmers work six hours and politicians work twelve. The work will balance out. Thus, no one works any more than someone else.
4. Pay everyone the exact same per day. No matter the job. No one will get rich. In addition, put expiration dates on all of the money so no one can get smart and save it, making them wealthier.
5. Marital conflict is also a problem. The government would have to choose everyone's spouse and there would have to be a perfectly even number of boys and girls. If more boys are born in the day, kill the babies so that the number of boys equal the girls. If a girl dies, then a boy born on the same day would also die.
6. Different parenting styles and values cause children to be different, these differences lead to conflict, which leads to war, which would not be peaceful. Thus, all children would have to be raised by the government in mass youth housing. All children must be taught the same principles.
7. Differences in education lead to some being inferior, which causes conflict. Thus, everyone must be educated equally. No honors or remedial classes. Also, all classes must be lectures without questions because questions can sometimes lead to doubt which causes conflict.

The person who debates with me should say why this is not a method for world peace. I must prove my method so I have the BOP. My opponent may also offer their personal plan for peace. Debating that we should not have world peace or do nothing is not an option because that is what I believe anyway. My opponent must prove my plan false and potentially prove their own plan(this will go as the debate continues.) This is not meant to be a troll topic, but it is meant to be satirical. I am basically trying to show that there is no practical method for world peace if there is any at all.
I would prefer that you post your own method so I could have something to disprove.

Overall claim: Cowboy's plan for world peace should be adopted because it will solve all conflicts.


1. Useless. Countries don't cause war, their leaders and opposing beliefs do. We can keep countries, just remove other factors that start wars.
Onto domestic issues...
1. Instead, create an infection that will be spread by air which will render ever race color blind.
2. I find this step to be counter productive... No need to kill. That defeats the purpose. Just send those outsiders to rehabilitation camps. Or better yet, just other sections of the society where they can thrive peacefully.
3. From birth, preselect the employees and brainwash them to love their job. Grow the farmers together and ONLY teach them farming so that's all the know and love.
4. Get ride of money all together. Have the government provide every person with their necessary food and entertainment.
5. Again, counter productive. Instead, end all marriages. Allow that to be a forgotten tradition. Make everyone belong o everyone else. Relationships will now be on a nightly basis.
6. No argument there. This will be needed from the beginning to teach the kids such ideals as my #5.
7. Education will not be a problem. Simply only teach the farmers how to farm and the mathematicians how to do math.
Extras on my part:

8. Create a class based system so that others are greater and people know there place in the world, but make them content about it.
9. Provide cheap forms of constant happiness. This can be done the creation of a harmless drug that will calm and relax people. Something like marijuana.
10. Make all books illegal. Same goes for any types of free speech that could possible cause an unstable society.
11. End all social media. The social media can create havoc in a second with instant communication.
Debate Round No. 1


1. Every country would eventually elect a new leader. Thus, we get new problems. Therefore, if we destroy every country and its inhabitants, there would be no problems.
2.This is not counterproductive. To have peace, there must be war.

1. Color blindness actually just hides the colors red and green and in some cases, blue and yellow. Just kill all of the races. Furthermore, people would probably still know there race and feel pride in that. This causes conflict.
2 Peace through superior firepower
3. If this is done, farmers would want to know what else is out there. This curiosity would cause problems. Furthermore, some people may not be directly wired for farm work and would be better for a sewing job. Give that person the sewing job, it will increase workers ethic.
4 Very well. And the government must provide the exact same amount of food to every person so that no one gets any more.
5. This cannot be done, if it can, the governmet would have to be the ones who determine the relationships. Some people are naturally better communicators and will get more. Furthermore, this would go against the Christian beliefs and only Christians would be left.
6 We agreed
7. Difference in intellegence will make people feel inferior which could lead to riots. Everyone should be educated the exact same.
8. With this point, it only takes one person to make everyone discontent. There will be no class warfare with no classes.
9. This will cause laziness and people would not work as much. Thus, people work different amounts which causes malcontent. In addition, this will hurt work ethic.
10. Only legalize books written after the peace plan that the governemt has approved. People need a form of entertainment otherwise they will get bored and start to think. Taking away freedom of speech will make people scared of saying something wrong. This fear can cause conflict with the government. However, if someone desides to get smart and start rallying for a cause, they can simply "move away" and never come back. In other words, we kill them.
11. Agreed, I do not like it anyway.

Again, I do not believe that we should do any of this and I simply wish to continue things as they are. If the government is so desperate that they would want to make world peace, this is how they would have to do it and will probably find that it is not worth it.


New Proposal:
1. Create a class based system such as first, second, thirds, fourth
2. Have the govt develop and raise the children to be perfect for their jobs through genetic engineering. The fourth class people can be the laborers. They can be made to be very short and very stupid so they would never revolt. This can keep production stable.
3. Keep each class in separate facilities so they never interact with anyone of another class.
4. Provide food for free and pay them with entrance into facilities where they can spend their time drugged out and feeling good.
5. Control all media, end all religions. Brain wash everyone to love their drugs and their work, nothing more.
6. Never teach about family, no more mother or father or brother or sister.
7. If marriage and family is never taught to the people, then they will revert to their natural ways and essentially just mate with each other. There will be no feelings, just physical relief.
8. If the government provides for everything the people could want, then there would never be a yearning for them to do anything else. No fighting for anything.
Debate Round No. 2


Here is what we agree on:
All countries should be destroyed.
Giving people jobs
Families should no longer be considered
Communism/socialism must be adopted to have world peace.
Problems with what you say:
Religion would easily persuade people to be peaceful.
It is easier for people to adopt a religion than to forget one.
If everyone has the same religion, people are more similar.
In order for genetic engineering of people, the government would have to choose a spouse or partner for people to reproduce. Choosing a spouse for people would help your genetic engineering idea along which would make it work.
Part of my plan for universal Christianity would be marriage, otherwise questions would form. In addition, my plan can provide better population control.

Final Plan:
Destroy all countries
Kill all but the white people
Government chooses jobs
Government chooses spouses
Spouses, aside from personality profiles, should be paired to produce beneficial offspring.
The government raises this offspring.
Provide free food equal in amounts to all people.
Censor Media
Create Universal Christianity
Do not teach that people have families
This will work. But I just assume keep things how they are now.
This is my final plan.


mannyboy forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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