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Plastic Surgery Should Be Banned For Everyone Except...

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Started: 5/19/2016 Category: Health
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If you were in a serious accident, car crash, mauled by a bear, burn victim etc. then it's clearly fine to be permitted a little plastic surgery to clean things up.

Or if you have some serious disfigurement like one breast significantly smaller than the other, or are missing a large portion of your buttock, it should be permittable too.

But in any other situation it should be BANNED.

I have NEVER seen a case where plastic surgery has ever looked "good".

Plastic surgery leaves permanent scars and makes the poor people who receive this treatment disfigured and mangled for life.

I'm against all forms of this horrid activity, but I'd like to point out breast, and butt implants specifically. These two operations ALWAYS turn out looking horrendous.

If you get breast or butt implants you will look unnatural and disgusting.

You will also cause confusion when wearing cloths and attract potential mates who would have never been interested without the perceived "enhancements". This doesn't even work anyways, when that person you tricked into being interested in you because of your breast or butt implants finally sees what you really look like naked, it will create a very awkward situation. They will not want to be with you, or touch you, not even once.

Large breasts and butts are an evolutionary sign of strength and power. If you have large natural breasts it means you will produce a voluminous amount of milk after a pregnancy for the offspring to feed on. This extra milk will make the infant grow into a strong baby.

A good, well formed butt also promotes a more safe environment for a baby to develop in as well.

Do not try to screw with evolution ladies! You by getting plastic surgery are just messing with natural selection! And it won't even work because anyone with any high quality genes won't mate with you anyway.

Stop the freak show people!

What the hell is going on here? Earth is not some carnival side show!

And let me tell you about this ethics and morals behind this atrocity too.

Say you have a pile of extra money sitting in the bank just getting stale, so you decide to go blow it on a nose job? Sick, selfish. You could donate that money to starving children or help homeless people figure out how to help themselves.

You promote the idea that vanity and appearance matter more than helping other people with real problems.

If a person want's to look better and feel better they need to exercise and diet, THAT SIMPLE.

If you're offended, great. I'm sick of people sugar coating and dancing around real world problems like there no big deal.

Not everything is a big deal, but this IS.






Many thanks to my opponent for beginning this debate.

Pro believes that plastic surgery should be banned unless it is to correct a severe deformity, because:

- He doesn't believe it looks good
- Plastic surgery can leave scarring
- It tricks other people into believing falsehoods about your natural body
- Plastic surgery is not natural in evolution
- You can change your bodies naturally

First, whether or not Pro believes plastic surgery looks good is irrelevant. Many people believe that it does look good.

Second, people who choose to undergo surgery accept the risks including scarring.

We have no obligation to present our "natural" look to others. After all people wear makeup, jewelry, nail polish and other things to alter their appearance. People also get tattoos which is not "natural" but acceptable.

And finally on Pro's points, sometimes the kind of look we want cannot be achieved naturally.

I will be arguing that plastic surgery should NOT be banned for the following reasons:

1. Our bodies belong to us - not the government. Nobody has the right to tell other people what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. If people can tattoo, pierce or use their bodies for other things, one should be able to alter their own body in any way they would like to. Just because something is not natural does not mean it's bad, and it's nobody else's concern or right to dictate how the individual treats their own person. We have the right to bodily autonomy.

2. Plastic surgery often improves people's appearance. Good looking people have an easier time in society. They are the preferred mates [1] and job candidates [2].

3. Researchers from Ruhr University and the University of Basel examined the psychological effects of plastic surgery on nearly 550 patients. They found that it does in fact improve confidence and self-esteem [3] which has positive effects on one's mentality and the way they interact with others.

4. Just because something is dangerous or has risks does not mean it ought to be banned. There are already laws that protect against risky cosmetic surgeries and which protect vulnerable consumers [4].

5. Plastic surgery can have health benefits even when it's cosmetic. For example people who break their nose don't need nose jobs for health reasons, but choose to have them for cosmetic purposes. However the surgery often winds up improving their health simultaneously [5]. The same is true for people who have surgery for weight loss [6]. Pro says that you can lose weight naturally and that's true -- but the surgery can encourage better living and jump start the process of a healthier lifestyle. For some people it can save their life [7].

Debate Round No. 1


Hi, Danielle. You present a nice opposition, but...

Lets just get real, okay. Its not my opinion that plastic surgery victims, as I call them, don't look good, its objective evolutionary fact.

You ever seen any imagery or video footage of plastic people done over? 100% of the time do they not just have noticeable scaring, they are boldly disfigured. This is twisted human mutilation. Its absolutely insane.

I can tell when someone has breast or butt implants, even with clothing on, and it disturbs me on a very deep level.

Its an abomination of the human body.

Its more disturbing that the money hungry surgeons will flat out lie to their victims and lead them on and make them think they will turn out fine after the healing of the surgery, after all the scars and bruising clears up. The victims wake in a fog, in a madding white room, with their botch zone, their chopping area all wrapped and bandaged up in rolls of bloody white gauze, fat, numb, and full of stitches. If its their face they can't even barely see or talk, lips all puffed up, or cheeks bulging out in different directions. The doctor tells 'em to pop their little pills and come back later for an inspection. These people never heal, their souls are botched for life, the scares don't heal and their always at risk for bruising problems.

If its breast implants, the plastic bags hang out the bottom of the boob, the nipples float all around and are stuck up higher than whats normal, the overall thing is tight and hard looking like a plastic barbie stick. Sickening. The unnaturally rounded and tough "fun bags" sit together like two clanking bowling balls popping out of the top of a tube top thingy, smashing into everything and everyone, making a mockery of all that is sentient in vicinity.


I could literally be done here, but I'll continue...

The con mentioned plastic surgery is a right that the government should not control. Well, "they" try to control a lot of other things people might want to do like take certain drugs for example. They also don't allow people to stab each other with knives. Why? Because its simply not right for people to stab each other with frickin knives.

And banning plastic surgery wouldn't even be a government thing, it would be a state effort, someone just needs to start a petition, get 100k signatures or so, get it on the ballot, and then people vote on it. Easy.

When you see a kid about to stick metal tweezers into an electrical socket, what do you do? You say, hay! NO! Don't you do it!

Same thing with all these people getting plastic surgery.

You say: NO! Don't do it. You'll hurt yourself. Its not right.

So don't you start telling me about autonomy and freedom. Some things are just wrong, and should be intervened upon.

You mention self-esteem? How do you think those people feel having to live with themselves for the rest of their lives knowing they had their body cut, stuffed and stitched over senseless vanity?

Probably not very good.

I bet you somebody would feel better if they just accepted who they are and learned to work through any problems they think they have rather than have some slightly evolved monkey cut them up with a razor and stuff or shoot a wad of plastic into their body.

You bring up they have more job opportunities because of looking "good"?

I don't think so. You get hired for your professional references and skills, not your appearance.

I could go on for ever, but I'll end by saying that if anyone reads this now or in the years to come and you're thinking about plastic surgery, just don't do it. (Unless of course you fall into the exception category which was outlined above.) Go face your problems head on, work on your confidence, diet, exercise, etc.

Don't get cut up or injected by some greedy doctor that barely even understands what their doing. If you look weird and think its a problem, just take a look around next time you go out and see that your not the only one.

[AGAIN: Let me just state for the record: IF YOU REQUIRE plastic surgery for LEGITIMATE MEDICAL REASONS, and have to have, or have had this done, it is completely fine. I'm not ragging on you. I'm ragging on people who waste money on this crap for no good reason whatsoever, when they could go do something positive with their time and money for the world rather than make a mockery if it, themselves and everyone around them.]


Pro says that it's an "evolutionary fact" that plastic surgery does not look good. That is false. Many people love the way they look after plastic surgery, and at least 5 examples of that can be found here [1, 2, 3, 4, 5].

Pro goes on to repeat his (irrelevant) opinion that plastic surgery does not appeal to him personally, and posits that surgeons who operate on people cosmetically are disingenuous. He then goes on to describe the scenario of a botched surgery, though the majority of plastic surgeries in the U.S. are free of complication and there are many ways to avoid risk [6].

Beyond Pro's fallacious fear mongering, he argues that the government has the right to control things to protect people's safety. He says it wouldn't be a "government thing" but a state effort, which of course is a contradictory statement that makes no sense.

However his position is that people have the right to inhibit others from risky behavior. That is false. The government attempts to protect society as a whole and people's individual rights. For example smoking cigarettes is dangerous, but the government still allows it. The sale of cigarettes is regulated. Likewise medical procedures can be regulated for safety and government oversight, but it doesn't mean the entire procedure is banned due to potential risk.

My opponent contends that one's self-esteem is "probably" not improved after they have plastic surgery. However I've proven that is untrue with cited sources and various research in the last round. Indeed most people's self-esteem improves (which has widespread beneficial effects on their personal and interpersonal success) after surgery. Here is another source confirming this [7].


Pro alleges that surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery "don't know what they're doing" and simply make you look weird. In fact surgeons are accredited doctors who have completed medical school and a PhD residency; we have no reason to assume most surgeons don't know what they're doing (and Pro hasn't proven as such). Pro claims that he is "ragging on people who waste money on this crap for no good reason whatsoever." However I've given some good reasons for people to pursue plastic surgery even if Pro disagrees with their motives:

- We have the right (and good reason) to want to improve our appearance
- Research proves cosmetic surgery increases people's self-esteem
- Plastic surgery can have health benefits

And again, we have the individual freedom and liberty to alter our body how we see fit, thanks to the right to bodily autonomy.

My opponent dropped the contention on health benefits, and he undermines the benefits of one's improved appearance and self-esteem through surgery. His entire case is based on his subjective preferences and unsupported fear mongering. But I have proven that citizens not only have the right to pursue cosmetic surgery, but often good reason and it should be up to them to research/assume the risks and rewards.

Thank you.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by jeremyxqyalien 12 months ago
Con, did you copy your arguments from elsewhere?
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
Con did a much better job than I would have.
Posted by webnebula 2 years ago
I know the counter arguments to this debate, and they have no chance to uphold here.
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
Tempting, but you're new, so you deserve some chance at winning your first debate here.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's only offense is that plastic surgery "reduces self-esteem." Pro's arguments that it makes people look bad or similar arguments don't hold much ground in light of Con's self-ownership response -- Pro doesn't offer a competing framework to show that such a basic liberty should be banned. The "self-esteem" point is turned by Con by means of research and multiple examples, which Pro drops. Pro also argues that it has health harms, but Con shows that -- via self-ownership -- health harms isn't sufficient reason to affirm. Pro drops Con's offense (liberty, health benefits, self-esteem turn), which means I vote Con.