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Plastic surgery in Islam

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Started: 10/12/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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As said in Islam, It is forbidden to do plastic surgery, because it may seem like you are not happy with what your God created you as. But i still don't get why other muslims still get plastic surgery. They call themselves muslims, but still, they get plastic surgeries! Why? Take for an example this article from Fashionista "How entrepreneur and beauty sensation Huda Kattan handles Instafame", Huda both states "I have gone under the knife. I've never said I haven't had plastic surgery. I've talked about fillers" and "I'm Muslim and I get a lot of mean comments from people. (...)" Some people judge her daughter by her mustache, and Huda just says "When she's 19 she'll laser it off, it's fine."

The same goes with drinking. Why are muslim men allowed to drink and party in their religion without it being frowned upon, but when women do it, it is terrible, and they should be ashamed of themselves? I have a religion assigment on plastic surgery, and I was supposed to explain Islam's point of view when it comes to plastic surgery. But i still have to explain, why muslims sin anyway.


I first want to say, I couldn't tell if this was meant to be a debate or a more general question. In any case, I am happy to provide my perspective and I wish my opponent good luck on his/her assignment!

My opponent is correct in saying that Islam, plastic surgery(for purely cosmetic reasons), drinking and smoking are forbidden. However, I think there is a more cultural aspect that my opponent has brought up, the males getting less stigma for the same things women do. And I think that that would be a greatly interesting thing to mention in your assignment. The cultural views of religious taboo changes depending on gender, whereas the religion itself gives no preferential treatment.

I hope this perspective helped! Also by all means ask more questions if you have them.
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