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Plump Barbie Faces the Same Issue as Slim Barbie

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Started: 11/26/2016 Category: Society
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This debate is whether the curvy Barbie doll [1] is better than the original Barbie doll. [2] I can tell you why it isn't, and you can tell me why it is.

Just as undereating can result in poor health, so can overeating. [3] If Barbie wants to be a healthy inspiration to girls, then she must not inspire girls to be anything but healthy.


Make the best debater win.


I accept this debate. I will argue why the introduction of the 'curvy Barbie' is a healthier, more inclusive inspiration for young girls.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you so much for accepting my debate challenge. This is something I've been wanting to debate but have had no one to debate it with, so thank you for being that someone I was looking for.

I would like to make clear that the curvy Barbie doll is actually no curvier than the original doll, meaning she is not endorsing different body types but is the same body type in a few sizes up.

I would also like to mention that this debate isn't whether the curvy Barbie doll looks better than the original doll but whether she sets a better example for girls.

Here's what I think.

With full figured beauties highlighting the media, such as Kim Kardashian, for example, it's very convenient for Mattel to release a full figured Barbie doll, knowing she'll be in good company, and in other words, in style.

Mattel wants us to believe that curvy Barbie is indicating to girls that they don't have to be skinny anymore, when in reality, although she is indicating this, it's obvious no one has to be as skinny anymore, because celebrities aren't as skinny anymore and they're (considered to be) the ones to be.

Barbie is curvy for the same reason she was skinny. Because curves are what today's average girl wants and whatever most girls want is whatever Barbie has.

However, as safe as it is for Barbie to obtain, it's not as safe for every girl to attempt, considering not every girl is naturally curvy, which is the issue here, just as not every girl is naturally skinny, which was the issue with Barbie before. Inspiring girls to be curvy is inspiring some girls to be something they're not, such as myself, for instance. If I wanted to look like a full figured woman, I'd have to overeat, because my "full figure" is not very full.

Even women who carry weight don't always naturally carry it in the most ideal places. Only so many of these young girls are going to grow up naturally looking like the curvy Barbie doll, making Barbie, once again, an unnatural and unhealthy image to aspire to resemble.

Thank you for hearing out my side of the debate. Let's hear yours!


Thank you for entering this debate with me. I will refute my opponent's points and present my own arguments as to why the introduction of the full-figured Barbie sets a better example.

My opponent argues that the full-figured or curvy body has been introduced because today's celebrities are much curvier than they used to be, so this is now the desirable body type. While it is true that there is more acceptance for different body types than there used to be, it is also true that there are still many very thin celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others. Merely because we can now consider full-figured women beautiful doesn't make this the most dominant, sought-after body type. The vast majority of main-stream models, for example, are still very skinny, and these are people we look to for beauty only! Celebrities are usually famous for something, whether is be singing or dancing or acting. Models are famous because they are beautiful - that fact that the majority of them are still thin shows what body types we value as a society.

My opponent also argues that, just as the original Barbie may have encouraged girls to diet themselves, the curvy Barbie encourages them to gain weight. This is blatantly untrue, mainly due to the fact that the original Barbie is still in production. The original wasn't replaced, it is merely that an additional body type was added to give curvier girls a role model of sorts. This promotes the sort of inclusiveness I have discussed, and would not promote unhealthy habits any more than simply having the original would.

Of course, Barbie is not perfect. There are still many people that aren't represented. However, the idea of the curvy Barbie is to promote inclusiveness and health for young girls, and for full-figured girls to understand that they can still be beautiful. Being born with a certain body is something that you cannot change, you can only strive to be healthy as you are. The curvy Barbie isn't unhealthy; she isn't obese or even overweight. Her body is in fact likely much healthier than the original Barbie's. I am personally very thin, and I don't feel threatened or overruled by the curvy body. My body type is still widely over-represented in the media, and I am perfectly fine to share some of the spotlight with a slightly larger doll.
Debate Round No. 2


I understand my opponent's thoughts on the curvy doll, for I thought the same thing, at first. It's easy to interpret the curvy doll as an embracement of diversity, because that's what Mattel has been portraying her as. My opponent is speaking on behalf of the surface, while I'm looking below the surface, because there's more than meets the eye.

Although my good opponent is correct in saying Taylor Swift displays a skinny figure, she's not showcasing her skinniness, while Kim Kardashian is showcasing her curviness. It can be argued that Taylor Swift is just presenting her body type, as oppose to presenting it as beautiful, even if it is.

I would like to argue with my opponent that people don't look to models for standard beauty but for imaginative beauty: as beautiful creatures than beautiful people. A majority of the female models are taller than the average male, for example, which is not ideal for the standard woman. As for runway models, that my opponent mentioned, who are skinny, are not in the media, but commercial models, who are, are known to be much curvier.

If the full figured doll was made to make full figured girls feel beautiful, as my opponent states, then the doll is capable of giving young girls the impression that you're not made to feel beautiful until society thinks you are, because it wasn't until society thought that full figured bodies were beautiful that Mattel released this doll.

The only people Barbie represents are the people the media represents. Girls need to be shown that you don't have to be beautified in the media to be beautiful, but Barbie shows otherwise, when she shows a full figured doll only after it has been shown through the media.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an abnormally large nose, but Barbie has yet to embrace this because the media has yet to embrace it. Until Barbie stops caring more about setting good trends than setting good examples, she will continue to have a bad influence on some girls and we can't afford a bad influence on any girl.

That's my final piece.

I'd like to thank my opponent so much for contributing to this debate and opposing my argument so well. Good luck to her, and make the best debater win.
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Debate Round No. 3
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