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Poetry Battle

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Started: 8/15/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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Each round, post your best and original poetry! Only 1 poem per round. First round acceptance. Please no trolls. May be any kind of poetry but no rap.


lol i'm gonna try to bring originals
Debate Round No. 1


Title: Au Clair De la Loon

The waves on the bay crashed to the rocks swiftly yet gently
Who was to enter that scene of violence and serenity
Only the aviators who flew calmly giving their call so humbly.
The scent was pleasant, like clams and fish fillets many
Countless grains of sand, nothing to stop them from multiplying
Fins darted from the water, the sun reflecting quietly
"Au Claire de la Loon" said the beauty, where there's no sign of humanity.

The waters so frisk and bold as to demolish any dry land
Like a teacup and pot the friendship mixes between wetness and sand
Turtles make their way to a destination they had planned
Slowly, the colors blend as to make a painting from an artist's paint cans
There is no hint or sign of action, or activity, yet nothing too bland
A scenic bit of the world where it's hidden, a special land
"Au Claire de la Loon" said the seashore, the tides who make their own band.

Footprints wahed away long ago from the beach by a powerful tide
Nature within the luscious land and water boundaries hold a land slide
The hearts of all the unique creatures feel at home, out and inside
Sometimes the waters nearby are rough, now the look like glass as ducks glide
No humans dare intrude this silent sanctuary, where glory and peace abide
Where the pretty sun shines on the blueness and the waves crash and collide
"Au Claire de la Loon" said the fish, happily swimming side by side.

It's morning time, the creatures are bustling around the lagoon
Swordfish fight, bugs find food, the birds will make their calls soon
Splendid, candid, special anenomes stand still, the natural clock ticke noon
There are rainbow fish, sunnies, croppies, fish that look like balloons
Minnesota's state bird swims profoundly and proudly with the same colors as a raccoon
In this mysterious land there are no animals like a rainforest baboon
The whole land of 10,000 lakes scream with joy: "Au Claire de la Loon!"


My child so beloved

"My child, since the day i saw you, i loved you like my own child i have birthed from the depths of a love so pure, i held you so deeply in my heart and i will not let heart burns in passion and love for i will write your story in pen and paper
I made the world for you..In such art and beauty, i built a house for you..I created all things: the stars, trees, sun, moon, everything beyond your wildest imagination
So that you can breathe my breath, focus on the trees that i have made, ponder on the beauty of the earth..gaze at the stars and dream..splash in the rain..and enjoy the sun..and in the midst, think of me, your creator, your dear father
I have given you a life to appreciate in it's fullness
Do not fret because you long for the beauty emanating from others, do not despair because you feel that i favor another more than you
For i have given you gifts, precious gifts no one else can have, but you for you are all my love is like the shines upon all...when men look upon it, they fill find life and be satisfied because i have made you whole
Alas! It's such a heaven, a world beyond paradise! the human heart cannot bear!
But tragedies of tragedies, sorrows of sorrows, you have reached the end of your heaven
As you succumb to the sins of this you left what i have given favor of something far from me..something that breaks me...
Silence, dead silence fills me, overcomes me as you fall from grace, you burden the stain of wickedness, you bear the weight of vanity
My heart is crushed! As you fall into a ruined place of desolation
Nevertheless if it is your will..may i be separated from you
Let me hide my face from you for i cannot bear the pain of a soul seeking it's own destruction!
As you escape from hope...i knew you would desert your only father...
But do not despair, for i have not forsaken you to die among the faithless
Those who have betrayed me..i have not forgotten your name engraved within my very being!
For i have sent my only son for you my calm your calm your fears of my very show you my love still burning so brightly
I have instilled peace within him..I have poured out and immersed myself: my heart so beyond this entire being, my sadness, my sorrowful expressions, my love, my joy, my peace, my tears, my pain, my everything within my son so that when you look into his eyes, i will find you and you will know who i am...You will know me..fully
This is my bring you back to the kingdom of my divine love
My child...did you know that this was my plan for you since the foundations of the world?!
How i i marvel at this choice, this path you have chosen to walk on...for despite the pain you have caused me, my glory can be shown!
Accept his pain which was taken in your stead for my love for you is greater than your sins..your wickedness...the stains of destruction that can never be erased by vanity or sorrow..or pious living, but by my wounds...and my death for your life..
Take my life...embrace it...embrace my only desire..all of my power in it's bring you back to me...
And even though in this life you will experience shall know shall know will cry out for will bear the weight of your cross...and despite it all,you will realize...I was within you all along...carrying you through it all...
My will realize that i have made it all for you...
And when evil triumphs, it will come that i will finish the last page of your story..In smiles, i shall forever make you a shall see how much i truly loved you..your longer separated by a distant and i will be forever one..."
Debate Round No. 2


Title: Contemporary Agelessness

Old wagon sits by wildflowers which are tickled by the breeze as they sway
The earth holds such growing beauty while humanities carpentry somewhat decays
No one knows all the secrets it holds or how it's magnificence remains and stays
Behold the great galaxies upon which God created, where stars play!

Technology may be modern, it amazes those who first see
But it won't be modern in 100 years, by then magic will be their technology
Nobody knows the future where my kids and the next generation will be
Except God with all his wonderful, unpredictable eccentricity!

Humans take self pride, and their hearts are easily conceited
They don't realize that God was the One who they abnegated
By doing so, us humans likely have seriously backpedalled
Who's it to notice that our lives are what the Contemporary Ageless God cinematized!


This one is called "Demoralization obliterated"

"I'm a being, festering beneath a world I've engineered with my own mind
The mechanical organism I've created within carnality has birthed a rebirth of corruption
The regurgitation of human wickedness forever manifesting itself once more
I am a being without a need for food or water
but a drive to survive, to thrive, to find my perfection with absolute divinity

Have i become a man or the sum of what you feared me to be?
Have you become the savior of humanity or just a figment created by me?

I stand sinking within a nirvana of insensibility, emotions wearing thin
I'm surging inside an inner-struggle..the forces birthed from the origin of the cosmos
There seems to be no way to escape the illusion of the contorted self
Humanity has become the product of it's own devices as it seeks to be God
I am a being who has yet to fall into the flesh-consuming process of the ever-evolving machine
Confusion stirs my mind, vanity runs through my veins, my soul has become numb
This demoralization has too found it's way within the seat of consciousness
An infusion of self-will and that prototype that we all seem to know as man

Still decaying into a state of the unknown
My body has finally met it's realization of mortality
it's hunger for the new artificial and inhuman metamorphosis
My soul has at last met found the truth to break away from this reincarnation
As this demoralization of good and evil seems to heal

I am a being who has been made the predestined pure whole

I am a being, i am one..."
Debate Round No. 3


Title: "Motherly Love"

Gives you a hug when you need it most
Lets you talk with sadness or a boast

A shoulder to cry on with tears, happy or sad
Alas, there are many ways to cry but with Mother not one is bad

When you have someone to rely on and are cared for too
Life isn't so hard, depressing, or blue

Where does this beautiful emotion come from
Nothing is more welcoming than a home with guest beds and then some

Like pastures of green and color, where the wind abides and clouds give shelter
Take in a delicious and free breath of love mixed with protection from a mother

Yet know that earthly things pass away; they will dry out and wither quickly
That includes any family members who's love is unending, seemingly

Because everything dies except emotion, memory, and legend
This is where you depend on God to be your mother and best friend!

Loving, caring, hardworking and sin-bearing
Helpful and kind, that's who my Mother is in my mind

Mother or Father - either one works for me
God's traits are the same so in my life God will be!


Cry of the righteous

"Why are my people grieving as if they are stuck in a strange land, as with no Temple?
Why are my people waiting in isolation where these magnificent buildings proudly stand?
Where are the consecrated Temple walls and halls of sacred beauty?
We are being struck down, as the grip of Hellenization grows ever stronger
Our brothers and sisters suffer under the weight of carrying the name of our God in their hearts in the face of a superior civilization

We fight to preserve the Word of the Lord, wage a war as we ride against tyranny where the idols of self-ambitious men strongly stand to consume the world in Greek philosophy But, our will to fight for our God is ever stronger for it is empowered by his Spirit
How much more must our prophets be put in shackles? How much more shall we allow ourselves to be mocked as our pastors are bribed by silver and gold?

I will lift up my eyes to the hills of Zion, where my king of kings dwells among the nations
In the face of adversity and blasphemy, i will raise my sword in battle to wage war just as Israel did in the ancient of days against those who seek to devour my soul in an all-consuming darkness
The Temple of Jerusalem lays in ruins as mockers say "Where is your God?"
"Where is the greatness, the monuments of your people?"
The heathen turn and forget God, their ears become deaf and dumb, their mouths become void of fruitfulness and full of deceit, agony, arrogance, slandering the name of the almighty

I long to see Babylon, the treacherous, the abominable, and detestable, the harlot who had defiled the world in her iniquities and crimes against humanity
I am ever so more eager to once more dwell in the heavenly realms where Jerusalem is restored Where my soul finally lays down in rest beneath the glory of the holy one of Israel "
Debate Round No. 4


Title: Valley of Dry Bones

If this was just a trick
It must've happened real quick.
No-one thought it could actually be
But it's true, the Spirit of the Lord did come upon me.
The Mysterious Hand set me down in a valley,
With bones and more bones, where nothing seemed happy
Because everything was sad, plain, dead;
And we walked around awhile (though it was mostly He who led).
He asked, "Son of Man, can these bones come alive?"
I replied, "O Lord God, I cannot answer with my own eyes."
He began walking, in between shouts, "I will give skin, breath, and the bones will live.
Then everyone will know--everyone will believe. Prophesy, Ezekiel, tell them to breathe."
So I did, so it happened - there was a rumble and a shake -
Can you imagine? the bones formed together, up from the dry lake.
I looked into the Lord's face, saw a sign of desperation
And an expression that told me that this was quite an operation.
He probably wanted this to be world-wide famous,
His goal was to keep evil from getting blamed on me (us).
The next things that happened were this:
The fog from sudden breath made it feel like bliss
And there was skin that came upon them
The whole house of Israel was what it resembled.
God said, "I will open your graves and rise you up
And once in Israel, you'll hold your hands like a cup
And I will fill you with the Holy Spirit of Life."
alas, I so wanted to say: "Hooray! We"ll live with the power of God at our sides like a knife."


Is it better to be in heaven or on earth?

"Is it better to be in heaven where angels dwell?
Is it better to be in the midst of total perfection?
To never have sinned..never have known any pain?
Where no trust is needed nor wanted, nor friends exist
Does it satisfy you knowing that evil is not there?
Where no weaknesses can ever be found?
Surely the earth cannot compare to being in heaven
But i will tell you why it is better to be on the earth

If being perfect means eternal happiness and innocence
then leave me....leave me to the earth, to die as sin kills me
Let me die....let me die so that i may see my God's salvation
Who will raise me up again to live a new life in his grace
If being perfect means never experiencing pain
then let the pain come so that i may endure to death
knowing you God are with me to hold my head up
Let me break trust..for it is better to struggle with friends
than to be alone..separated from all ungodly sinners
Let me know what it is to be evil....let me feel destruction
So that i can crawl to God's sanctuary and be redeemed..."
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 3 years ago
Aerogant, that's so bootyful. Plain art.
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
I farted in her ear, and she called me a queer,
I wanted to fart in a deer's ear, but they won't let me near!
I then went to the fart mart to make a start with a fart dart
It was already getting dark so I looked up at the stars
AND I FARTED - they were so warm - I FARTED LIKE A STORM
Posted by ben671176 3 years ago
She stands upon the further side,

Between us flows the Nile;

And in those waters deep and wide

There Lurks a crocodile.

Yet is my love so true and sweet,

A word of power, a charm ---,

The stream is land beneath my feet

And bears me without harm.

'For I shall come to where she stands,

No more be held apart;

And I shall take my darling's hands

And draw her to my heart.'
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