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Poetry Competition

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Started: 1/30/2012 Category: Arts
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No ridgid formats or anything just post poetry that you have written, and try not to make it that hopeless depressed poetry, something a little more mature.


Of rains it came,
In gradual build,
Sea bound walls,
Oft men it's killed.

Upon dam's break,
Do rivers part,
To find the flow,
Lain at their heart.

A quest too long,
Diverting water,
Building walls,
Of brick and mortar.

Anchors lain,
In light of facts
The ships preclude,
Their ocean tracks,

Their duty done,
The rivers broken,
They turn back to,
Their men unspoken.

For as ships return,
Crumbling walls,
Those waters flowing,
In greater falls.

A poem about inevitable problems that we face in everyday life.

Thank you for reading.


Hey man, just want to start out by saying that you are very talented. I accept.
Anyways here is my poem.

Internal Conflict

Hellfire and brimstone reigns down upon the blood soiled earthen ground, further scaring the land. Mountains begin to crumble, violent tremors crack the plains, the seas in turn begin to boil. Volcanoes erupt only to implode in on themselves. The heavens fall from the above. Screams of agony earsplitting made, silently. They emanate from the suffering souls of the once living. I stand alone to bear this travesty, here in this internal desolation, in my own internal, external damnation. Cries of curse are called out from my own, silently sobbing. Starlight is no more there for comfort, all hope is lost, hell is here. I have lost the will to fight. The armies of none rise up from below my bleeding skies. Hell is here, now? God has no mercy, for he has forsaken me, turning his back upon me, laughing. I fall to my knees, why? Fire ravages all and nothing, sweeping over the land. Yet it does not move. How? Is it all over, no. This is only that sliver of the start, it can't be. Darkness and pain, pluming from my soul, cold hardened steel. Swirling pain overtakes control. Standing alone, bearing witness I cry aloud. I DECLARE WAR!!

This poem symbolizes the huge problems and challenges that were dropped onto my shoulders since i was young. And man am i still trying to throw them off. And to clarify that this is not childish, this is simply a poem of challenges and turnouts. Anywhoo.

Good luck Pro, your turn ^.=.^
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you con for accepting, I enjoyed reading your poem, very good job.

A war of ghosts.

A war of ghosts,
Brought of mind,
To plague field and coast,
Under sky define.

That upon sun's descent
And sands settle,
Which spirit's name,
the dead voice cries.

For souls divine,
Were mercy lay,
Twixt bloodied signs,
In night or day

As man to beast,
They march of sin,
House hellish dreams,
And blood too thin.

Of pious right,
We cleanse the scourge,
Through lore of Blades,
And our masters word.

Their Visions like,
Their lords asunder,
Those blind men strike,
With bloody thunder.

For dreams shall herald,
A bastard son,
A war of ghost's,
From which begun.

Inspired By research on the crusades, several wars between Christendom and the Islamic empires.


Nice man, a little dark. I like it.

These hallowed woods.

Walking through this well lit wood, a warm sun burning in crimson above. Making my way to the unknown, unsure of where to rest. The light blue skies, blowing above me. Blowing the trees, rustling the sky. A small trickling river, filled crystalline blue. The sounds of the animals, questioning my presence. All too calm, all to right. Try to summon up my might. To push on this well worn path. Unsure of what my future hath. Suddenly above me, clouds burst in. The thunderous roll vibrating the walls of my head. The bright sun, turned to a cold, sad, grey. With a whisper of the wind, it turns this warm place dead sub zero. The darkness falling on my head, how i wish i was in my bed. Away in a blissful slumber, will be no more. Crashing lightning, white hot streaks of white. Briefly illuminating the blackened wood. The once tranquil stream of crystal, no more. Now running red with ruby. Whats going on!!? I cry to the blank sky, carrying voice away. Never to hear the echo boomerang. Slowly trudging along, listening for the once alive nature. No sounds of a single creature, nowhere to be. Only the silent creaking of the twisted oak trees. They thrash wildly without moving an inch, with the breath of the sky to give them strength. I now walk this path of blood, onward to my unknown destination. Where am i to be?? Now what?

There it is, my favorite poem. This i just jotted down in about ten minutes during class yesterday. So i hope you like it.
Your turn Pro. Good luck man. ^.=.^
Debate Round No. 2


I am really enjoying reading your work very well written, Here is my next poem:

A concrete jungle,
and stone Olympus,
A clockwork farmyard,
This land between us,

Beasts of burden,
Steel and sorrow
Sleeping now,
Waking tomorrow,

Amongst gaunt flora,
Majesty hidden,
Hidden not gone,
To colours, good riddens,

Sweeping the skies,
The Beauty of clouds,
Breathing and laughing,
Senseless and loud,

Above and behind,
To us they provide,
A milky backdrop,
To our Grim disguise,

But we're leaving the grey,
For ignorant truths ,
For love and for guidance,
In our ample youth,

But the shine of the moon,
Begs us to win,
Under our sheets,
Our masks and our skin,

The lights grow brighter,
And the sounds disappear,
Our voices silent,
Ending the fear.

I eagerly await your response.


That was a very nice poem friend. Very good work.


The crimson blaze above, tendrils of flame. That hot sun, so very cold. The warm air breeze, cooling the world. Gently pushing upon all, and none. The puffy balls of cotton hanging high above. No more than a wisp of vapor. The silky, silvery water so clean. And yet so defiled; Withering the stone faces of the earth away. Leaving Jagged, razor remains. The calm settling silence, made deafeningly heard. That very silence has made itself known by making all aware to it's sound. The soft, fertile soil. Stretching to the very ends of it all. No matter how virgin the soil, how cracked and parched the land be. It yearns for that one coveted drink. That very silence caused by a single bright flash. That flash to bring such chaos upon the world. Instant extermination of all life, making a void sphere of desolate rock. Once beautiful, lush land, reduced to an ashen lain plain. The once clear running waters of life, now contaminated to filth. The vibrant blue sky, a darkened melancholy grey. Those beautiful clouds, gone. The world reborn into chaos, baptized in flame. Nothing is left to witness the beauty to come now. Nothing at all.

That's my poem, thanks for reading it. ^.=.^
Your turn man. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 3


EPRdebate forfeited this round.


DevonNetzley forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


EPRdebate forfeited this round.


Shell Shocked.

There is a shadow following close behind me. It mocks me with every error, or deed no matter how great. Teasing me with hollow pointed phrases in its revolving chamber. The words leading me onto a path that leads down a beaten path, well used. Often it was said by the shadow that, "Running from your fears will always leave you exhausted and frightened." I see now that you can't run from your fears, only face them head on. The shadow, jerks in my hand. Looking down my hand trembling like a blur. No sounds, no sight, the shadow beckons for me to accept the quiet. In this path I stand, sitting down. How could I have been lead so far to nothing? Why do I insist on my own self deprivation, slowly searing my own nerves to desolation? The chambers calling my name, echoing through my head. I beckon for any aid, but the call in vain. My hand blurred; as everything else is, I lock the barrel in my closed teeth. No breathing, the heart skips a beat as the sun on the horizon peaks. The trigger slips, echoing through the land with a silent click. The sun drops, the clouds take reign. The heavens weep over the actions of the shadow. Slowly slipping backward, slamming into the path shaking the ground once walked. Slowly the liquid flows out, rushing as the rivers I once ran. Seeing stars vanish under me, the ground above appears as the dark. Stamping the embers that hold my ties to the earth, slowly sour tears drip from my empty eyes. Cold, alone, forgotten. I lay once a broken one, only to be reborn a dead man. The shadows cackle loudly, holding me in a tight embrace. Why did I do that? One wrong choice to fall through the cracks of my lucid memories. No more will the sun warm, or the rain feel. All is gone, only to rest forever more. Drawing the breath of death, I live stronger than before.
Thats my poem, vote Con. ^.=.^
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by DevonNetzley 6 years ago
It's cool man, no worries.
Posted by EPRdebate 6 years ago
Real sorry for forfeiting the last couple, had alot going on recentely.
Posted by EPRdebate 6 years ago
Real sorry for forfeiting the last couple, had alot going on recentely.
Posted by EPRdebate 6 years ago
same only i just forgot
Posted by DevonNetzley 6 years ago
Couldn't get to a computer on the weekend, so depressed.
Posted by DevonNetzley 6 years ago
I think i have the talent to at least try to match him. I do my best to stay modest, i always considered my poetry to be mediocre at best until someone like my English teacher read them.
Posted by Buckethead31594 6 years ago
I was almost compelled to accept the challenge, but I don't think I can compete with your talent. Nice work!
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Vote Placed by Yep 6 years ago
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Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro has a great understanding of poetry, one that is admirable, especially the second poem. Thus i voted Pro.
Vote Placed by rogue 6 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
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Total points awarded:31 
Reasons for voting decision: I really enjoyed Pro's second poem. Pro displayed amazing imagery and symbolism that was clear but not obvious. The writing was sophisticated. Con has some great ideas and good imagery, but the writing is immature. With work Con could emerge as a great poet. Conduct goes to Con because Pro forfeit.