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Poetry Slam Part II

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Started: 4/25/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Struggles_ andPrevail Means?????

I look outside with stone cold eyes
as I hold my breath to hold my cry
you saw me and knew all my lies.
You'd pay more attention to me
more than my disguise. You offered love
you offered care but I'd ignore you and
go else where. One day we fell and we fell
hard' I cried as I lay in your arms... You smiled
at me and said "It's Okay"... and rubbed my head. Now
your gone I have no one to hold so I feel like a weak pot
of gold... Depression slowly creeps over me as I hold my breath
and count to three...I cannot open my mouth...I stop and realize how
I can't go on..But then I realize you were never really gone.!
My heart feels heavy' can't open my mouth..Nor will tears free me but deceive me.
I'm growing weaker as years pass afraid today will be my last...** The next move is up to me, so asking you for help is the only key....**


Well, 'serves you right that you're feeling depressed,
You can ask for my help, but you'll never get it
You ignoring me had really gotten me stressed,
Now you're wanting my help? Well you'd just better forget it

You can cry all you like, you can die for all I care
So let them years roll by and let them take your strength from you
Cos when I look back now to the way that we were
I see a selfish little mistake that I'm better off gone from

Dont it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til its gone?
Well you can take that lesson in life and shove it
Shoulda realised sooner that everything just flows right on
Shoulda seen where your temptation was and risen above it

The older you get, the wiser you get
The wiser you get, the sadder you get
The more things leave you, the lonelier you'll get
The more that you drove them away,the more you'll regret.
Debate Round No. 1


MemeLove forfeited this round.


I win
A bin
A cardinal sin

You lose
A bruise
An old pair of shoes

In my suitcase I have some toothpaste, a Blu-Ray, a duvet, a shoelace, a fruitcake, a souffl", a toupe and today's newspaper on Tuesday.

In my rucksack I have a thumbtack, a gun rack, a dumb yak and The Comeback
Debate Round No. 2



No one knows challenges I face' obstacles that I run nor the trouble
that awaits me.. The pain I feel right now is strong... It's a shame thst
a heart so vile and tender can be leaded so wrong.. Tenderness is what
I need' a person to love and care for me and use me for the right reasons.
YOU SAID"That would pain would seap out we could be one. Even when we
were feuding.. So, to love you again is the ultimate, desire of mine, but I know
that I would find you in my arms again ...To hold you just one last time , I be satisfied.
Your love it knocks me into a deep deep sleep.. you see all the beauty portrayed is telling
me that I am capable to be loved.. Laughing in the inside crying on the out..Because I laught
at the thought of finding that one.. So laugh at me...because im depressed...but when willm i be relieved will time tell in due time..or will u still laugh at unfinished life thats mine..what about that litttle girl raped every week or that little boy who cant sleep....


You can't rhyme
You're out of time
Do you have a dime?
Bells chime
Mimes mime
Slimy slime
Grimy grime

Roller coaster
4 slice toaster
Obnoxious boaster

Quit pression buttons

See your way out of the haze
But do you want to?
Do you actually want to?
Questions are the only things that lead to answers
Do you know what you want the answer to be?
Or do you know what you want the question to be?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Dann 4 years ago
im winning this poetry slam
when you read my poems you say god damn
im the best rhymer
better than you
not fit to tie my shoe
im like yeats, eliot and spearo all rolled into one
your poems a knife
my poems a gun.

its already over baby blue
Posted by MemeLove 4 years ago

Everyday is a battle. A fight to the finish
Everyday is s a constant alert always looking
over your shoulder, don't know who to trust.
Everyday a new scar appears cutting deeper
into the one before, I hold in the screams. Hold in the tears to
choke back upcoming fears. Everyday is a battle, a never ending
train wreck called "MY LIFE"... Hear the person you see, feel my
heart beat. Don't look past me standing in front of me knowing
it all... If you could just listen it's inevitable way we live ..Listen to my heart Beat...<3 </3 <3
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