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Poetry battle

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Started: 8/14/2014 Category: Arts
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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first round acceptance
Debate Round No. 1


"Eulogies of the blessed one" Poem

Darkness seeps through this heart of mine
As sin corrupts the tranquility of soul
O serenity! Make your way into this body of restlessness
I walked too far...too far into a path...not knowing...not thinking
The ruins of a past life, a desolate sanctuary, the deepest places of myself
A reflection of my own humanity painted so beautifully like music flowing through the windows of heaven itself into eternity
I see my future..i am resurrected...i am complete, a fallen paradise is restored from ashes destined to be laid to waste
I see fallen brethren, those that lacked faith, and my soul cries out for compassion
The same compassion as justice extends her hand to execute retribution
I can only fall into the hands of a loving savior, the sum of all beauty
The heart of all goodness, the creation, my beginning, my end, my everything!
My evil nature reigns for only an age...Christ reigns for an eternity as i slumber
forgetting the pains that i once endured...and may it be that when i triumph
Let the angels take me above...away from scars....from waging war on diabolical fiends
Grace ever so elegant, so faithful carries me the place
where the face of God can finally be unveiled to his bride...the one destined...
perhaps doomed to be forever enslaved to nothing..not evil...or the limits of this temporal world...
but eternal Love and an endless world which sings of I AM...


When peace, like a river, attends my way;
When sorrows, like sea billows roll.
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well with my soul!

My sin, oh the bliss of this glorious thought:
My sin, not in part, but the whole
Is nailed to the cross and I bear it no more!
Thank the Lord, thank the Lord, oh my soul!

And Lord, haste the day, when my faith shall be sight;
The skies be rolled back as a scroll.
The trumpet resound, and the Lord shall descend,
Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! oh, my soul!

There was no throne for him of silver or of gold,
there was no diadem for Him to hold.
But blood adorned his brow, and proud it's stain he bore.
And sinners gave to him the crown he wore.

A rugged cross became his throne,
his kingdom was in hearts alone
he wrote his love in crimson red
and wore the crown of thorns upon his head.

He did not reign upon a throne of ivory
But died upon the cross of Calvary.
For sinners there He counted all He owned but loss
And He surveyed His kingdom from a cross.

No purple robe He wore,
His bleeding wounds to hide
But stripes upon His back He wore with pride.
And from the wounds there flowed a crimson, cleansing stream
That was a cover for the soul unclean.

When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of Glory died.
My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.

See from his head, his hands, his feet,
sorrow and love flow mingled down.
Did, e're such love and sorrow meet?
Or thorns compose so rich a crown.

Were the whole realm of glory mine,
That were a present far too small.
Love so amazing, so divine
Demands my soul, my life, my all.

Low in the grave he lay, Jesus my Saviour
waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord.
Up from the grave he arose!
With a mighty triumph over his foes!
He arose the victor from the dark domain,
Now He lives forever with his saints to reign!
He arose! He arose! Halleluiah, Christ arose!

He's coming again, this very same jesus!
First came as a babe, in a manger was laid, the Son of God.
He's coming again! With power and great glory!
He's coming to take us, those of His own.
Debate Round No. 2


My child so beloved

"My child, since the day i saw you, i loved you like my own child i have birthed from the depths of a love so pure, i held you so deeply in my heart and i will not let heart burns in passion and love for i will write your story in pen and paper
I made the world for you..In such art and beauty, i built a house for you..I created all things: the stars, trees, sun, moon, everything beyond your wildest imagination
So that you can breathe my breath, focus on the trees that i have made, ponder on the beauty of the earth..gaze at the stars and dream..splash in the rain..and enjoy the sun..and in the midst, think of me, your creator, your dear father
I have given you a life to appreciate in it's fullness
Do not fret because you long for the beauty emanating from others, do not despair because you feel that i favor another more than you
For i have given you gifts, precious gifts no one else can have, but you for you are all my love is like the shines upon all...when men look upon it, they fill find life and be satisfied because i have made you whole
Alas! It's such a heaven, a world beyond paradise! the human heart cannot bear!
But tragedies of tragedies, sorrows of sorrows, you have reached the end of your heaven
As you succumb to the sins of this you left what i have given favor of something far from me..something that breaks me...
Silence, dead silence fills me, overcomes me as you fall from grace, you burden the stain of wickedness, you bear the weight of vanity
My heart is crushed! As you fall into a ruined place of desolation
Nevertheless if it is your will..may i be separated from you
Let me hide my face from you for i cannot bear the pain of a soul seeking it's own destruction!
As you escape from hope...i knew you would desert your only father...
But do not despair, for i have not forsaken you to die among the faithless
Those who have betrayed me..i have not forgotten your name engraved within my very being!
For i have sent my only son for you my calm your calm your fears of my very show you my love still burning so brightly
I have instilled peace within him..I have poured out and immersed myself: my heart so beyond this entire being, my sadness, my sorrowful expressions, my love, my joy, my peace, my tears, my pain, my everything within my son so that when you look into his eyes, i will find you and you will know who i am...You will know me..fully
This is my bring you back to the kingdom of my divine love
My child...did you know that this was my plan for you since the foundations of the world?!
How i i marvel at this choice, this path you have chosen to walk on...for despite the pain you have caused me, my glory can be shown!
Accept his pain which was taken in your stead for my love for you is greater than your sins..your wickedness...the stains of destruction that can never be erased by vanity or sorrow..or pious living, but by my wounds...and my death for your life..
Take my life...embrace it...embrace my only desire..all of my power in it's bring you back to me...
And even though in this life you will experience shall know shall know will cry out for will bear the weight of your cross...and despite it all,you will realize...I was within you all along...carrying you through it all...
My will realize that i have made it all for you...
And when evil triumphs, it will come that i will finish the last page of your story..In smiles, i shall forever make you a shall see how much i truly loved you..your longer separated by a distant and i will be forever one..."


"But vengeance and damnation lies on rebels who refuse the grace;
Who God's eternal Son despise, The hottest hell shall be their place."
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: I will try to even this debate out because I'd say it was quite close. I give arguments to Pro because of the effort and longer poems he presented. But Con had great rhymes/flow whereas Pro wrote his more rap styled. Both poems were great though.