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Pokemon Is better than Yu-Gi-Oh

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Started: 3/5/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Hello, and welcome to a very nerd-friendly debate. In this debate, I will be saying how pokemon is far superior to that of Yu-Gi-Oh. When I was younger, I was absolutely obsessed with Pokemon, and still to this day, I can tell you a lot about any pokemon from versions 1 through 3. I still know a bit about gen 4 and a little bit about gen 5. So challenge me! Bring it on!

1. You may not focus primarily on generation 5.

2. You may not say that "gen 1 and 2 were the only good ones".

3. You can't argue against generation six as not much is known about it yet.I think that's it, and please only accept if your an experienced debater. No debaters with only 1 debate under their belt.

Pokemon for the win! And good luck to whoever accepts!


I accept. Being a bit of a nerd, this is right up my alley.

Some extra clarifications:
1. We're talking primarily about the television series adaption of "Yu Gi Oh!" by Nihon Ad Systems, and the English language dub thereof (what's commonly known as the first five seasons), since it can be considered the "final version" of the original story-line.
2. We're not talking about GX, 5Ds, Zexal, or any of the other Yugioh spin-offs.

With that in mind, I wish my opponent good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you to Larztheloser for accepting! I assure you I will keep you true to your name!

As for your clarification, I am not just talking about the TV show, I am talking about all forms of merchandise and games. You will see what I mean in my contentions.

Contention 1: SO MANY OPTIONS:

For Yu-Gi-Oh, the main thing is the card game, a manga series, and I guess the show. But Pokemon has a huge gaming franchise, a very long running TV show (since 1997), a card game (while not as popular as the yugioh card game, it's still popular), a manga series and large amounts of merchandise sold throughout the world. A lot of people don't have many video game systems or can't afford some of them. Pokemon is on practically every video game system and allows hours of entertainment! SO MANY OPTIONS!

For Yu-Gi-Oh, the main thing is the card game. You can spend alot of time on making decks and stuff, but how long before making decks and dueling people does it get old? Your just dueling, and there's not much else. The Pokemon games allow hours and hours of entertainment. It has a storyline, bosses, minigames, and lots of goals to try and acheive. Yu-Gi-Oh is a card game! There is no storyline, no minigames, and I guess you could count bosses if you battle tough dulers, but that's about it.

Contention 3: IT'S CHEAPER:
Average Pokemon game: $20-$40 depending on the game and store you go to. Cost to get a storebought Yu-Gi-Oh deck: $10-$20. While it seems like Yu-Gi-Oh would win this one, the Yu-Gi-Oh decks are labeled "starter deck", as in just to start you off. It's like weed, kind of. A "gateway deck", if you will. If you want really good cards and form a perfect deck that is personilzed with the cards you want, we're talking about hundreds of dollars! These things are expensive! Blue Eyes White Dragon, arguably the most popular card for Yu-Gi-Oh, costs $5-$15 average on ebay [1]. A Yu-Gi-Oh deck has to have a minimum of 40 cards. So, if you get the minimum amount of 40 cards, and then every card you buy is as cheap as $5 (which it probably isn't), we're talking about a $200 dollar deck.

That is all! I just outlined the basics and I will try to go into more detail later. Good luck, Larz!




I thank my opponent for opening their contentions. IT'S TIME TO DUEL!


YuGiOh started as a manga and a card game, while Pokemon started as a video game. It is no surprise that the focus of both franchises has been different and each has targeted different platforms. YuGiOh does have the world's most popular trading card game (surpassing even MTG), two anime series (the first of which started in 1998), a vast number of anime spin-off series, several video games, a manga with several comic adaptions, a few movies, and a huge range of toys and merchandise. Just like the card game of Pokemon isn't as popular as YuGiOh, YuGiOh's games aren't on so many platforms, but this is becoming increasingly irrelevant with the advent of YuGiOh Online, a browser based game that allows all people to duel no matter what system they're on, if they have an internet connection.

The ubiquity of the franchise across multiple platforms seems even more irrelevant when you consider the fact that both can be ported very easily. So despite the fact that there aren't many plush toys of the Pharoah, for example, fans have still made, brought and sold a great many of them. However, let's be honest, the card game ALONE is enough to provide hours of entertainment. Some people are even able to get enough in sponsorship to duel for a living, which they are glad to do. The card game can be enjoyed in many places the pokemon video games cannot, such as at the south pole, on Mars, in a bathtub, or anywhere else where there's no reliable electricity supply. But at the end of the day, both are about equal regardless of what platforms they're on, because both have the ability to entertain people for a long period of time. Which brings me to the second, far more important point my opponent raised.


How many times can you fight little "pokemon" against each other before that gets old? All games inherently revolve around some mechanic, just like Monopoly is about buying property and Scrabble is about writing words. While YuGiOh's mechanic seems simple ("get your opponent's life points to zero") there's actually a whole lot of strategic depth behind that. Pokemon has a remarkably similar mechanic ("make it so your opponent's trainer has zero pokemon able to fight, achieved by getting each of their hit points to zero"). It's like playing a series of YuGiOh games. Actually in both the manga and the show there were several duels exactly like this (Yugi and Kaiba against Noah comes to mind).

There not being a definitive storyline behind the card game is in many ways one of its strengths as it allows people to craft their own stories and legends. The same thing applies to the Pokemon card game by the way. However, some of the YuGiOh video games actually did have extremely intricate and well-worked out plot lines. Most if not all had bosses. While minigames have been lacking, the strength of the trading card game is such that minigames are not actually required to have a lot of fun, unlike Pokemon.

YuGiOh is not just a card game, however, and I'd like to bring this debate back to the TV series. My contention is that watching Yugi is far more entertaining than watching Ash. I'll get to this more later. This is relevant because fun need not be interactive. Reading the manga or watching the show is fun. Of course the show is more fun, because the manga is like an earlier draft, but it's still enjoyable. The same cannot be said for Pokemon, a show that once spawned an anime episode so horribe, 685 kids collapsed in a seizure while watching it (


Pokemon and YuGiOh use different marketing strategies. Pokemon uses planned obsolescence, selling hordes of games now even though they know it will be obsolete when their next generation of games comes out. YuGiOh relies almost entirely on its cards for revenue and gives away most other things cheaply. The entertainment franchise as a whole is cheap - the card game is not. Both ways work for the respective companies. However, that does not mean YuGiOh has to be expensive, or that Pokemon has to be. I usually play YuGiOh with people who only have starter decks like me. I can't afford anything else and neither can most people, so that's what we play with. Similarly, I still play Pokemon Red. It's still fun and I can't be bothered playing all the newer ones. And watching the animes for both series is free. If people really want to, they can throw as much money as they can afford at either franchise. If both are really fun and thus get people hooked, both can be considered "gateways" - it just isn't so obvious in one case because it's disguised behind a marketing model.


The extent of the messages in Pokemon is to stick up for your friends, believe in your dreams, and fight bad guys. I'm not even kidding. The story arcs in Pokemon hardly develop any kinds of messages beyond that.

Contrast that with YuGiOh, one of the first successful kids animes to have a tritagonist - Seto Kaiba. The storyline is incredibly complex and intricate, each episode providing interesting insights into life. Indeed, in just a single card game (against Rafael) Yugi learnt about the corruption of power, falling from grace, redemption, revenge, taking responsibility for his actions, love, being honest to yourself, and via a flashback to Rafael's past, the importance of family. The game mechanic makes all this not sound preachy, and most people don't even realize it as they're watching, but it's this kind of subliminal teaching that makes YuGiOh eternally endearing for its messages on making the world a better place. Indeed, the very fact that in that duel the main protagonist could commit an act clearly identified on the show is evil (run away from his friends, make a pact with their enemy, and then play an evil card that takes away his own soul) is startling. Unlike Pokemon, the characters in YuGiOh are believable, with no black and white, right and wrong moral system. Other duels have a similar level of depth and sophistication.


Mew is nothing. Yugi literally has three almost undefeatable gods, the undefeatable exodia, and a hairstyle that puts everybody else to shame. Even the abridged series of yugioh is better than the abridged series of pokemon. Yugi could probably school Ash with his swagger alone.

I hope my opponent gets his game on for round two and wish him more good luck.
Debate Round No. 2


Hello, everyone, unfortunately im going to be in an area with no wi-fi or internet access for a week and a half, so unfortunately i will have to forfeit. I hope I will be able to debate this topic in the future. Goodbye, everyone!


Debate Round No. 3


cheesedingo1 forfeited this round.


Believe in the heart of the cards, voters.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by darksky.kristine26 5 years ago
Arrggghhh!!! I love both Pokemon and Yugi-Oh! While I don't play much Yugi-Oh, I enjoyed watching the show (the original and some of 5Ds) and watching LK's YOTABS and ShadyVox's YGXTABS (those never get old....)
And with Pokemon, I steal my bud's DS and play her SS game (since she doesn't play anymore) all hours of the night. And I still watch the show (where the heck is Team Plasma??!?!?!?!?!), both new episodes and the old ones that come on Boomerang. As for the abridged, I just started watching it. And I'm like........ O.O
Posted by cybertron1998 5 years ago
the other yugioh shows and cards added a lot more fun to the concept you could combine decks from all generations yugioh was a better card game. but pokemon was a better show
Posted by BillyTheKids 5 years ago
Are we talking manga or TV Show?!?! because depending on that I could easily argue Yu-Gi-Oh is a better manga...
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