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Pokemon could not kill people in real-life.

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Started: 10/25/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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If Pokemon existed, it is highly improbable they could kill people in real-life.
I am not expecting Con to win this debate, so he may choose to go first or defer.


I thank Pro for this debate challenge. I shall give an opening statement.

There are 600+ pokemon, counting mega evolutions. Each and every one of them have a move such as Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, and Toxic, which is deadly to a human being.

Pro apparently isn't expecting me to win, so he must have something huge up his sleeve. Let's see what that is, shall we?
Debate Round No. 1


Cool. But let’s get real here.

As Con knows, we’re no longer talking about leprechauns, unicorns, and pots of gold hiding at the end of the rainbow, but real-life. And in the real world, all living and non-living entities are bound by natural and physical laws of space, time, and energy; including laws of Spatial Dimensions:

But what are Pokémon? Pokémon are 2D –hand drawn- fictional cartoon charactersthat are part of the Pokémon Anime published and designed by Nintendo (

There is no evidence or example of an animated Pokémon character that wasn’t hand-drawn or computer generated and not depicted on a flat-surface. Zero.

There is no evidence of even 3d cartoons –of non-Pokémon- technically only being 2d illusions in our universe.

More importantly, there is no example of the Pokémon universe (the world Pokémon are depicted living in) also not being hand-drawn, computer-generated, and by virtue, flat by design.

Were a 2D Pokémon character therefore actually alive it could only exist in the 2nd dimension. And because Pokémon could only exist in the 2nd dimension, they would have no atoms (atoms are 3D). And without atoms, Pokémon would have no mass, without mass, they would have no energy, and without energy, it is technically improbable that a Pokémon could potentially harm a human-being.

If Pokémon and similarly hand-drawn cartoons existed, in our universe, they would only exist in the 2nd dimension.

I rest my case.



Tsk tsk tsk. My opponent committed a fallacy, I believe.

All he's talking about is "Anime!", this is completely irrelevant. Yes, we have a Pokemon anime, which IS 2D, but that's completely aside from the REAL case. "Are pokemon capable of killing a person?" The answer is: "Yes. Pokemon can kill you."

This is a circumstantial case; "IF pokemon existed, they could kill a person". My case stands, as Pro has not responded to the actual premise.

And I guess I could humor Pro a bit. Have you ever heard of "Pokemon X and Y"?

This is 2014 stuff, so you'd have no idea what it is. Basically, it's the 6th generation of the Pokemon video game franchise, for the Nintendo 3DS; in 3D. Don't believe me? Take a look at this:

Bulbapedia is a wiki for the Pokemon franchise. If you don't trust the site, too bad.

Back on track: Pro hasn't answered the question: "Can a Pokemon kill you?" I'm not talking about a paper cut-out. I'm not talking about a television. I'm talking about a yellow mouse who can launch electricity at people! (A Pikachu.)

HOLD IT! Don't think I'm done here! I have a feeling you'll respond with "A Pikachu can't exist in real life!". My response? "Irrelevant!"

Again, this is a circumstantial case. "It can't exist" is nothing. We're only imagining a situation where they would exist. (Don't use "imagining" as a weapon against me, it's a circumstantial case) If they did exist, they could poison/electrocute/burn/crush us.

And with that done and said, what does Pro have to say?
Debate Round No. 2


I might say plenty.

1)-Show me an example of a Pokémon that is not a 2 dimensional cartoon character. If a cartoon character actually existed in our universe as a true living entity, it would most likely also be 2D. That is their proper shape, and therefore –as a matter of only being 2D- would be completely harmless to human beings.

There is no evidence of a Pokémon not being an anime image and not being 2 dimensional.

2)-“ the 6th generation of the Pokemon video game franchise, for the Nintendo 3DS; in 3D”

You still obviously have no idea what spatial dimensions are:

Your example is nothing more than a flat 2D image giving the impression of a 3D illusion. The Pokémon you show are still 2D.

3) "I have a feeling you'll respond with "A Pikachu can't exist in real life!"

Do you still think this is Alice in Wonderland or chutes & ladders? If your pikaboo friend actually existed in our universe, he would only be 2D. There is no evidence of pikaboo not being a flat 2D hand-drawn cartoon character or of a Pokémon ever living in a 3D world (Pokemonland is 2D). Assuming then pikaboo cartoons do exist in our universe as a real-life thing, then true to their shape, they most likely would exist only in the 2nd dimension of our universe.

4) I’m not sure what you’re smoking, but I want some! Even if Pokémon and cartoon characters in our scenario were 3D (which is improbable) and could potentially harm human-beings in real-life, then the most likely outcome for them is War of The Worlds where every-single nation and country on Earth, including every professional military force in the world, along with anyone with a bb-gun and a hatchet and a butterknife, unite to quell the alien invasion of Earth by electric mice and fire breathing muppets.

How long do you really suppose Pikaboo is going to last then? The US military in 2003 conqueror a country the size of California in less than 4 weeks while still having less people die in those weeks than would have died in car-crashes.

Remember also to not let disease and lethal bio-toxins getcha while you’re being JDAMed back to toonville. There’s completely no evidence to suggest that Pikaboo and company would be adaptable to the living conditions of our planet.

5) Pokemon have never killed period. In their universe, there is no evidence of a human cartoon character ever pernamently dying by the direct use of Pokémon powers ( Examples of kills that might have included induced falls, lab explosions, ship-wrecks, and drownings were not caused by direct contact to Pokémon powers (the fall is what caused the death, not the Pokémon power). The character Ash repeatedly gets zapped, hosed, torched, and chomped on, but has never suffered any lethal injuries. And the one-time he was temporary incapacitated in the 1st Pikaboo movie, he was miraculously brought back to life – never dying.

6) Pokémon don’t even kill each other. There’s little to no evidence in the anime of Pokémon ever being killed by another Pokémon, in official duels or in the wild. What makes anyone believe Pikaboo is going to be a ferocious killer in real-life and not some Sesame Street pushover. Until Con can show us actual TV episodes of Pokémon killing other Pokémon, there's no reason to believe their nothing more than nonlethal panzies.

7) Pokémon are super weak. Able to be captured, knocked down, and tamed by children and teenagers by throwing modified baseballs at them. How long again do you think they’re going to last against elite SF operators and professional soldiers?

8) My original resolution actually reads: If Pokémon existed, it is highly improbable they could kill people in real-life. And given the all the facts above, we can rightfully assume that it would be next to impossible for Pikaboo to get away with mass murder.

And as we say in the real world, I rest my case.



Now my opponent has clarified his stance. Now for my rebuttal against it!

Points 1, 2, and 3: (Pokemon exist in the 2D dimension, therefore 2D, harmless attacks)

I suppose you reject Pokemon X and Y? How about Pokemon Coliseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for the Nintendo GameCube? These are also 3D games. However, since our world and the Pokemon Universe are COMPLETELY separate worlds, why not assume they'd naturally become a real being?

Point 4: (Defenses against Pokemon)

It's true we have quite a few defenses against pokemon, but there's several different pokemon. Here's a list of pokemon that would be immune to various defenses:

Bullets: Ghost type pokemon (such as Gengar, Sableye, and Pumpkaboo) wouldn't be affected by bullets, since they are ghosts. Some of them can even become invisible, so you can't see them. Rock and Steel types wouldn't take much damage.

Poison: Steel type pokemon are immune to poison. Poison type pokemon wouldn't mind it, since they ARE poison.

Knives: Many pokemon have blade associated attacks, such as Sacred Sword, X-Scissor, and Cut, so they're familiar with the concept. A metal knife would probably count as Steel type, since it's metal, which pokemon like Steelix and Golem wouldn't get hurt that much.

Flamethrowers: Water types resist fire. So do Rock types.

Point 5 and 6: (Pokemon have never killed)

ACTUALLY! Looking at some Pokedex entries suggests pokemon have/can kill people; in the Pokemon Universe, no less! (And also other pokemon) As prey.

Gourgeist: (Pokemon Y and Alpha Sapphire) "It enwraps its prey in its hairlike arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey."

Froslass (Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Black and White, Pokemon Black and White 2) "It freezes prey by blowing its -58 degree F breath. It is said to then secretly display its prey."

Foongus: (Pokemon Black, Pokemon X, Pokemon Omega Ruby) "It lures people in with its Poke Ball pattern, then releases poison spores. Why it resembles a Poke Ball is unknown."

Amoongus: (Pokemon Black, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire) "It lures prey close by dancing and waving its arm caps, which resemble Poke Balls, in a swaying motion."

There's a few more Pokedex entries that show preying methods, but it's not needed to show those. And since my opponent's talking about anime... in the episode "The Tower of Terror", the pokemon Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar did indeed kill Ash and his Pikachu. With a chandelier, though. (The reason for Ash and co. not dying is because they're cartoon characters, therefore can't die unless the creators want them to. Kenny from South Park used to die every episode, but that's because the creators wanted that as a joke.)

Point 7: (Pokemon are weak)

Not ALL pokemon are as weak as you're suggesting. Let's take legendary pokemon as an example of strong pokemon. Here are a few:

Regirock, Registeel, and Regice: High defense. Good luck dealing with these guys with bullets.

Arceus: Can change into any type. Since my opponent's only referring to the anime, I guess I could say that... In the movie Arceus appeared in, it could change typing at will, being resistant to all attacks. (It can become Ghost type to be immune to Normal and Fighting, Steel type immune to poison, and Fairy type to be immune to Dragon.)

Mewtwo: He can create a force field around himself, he created clones of other pokemon in the 1st Pokemon movie, and he can slam you into a wall. Is that not enough?

(NOTE: I won't refute his 8th point because that's just his conclusion.)

To sum up my position: Pokemon wouldn't be 2D if they were beings in our world, as 1; it would be illogical to assume they have a "natural 2D shape", and 2; they have been 3D before. Also, certain pokemon resist certain human weapons. Pokemon are also indeed capable of killing, both in the anime AND in the video games.

What my opponent has overlooked: He seems completely oblivious to the video games; the core of the Pokemon franchise. Pro has also overlooked that pokemon can resist weapons via type advantage. Also, I believe Pro dislikes the franchise in general (saying "Pikaboo" instead of "Pikachu"). :/

May the voters determine the winner!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Strategery 2 years ago
Good debate P-chu! I'm sure I do have a collection of pokemon cards somewhere.
Posted by carterlp 2 years ago
It's like saying could the game featured in the Anime Sword Art Online can kill anyone, and then claiming there is no such technology that immerses the user to that degree, it is indeed a fallacy. Hypothetically speaking if Pokemon existed they could and would kill humans. There are various Pokemon that could kill people for multiple reasons Electrocution, Burning, Drowning etc.
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