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Pokemon is a useless game.

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Started: 12/12/2013 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Nobody likes Pokemon except for noobs with no life.


Definition of Useless - "of no use; not serving the purpose or any purpose"

Pokemon games, referring to any of the Pokemon games, are not useless because they are wildly popular games in which many people of all ages have instantaneously become hooked and spent hours upon hours fulfilling their call to "catch 'em all" and defeat all the gym leaders and finally the Elite Four, in addition to some group of evil people bent on doing some kind of a$$hole move.

Other Reasons Pokemon is Not Useless:

1. Can be sold for money, therefore making the economy spin round and round.
2. Can be thrown at people, therefore making them weapons.
3. You can play multiplayer with your friends, therefore making pokemon a social game.
4. Fuels conversation for every nerd on this planet, alowing further socialization.
5. Gives bragging rights for those who have caught Legendary Pokemon, or have done other notable things.
6. Sets up websites upon websites of Pokemon fans, fueling Pokemon discussion, creating even further socialization among people.
7. Allows debate topics such as this to exist, where I can accept this debate so I can get an easy noob-snipe in.
8. You can hit them with a hammer to just let your anger out.

As you can see, Pokemon games can be used for a plethora of things, therefore making them "not useless."

Anyways, your argument contradicts itself. You claim that nobody likes Pokemon (which could be an argument, if not a very unsupported argument for Pokemon's uselessness, but then claim that noobs with no life like Pokemon, therefore giving Pokemon a use.)

Let's face it, you lost this debate before it even began with your own opening argument.



Good day sir.

Debate Round No. 1


Corm_on_the_Cob forfeited this round.


extend all arguments
Debate Round No. 2


Here's some stupid things I thought of. Before you pp (Pro pokemon) and aap (anti anti pokemon) say that I never watched Pokemon, and I don't know what I am missing, I'll let you know I have watched it, and found this to be stupid.

1. Pokemon can only say there own names. This is stupid because if you can say your name, you could say other things. Also, they make a whole language out of their names? Fox! Fox Mccloud! cloud!! Mccloud! (Fox Mccloud Pokemonese: That is stupidly retarded!!!!!)

2. Pikachu is clasified as a mouse pokemon. Mice do not exist in the series, so how could Pikachu be a mouse pokemon?

3. How do you shrink Pokemon into those little balls? If you shrank Onyx (last I checked he was the bigest, at 25 feet) into a tennisball and expect it to live? Once inside, how does it eat, drink, breath, and go to the bathroom...

4. A "trainer" walks by and sees a pokemon. He calls out one of hes pokemon, Kicks the Pokemon's butt, and then the Pokemon is loyal to him?? Yeah right!

5. Everything is about Pokemon in their world. They are on signs, pop culture, and even more popular than the real world, and noone ever gets annoyed?

6. Many say Pokemon teaches not to fight, but it is just like cockfighing. Only, unlike of cockfighting, the Pokemon are shooting fire, and tearing eachother apart. If a pokemon :nuke: s another Pokemon, It doesn't die?

7. There are no difference's in Pokemon gender, it is just he and he, or it and it. That means they have to be gay to reproduce. :eek:

8. Evolution takes thousands of years for anything to happen, not 2 seconds. It doesn't even happen in a flashy light thing, and some need a rock to evolve?

9. Team rocket. They lose every time, and it has gotten soooo annoying. I wish they would just win and get it over with. In real life they would've taken Pikachu by now

That's about all a can think of right now.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by thevoice101 2 years ago
if some likes Pokemon it is there decision not yours corm_on_the_cob so just shut up you are acting like a small annoying child who says to everyone that likes Pokemon makes them a baby when you are the real one acting like a baby because of a small thing
Posted by FluffBucket 3 years ago
Yikes, that post did not come out right...
Posted by FluffBucket 3 years ago
/( .`33;.)\ A077;_84;( |44;益|44;)_83;A077; /(.`33;. /)
Pokemon is not not noobs.
Only People who obsess over it have no life.
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Reasons for voting decision: I think that both opponents had decent arguments, but no rebuttals and as such the debate was tied with arguments. Also only one argument was offered each and there were three rounds. Conduct points go to Con for not forfeiting a round. I will not awarded sources points as free dictionary was used in a way to try score source points and was not reference correctly. Good luck next time Pro, and well done Con.