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Pokemon is better than Yu-Gi-Oh

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Started: 11/13/2014 Category: Games
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Pokemon is way better than Yu-Gu-Oh. End of debate.


My opponet's opening arguments are all opinions based on what he likes. They are opinions because he has not stated any scources/facts to back up his claims.

Yu-Gi-Oh is a way better manga/card game/anime. One example of this is, Exodius, no other card(s) has been wanted in a game/show/manga as much as Exodius. Another is no animals are harmed in the show. If you think about it Pokemon are the animals in the show, people then enslave the animals, keep them in tiny cages and force them to fight.
Debate Round No. 1


You are way wrong. Pokemon is more than catching pocket creatures. It is a fun game. It can teach you a lot of good lessons. Also, you have goals to do, like completing the Pokedex and defeating opponents.


In Pokemon you defeat opponets by making animals fight each other till they can't fight anymore. In what way is that fun or teach you good lessons?

In Yu-Gi-Oh you can defeat your opponets without having to worry if its ethical or not. All you do is fight with holograms generated off of cards. It doesn't hurt any animals during duels. Goals? Goals you say. You want a goal? Try defeating a strong opponet or collecting the five pieces of Exodius.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
Winner Category and Pokemon are the same thing. this debate should be easy.
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Vote Placed by 9spaceking 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: con proves that yu-gi-oh is more moral than pokemon (using holograms instead of real animals) and that it has goals similar to pokemon--and extending even further than just defeating opponents ("get the 5 pieces of the best card") .