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Policy defeating

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Started: 11/9/2015 Category: Politics
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(*This post has been created as a part of the class debate assignment. What is written here is a summary of a given article, therefore it does NOT reflect any of writer's personal beliefs or opinions.)

America has to engage in the current situation in Iraq and Syria to defeat ISIS.
First of all, the Iraqi forces don't have enough means to win the fight. They need external support from other countries.
Second of all, there are limited forces that are available. To make the most of it, therefore, we must give them a greater range of action.
Third, we must create multiple safe zones in Syria. Many people suffer from the fight and their safety is at risk.
Also, we need to help Iraq's diplomatic efforts that can help that country move in the right direction.
In alignment with a coordinated, international effort, American needs to provide support for the things mentioned above.



It is unnecessary for America to involve itself into degrading ISIS issue, and my statement is based on the following:
First, to defeat the previous two points made by Han, in Iraq there are still some hidden factors that result into its inability to form armies for the fight or end the fight. And they do not necessarily need any support from the U.S that probably triggers the situation to be worse: For instance, the assistance in army force prolonged war.
Second, there is no need to set up a "safe zone" in Syria----the country itself should be a safe zone for residents. However, owing to the current unstable situation, the safe zone is not safe. The core issue to keep a well-being life style among citizens is to solve the unstable problem other than circumvent it. Hence, the issue related to creating safe zone might have potential implication of gradually intruding Syria from setting up boundary.
Last but not least, I want to point out that no matter how good America understands the current situation in Iraq, domestic politicians in Iraq are always the group of people who possess the most cohesive understanding towards the situation. To put it in other words, Americans will never know what is the right direction for Iraq to go. The help that America provide to Iraq with limited geographical and historical understanding might not redirect the country to the best solution for it. Rather, it only lead the country to the direction that America think is right.
To sum up, facing with ISIS issue, it would be better for America to leave the situation to Iraq and Syria themselves to defeat ISIS.
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Posted by danboy82 1 year ago
Nice one Yu Jung...good use of language...Does your opponent know you have challenged her to,a debate....hmm...may have to email her...sorry for forcing you to argue for something you may not believe in! -- nice parenthetical caveat ;) thanks for being a team player
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