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Political Correctness on college campuses

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Started: 9/24/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 11 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Political Correctness on a college campus has gone too far. I now cannot refer to anyone without worrying about offending them or "hurting their feelings," in some way. Is this really necessary to come up with a euphemism for every race, gender, religion, ability, disability, or mental state? Americans are plagued with hypersensitivity and in my opinion, this is weakening the strong backbone of this sovereign nation. The use of excessive political correctness is threatening the thought of the individual and is creating a gray society of conformity. What ever happened to "sticks and stones?"

Please respond with your opinion/argument. I am open to both sides and need both sides' views because I am writing a paper on this topic and would like to collect as many thoughts and opinions as I can.


Hello and thank you I accept the open offer to debate the affirmative side for the topic Political Correctness on College Campuses.
Debate Round No. 1


Hey! Thank you for accepting my argument. I am looking forward to hear your side. My first question to you is why you believe the United States have recently been raising our children to use euphemisms pertaining to others of other creed, race, handicap, etc.?


"Euphemism" comes from the Greek for "fair speech." A good definition borrowed from a literary handbook is "the substitution of a mild and pleasant expression for a harsh and blunt one." Euphemisms have traditionally been common in subject areas that people do not like talking about directly.

The most common of these involve death, sex, and bodily functions. For instance the word urinate/is harsh or disgusting whereas, tinkle, potty, pee, golden showers etc. are more pleasing to the ear. Employment is another area affected by euphemisms. Here is an example the original title for a position described as someone who empties your garbage cans into a big truck especially designed to do to haul tons of trash to the dump.

The past before us Garbage man Here and now is Trash Collector, Refuse Collector, Sanitation Engineer, in addition to other replacement titles.

Political Correctness, and euphemisms some would argue make the world a better place to live. In that, people would be more considerate and less offensive. This seems logical to many new and young parents. A dream or idea of living the perfect life in a great world. The perfect parents to the perfect kid, family, friends, job, home, etc.

Reaching for the stars and having it all begins with Political Correctness and Euphemisms
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Posted by TheBenC 11 months ago
I am a bit mad, well maybe a lot, but to show these SJWs as being the bad guys you have to reign it in a bit.

I recently learned about how one university has a safe free speech zone where Black Lives Matter was running a protest/meeting. A white guy comes along wearing a monkey costume head and handing out bananas tied to strings/ropes. He was a moron. I do not support him but I support his ability to do what he did. It appears racist as hell on the surface but I think he was making a statement about these free speech zones. You are free to say whatever you want in these zones as long as it is in line with the majority viewpoint.

Free speech zones, to me, are the same as safe spaces. They should not belong anywhere in the US. They are the constructs coddled kids who want to make their college their home. They don't understand what a home even means!
Posted by BackCommander 11 months ago
As someone who thoroughly believes trolling is just as needed in society as politeness, I can understand that. I'm actually just commenting on this to oppose the most prominent opinion, in this case that happens to be yours.

I truly expected a more aggressive argument on this subject, I am both disappointed and relatively pleased that we've both shared our opinions without it descending into madness.
Posted by TheBenC 11 months ago
I am too old and too far away from this PC crap to do anything. I now live in the Philippines and luckily the PC movement has not reached here. I would do it, if I could, strictly for the joy of trolling these people who cannot handle dissenting opinions. Also, I am 6'3 and weigh about 235 pounds. I have no fear of being assaulted. If I go too far I would expect it. If someone goes too far with me I would do it. Fighting Words are not part of freedom of speech. I would not do that, I would just troll them for my enjoyment.
Posted by BackCommander 11 months ago
@TheBenC Why not do it anyways? Because you aren't twenty? It sounds like you want to do it because you believe them to be cowards who you could easily offend without repercussions. Go on then, put your theory to the test, if you're right they won't hurt you anyways, and if you're wrong you'll have proven safe spaces don't work because someone will have assaulted you in one. Seriously, go do it. I'll spend the next week searching for the news report about what happens.

While the PC craze has gotten out of control and people are adding more and more the list of things that they believe shouldn't be said, as a whole they aren't wrong.
Posted by TheBenC 12 months ago
There are tons of anti-PC people on youtube. It is such crap that political correctness has now spread into our colleges. Why should anyone be politically correct unless they are a politician. If I were 20 today I would go to the nearest university, find their safe space and make fun of everyone in it with the most insulting personal jokes possible. Yeah, that would be fun.
Posted by Zaephou 12 months ago
The commenter below is correct, I advise Con to watch Ben Shapiro
Posted by ConservativeDialectic 12 months ago
I highly suggest watching this:
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